Week 3: WIP/Homework Submissions


Vojin Djordjevic week 3
My poor unfinished rendering :smiley:


Hi guys !

Here is was i got so far. Will keep on refining some details and designs. I’m trying to light the scene from the right so I can have really hard edges with a rim light.
Will try to post something tonight, a more refined painting !



This is much more better


Hello everyone!

Well, this is probably the week i struggle the most. I think i’m better “painting by numbers”.
I always feel the need to put details everywhere even in the distance background or it seems incomplete… so this i left it more empty to give more the idea of a bigger space. Wondering if i can put some subtle texture?!

Hugo Vedes Week 3


Is this flipped? Head down - feet up?


Hi, awsome work, makes me want improve my own work to get to your level ! Your picture works well, though I think the mountain on the back (the rocky part on the top, not the forest) is not very usefull and kinda make your composition unbalanced… The green part make the perspective and distance work and it make a nice flow from the right to the castle.



thank you. I do know what you mean. Do you think it would be better to be cut off or see the whole object ?


My idea was about a civilizacion that lives in a giant cave, almost “journey to the center of the earth” kind of way. So in the concepts i made regular houses and building but also inverted houses for the top of the cave. I found it more interesting to go that way for the final image. Thats why i made small bridges uniting the houses.
(also thought of flying vehicles but not sure i have the time for that!)


OK, that makes sense


Thanks for the advice! Yeah if you’d like to do a redline by all means! I changed the piece up quite a bit than what it was originally going to be, I think in the end it took away instead of adding a lot. I was originally going to have this on a beach facing the ocean but then I drew it in such a way that its more on a cliff side. The trees I know are particularly weak but rounding out the bases is a good idea! I will take all of this into consideration and hopefully be able to make this into something workable, thanks for the tips!


Yes time permitting, I’d Love to; I’m envisioning some sort of colourful frog like intelligent, bipedal creatures that live primarily on land but spend much of their time in the water.


So this is what I have so far, nowhere near a finished greyscale image but I want to show my progress for week 3. I’m still keeping the perspective lines while I’m putting those geometric aztec-inspired motifs in the environment. I still have to work on the exact design of the bridge structure, what I drew here is temporary.
Hopefully I’ll be able to finish rendering it by the end of the course, it’s taking way longer than I expected…

Gabriela Bacila - Week 3



The intention is to be a moon. hahaha.
I´m working on that. Hope i can make it look more like a night scene.

Thanks for the reply.


Nice work! I really liked the way you put your week 01 elements and the overall ambient. Makes me feel like in a daily life in that world.

One thing that i got confused at first was the flying machine in the right side, behind the cathedral. Is it landed there? or passing by?
Maybe you can make it coming from left to right, so the spectator keep the eyes going into the scene.

It´s just my humble opinion. Hope you don´t mind.


Thanks - this stuff in background is supposed to be another castle :smiley:


Thank you :smile:


Thanks :leopard:


I use layer with ‘overlay’ blending mode to add color (never colororize/color etc.) :wink:


Here is my port city.
I imagined it during the early morning, where there are not so many people there, except those that have work there.
It was difficult to make the background of the island distinct enough without it overtaking the clock tower, but I am satisfied with the finished result.