Week 3: WIP/Homework Submissions


This is cool. You have your foreground and middle ground.

Try to push a little bit further the waterfall and the rock at the left. Desaturate it a little bit more and make it lighter. Right now it is in darker value than your middle ground structure on the right.


Oh, this is much more better


thank you )


Just put a multiply layer and tone them down like another tilted rock out of the shot is casting a shadow over them. Don’t forget to remove the shadows caste by the tents.

That way you’ll solve your visual attracting attention problem.


This is really nice. You’ve nailed that angle. Really cool.
Try experimenting with darkening the bottom of the image.


This is really cool.
Try darkening a little bit more the people at the foreground. Make them feel like they are really under a shadow. And that will give you your foreground.


Really nice work Vladi
If you want foggy, you’ll have to cover your house with paint like the examples provided. You will loose more or less the details on it. If that is what you want.
And if this is a foggy environment, shadows are very rarely.


Rachel Finley, week 3 values.
I shifted a few small things around but for the most part I kept my sketch the same. I could render this forever but then I’ll never finish lol. Advice welcome :slight_smile:


Hi all,
Here is my update for this week. Still not finished at all. So please leave some comments.


Hi there, thank you.
Really appreciate it.
Dali? Really?
:smile: D


This is fairy fantastic ;D


The dark ornaments at the top - left and right. You should see more from the bottom of it. Can you be able to draw it? Or this are some sort of chains? A rounded metal objects.


thanks for your comment. Your right.
I´ll try :wink:


I’m not sure about the shape. You know it better. On a second look they look like rounded. But if they are not, may be you should want to show more from beneath.


they should be round, maybe i´ve to add some more glow on it, to make sure they look more like metal objects.

And hey yes it´s def. Dali :wink: I really like the art nouveau/ Jugendstil parts in your drawing


I know exactly how you feel! Like you said, it’s really strange how difficult this is, when I know exactly how to do it in non-digital media. It’s definitely motivating to see the talent here!


Yes, they look like ring of the chains in celtic ornament. If that, forget my previous comment. :slight_smile:


Alex Clark - Week 3

I wasn’t happy with the homework I submited last week so I redesigned and redrew a lot of it. It looked kind of generic scifi so I redesigned it to have more of the industrial and gothic influences I chose in the first week.


Sand McUnicorn
Week 2
Thumbnail Compositions

Posting here because I’m sure this will be missed in Week 2, and I’d very much like to hear everyone’s thoughts in order to draft a better comp for week 3 :slight_smile:

Totally forgot about Thanksgiving, and unfortunately reaching the end of my animation contract so the crunch time was real.

Just a refresher, my feel was for something HP Lovecraftian, underwater, abandoned Asylum/hospital esque, and cavernous spooky.

I was able to punched out 5, although I’m not strong in terms of composition, I am leaning towards 3 for the bizarre animal like headstone and characteristics.

I2,3, and 5 has some wall textures I would really like to incorporate or work out, essentially I’m looking into giving the cavern walls a “padded room” feel with some hard rock texturing.

Pardon my draftsmanship please, I am looking forward to hearing what your thoughts are and to flesh these guys out!


lol Thank you. :smiley: I am tempted to spatter some fairy silhouettes in the air above the houses, but I feel like it might make it too noisy. There’s already quite a bit going on.