Week 3: WIP/Homework Submissions


Thanks for the comments! Yeah I’ll be saving the pattern on the giant cube for the final piece, will also take your feedback into account, thanks again.


Time to hustle! I like number 5 personally because it feels very storybook-esque. I think if you added some kind of figure coming up the stairs it would give the viewer’s eye someplace to settle and add interest.


I have no idea what’s going on here, but I love it and want to give those Stone, Potato Head Men a hug.


yeah thanks for this.


Yeah I like # 3 as well. Especially if you plan on putting some kind of eerie lighting coming from the back corner and maybe a tentacle :smiley:


May I just say, I love your tile floor.


I think in general everything is a little muddy and blurred too much. You need some crisper edges to balance out the soft ones.
Is the scene on a beach? I think I see a few skull torches with a ring of light/fire around them, trees to the left, and then water in the back. I’m not sure what is in the middle back though. Is it a portal or some kind of opening in space? Right now I can’t tell if there is a structure around it or if it’s floating in the air.
I also feel like something is off with the perspective. The water level is doing it but I can’t pinpoint it. One thing that would help with the trees is to layer them a bit. Right now it feels like a flat wall. If you rounded out the bases of the trunks a bit that would do a lot.
If you want I can do a quick redline to show you what I mean.


Jennifer Heseltine Week 3

This is what I am calling my final grey values, feedback welcome. The second version has a slight contrast adjustment. I tend to not like working in absolute values of white and black and sometimes it ends up looking a bit washed out. What does everyone think?


Here’s my value pass. This was fun but suuuper challenging for me; I feel like I could spend 3x as long as I did on it and still not be “done”.


Thanks a lot for sharing this!


I’m not so good about composition, tried to set everything so it leads eye to the tree. On start i tried a lot of tumbs and didn’t like any perspective. And this was like process to this what i was thinking it is final. And bellow i’ve moved it down a bit, not sure if i moved it too much and edited shore not to be flat line but to go dynamic. Again leading the eye to the tree. Maybe a gradient on shore. Thanks for oppinion, been waiting for one too long. :grin:

My initial was goin to have character riding toward tree, with visible side of water as it was aquarium, but my skills are limited and in the end gave up on it. Beneath would be visible roots, underwater life, but all of that was not visible from the surface. Surface was the reflective from surounding.
Bridge was supposed to be stone bridge, changed it into root going over and again changed it back in the end to solid stone.
Tried changing at some point the perspective but all the time i got it wrong and just didn’t seem right. Yes in the end all got good, when i returned to basic shapes and decided where the light is coming from.


Thanks! Yes, I will work more on this one, tho I’m not a big fan of the composition, but for the sake of learning will move forward.


I like this one very much…maybe you can add some cute little people or a creatures, just an idea :slight_smile:


try with edgar payne composition ideas


havnt had much time lately so did a quick light scene…

update and a sketch


James O’Shea - Week 3

Here’s my sketch for Week 3/Values. Comments/Feedback welcome to improve the overal composition/values/etc. :smile:

For context here is Week 2 + Week 1 assignments:


This week I didn’t have much time, but I tried my best. One of the things that I notice was that I found it harder for me to work with this program, because I’m not used to it and didn’t had the time to learn more about it, so probably there were other ways or tools I could have used to do certain things, that woul have made the process easier or faster. Another thing is that I hadn’t the brushes I’m used to work with, because there for another software, so the final look I present here isn’t as similar to my usual style as I wish it could be. Despite those difficulties I tried to find a way to get a similar result as much as possible, working with the brushes from Corel Painter.

I still feel like I need to work more on the piece, in order to refine certain aspects, like the values and light/shadow.


Thanks but couldn’t dig it up anywhere.


hard to find the pdfs, but you can see some of the examples here


Did some changes for the previous submission and came up with an alternative idea for the composition.