Week 3: WIP/Homework Submissions


He uses in his videos (from what i’ve seen)

Brush Library Painter 12/X3 > Pens > Fine Point
Brush Library Painter 12/X3 > F-X >Distorto
Brush Library Painter 12/X3 > F-X > Glow
Brush Library Painter 12/X3 > F-X > Pinch

Brush Library Painter 12/X3 > Airbrushes> Detailed Airbrush
Brush Library Painter 12/X3 > Digital Watercolor > Round Water Blender
Brush Library Painter 12/X3 > Palette Knives > Smeary Palette Knife

tools.PAL (553.3 KB)

Too add them go to Window > Custom Palette > Organizer > Import and link to this file.
Another way to make it your as your own bar /box is dragging brush while holding shift into new box, That way you can organize all your brushes for easier use. Same way you can move your current brush if u don’t like possition.
I hope this helped anyone out.



really nice work. I would only suggest to move the buildings at the bottom of the ship bit to the left. You have a lot of empty space there and it would make the buildings more visible since they are overshadowed by the sharks tail. Also I’m not sure if the light from those small light bulbs would reach over the edge and lighten up the side of the ship.


OMG thank you so much. I will go ahead and add them also thanks for the tip. I’m utterly new to painter so any tips are greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


Jonas Quidsinski Week 03

Hi everybody,
there is quite a lot of stuff to paint in this scene. Feedback of any kind is appreciated.


Vladislav Andonov - Week 3

OK guys and girls,
I’ve been busy this week and I hadn’t much time to draw for my environment homework, but here it is what I’ve got.

I chose the last two pieces from all of the thumbnails as having good potential, reworked them a little bit and then I took number 2. In my process of clearing the image, I realized, that I don’t like it. I’ve tried a couple of things to solve the composition, but it happened more well when I expanded the canvas.

I’m happy, that I managed to fit a couple of the elements drawn from the first week. Perhaps it needs more people too.


This is getting cool :slight_smile:


Hi Vladislav,
Looks great! I think you did an awesome job of combining the 2 sketches. good job on the lighting as well. As for needing more people, I don’t think it’s necessary but if you do maybe 1 or 2 on the stairs for more scale reference perhaps?


Oh, I like it. It is going to be cool.


If you connect the left and right vanishing points with a line, this is your horizon.
Why is the horizon line tilted like that?

Here, take a look. Some guide lines. I hope you don’t mind.
And then, if you want 3rd vanishing point, just select all and squish it at the top. It will tilt all the verticals to a point somewhere above, but don’t tilt the horizon.


Justin Matthews week 3

Hey all!

Been excited for this one. Some really great stuff out there.
Wish I had more time this week to get in some more thumbnails but this is what I have so far.
C&C welcome!


I already did a bit more than I was supposed to last week, but I utilized some of the things discussed in week 3’s video as well as week 2’s webinar. I hope this one gets selected for week 3’s webinar review, I know there is more I could do but being inexperienced with environment design I would love to know a pro’s opinion, or anyone’s for that matter that would like to help out! I hope everyone is enjoying the class, I know I am.


Nice tip! Thanks!


Great work Edmund. You are almost ready with the colours before the last week :wink:


Nice work! I really like it. Some parts of your drawing remind me of the painter “Dali”. For example, the figures on the upper stairs. I Really like your coach, and you got a wonderful mood in your painting.


This is interesting, I like the idea.
Is this a sun or moon?


Oh, David, this is really cool. It is perfect.


This is getting better and better.


Hum…? You mean the branches on the left side, right? Because the 3 pieces, they are all the same.
I would use the first one.
What is the building there? I’m not fallowing your progress.


This is really good.
I would only say don’t cut your comp In half. Unless it is intentional. Otherwise just pull down entire image a littel and free space for a sky above.


With so much light, it is a little distracting. Arrange the light like a trail, guiding the viewer and your character to the house. I would remove the far back light, but this is my personal view.

But it is a great Idea that you have. Is this a mouse?