Week 4: WIP/Homework Submissions


I also had that confusion. thanks for that I corrected it… now how it looks?


Yeah, It makes sense now that you said it. I think I ended up making it brighter than necessary to compensate for the background that was already pretty bright.

Thanks :slight_smile:


It’s been a good practice lesson, even though I’m not sure I can finish this on time X_X

Went with the day time version to give a feel of a safe haven


Thanks man, I really think storytelling is very important to emphasize the meaning of one’s artwork. I appreciate that. About Aesop, now I feel compelled to search more on his works.


I really admire the people who can draw stylizing like that.


Same here, I like number 2 too. :slight_smile:


Me, I like all of them. :slight_smile:


Oh, this is really cool. I like the mood.


The purple is really cool.


Thanks James! :slightly_smiling_face: Yes, I thought the orange color scheme was the most appropriate for what I was painting and went with that one


hahaha. :smile:
In the beginning I kind of missed it too, but the composition, at least for me, got better without it.
So I think I´ll torture it in another concept. hahahha.

I had some hard times with the feeling of distance. I´m glad that it worked.

Thanks for the feedbacks Jaxilon.


Thanks alot for the feedback!


This was my color thumbs. I never used the layer modes for color, I just feel that these get too tinted.


Ilya Kriel, week 4
Lost my progress twice. I’m just submitting what I have.


Pavel Goloviy, Week 4. Final.


Yeah makes more sense. You might still want to think about making that table up front a lot bigger but this definitely helped.


I like it and how you painted it.


Here are my color tests for the Week 4 assignment. I found the cave motif to be limiting and decided to use some of Painter 2019’s texture options. To me the results are not quite satisfying, but found this course to be a good way to use Painter more effectively.


Bre Sorenson, Week 4 WIP -

Needless to say, I really enjoyed this part :blush:


Jennifer Heseltine Week 4

Going with number 1.