Week 4: WIP/Homework Submissions


Here’s where you’ll be sharing your Week 4 WIP assignments! Be sure to take a look around at others’ works and offer helpful feedback if you can.

Please include: First Name/ Last Name/ Week

Don’t forget to watch the lecture video for Week 4 on Final Color & Illustration here - make sure you’re logged in in order to view the video.


Sasa Miladinovic, Week 4 Wip Colors 1 and 2
Any Critiques & Comments welcome


Nadia Hurianova - Week 4

Found myself struggling with this step. I haven’t really painted b&w pictures before.
Any critiques and suggestions are appreciated :smile:


Hey guys, here is my finalized concept illustration, I have added the color palette that I feel gets the mood across I was trying to convey and have refined the details in the piece to a level finished enough to convey the world I am creating.

David Harrington, Week 4


Juan Pedro Ramos. Week 4.

Looking for the atmosphere I want.

I am unable to decide. Color is my nemesis. :confounded:

PD: Too similars, isn’t it? :pensive:


I like this


Arief Rosli week 04



I’m still thinking of changing the composition or I might finish this one for the sake of learning!


@hurianova Nice work! Color wise, I like the middle row best. The one on the right could work as well as a night scene, but might profit from adding a secondary color to add a little more interest. If you go with the middle one you might want to be careful to not place high value contrast in areas without stuff happening (like bottom left corner), maybe instead put a secondary point of interest somewhere in the mid-ground to balance the strong focal point?
Great job so far!


@Dragana Jagoridovski I like 2 best! Both having the figure tell a bit more of a story than just standing in the foreground, and also that the main structure is lie dramatically. You could even add some light beams :slight_smile:


Thanks :smiley:


@juanpedrorp I like the fresh but not yet overwhelming colors of 4! But you’re right, they are all very similar. Why not try giving some more extreme color/mood schemes a try? Maybe one is a night setting with the tents lit up, another one might be with a storm looming. Just for the sake of variation :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for the comment!


I feel I’m gonna go with the middle row, so advice about a secondary point of interest is really useful :sun_with_face:

Thank you so much for the feedback



So here’s my progress so far, tried 3 different color compositions. Day, night and fall (more like burning forest, mostly testing).

I chose to continue with the daylight version, here’s what I have so far.

Next step is to go into detail, although I made some effects with both the sunshine and the particles.


Also had to play around with exaggerated use of the glow brush, actually not too disappointed with this:


This is beautiful!! I like the upper-mid one best! I don’t see much difference between the mid ones :joy:


This one almost makes it look like a portal that would transport you to the relic. Which works if its intentional!


I prefer #2! The shining water looks good!!


Juan Pedro Ramos. Week 4. (WIP)