Week 3: WIP/Homework Submissions


Greg Bugtong, Week 3


Thanks for the feedback :smiley:


WIP - Gabriela Nascimento - Week 3

So, based on thumbnail 2 from last week, I’ve started to work on the compostition and fixing the perspective before i could actually render. I’ll do so on the following days. Feedbacks are welcome too! :smiley:



so far this has been the most difficult task. Getting digital watercolor brush to work was also a challenge. Do any of you have the brushes Mr. Harrington is using ? Anyway below you can see my work. I hoped to do even my other view that I liked but unfortunatelly didn’t have the time.

As always any feedback is welcome.

Denisa Urbanova Week 3


Hi All, I got some feedback on values and composition and here’s the updated version
c&c are welcomed!


Brian Lorenz Week 3

I’m having some trouble cleaning up my edges. There are some perspective and shading that needs to be adjusted.

I also need to think about punching up a narrative. I have an idea of a tourist stumbling upon a hidden treasure that may or may not be haunted. I feel like that doesn’t easily fit the direction I have right now.

Unfortunately, my Painter trial expired so I’m having to adjust my workflow mid-stream and that is slowing me down.

Any feedback would be appreciated.


Here’s my submission for this week. I made 3 composition studies of the environment, I’ve also included a rough sketch of the character who live in this secluded place. I’m enjoying the brush strokes that I can made on Corel Painter but I still need more time to get used to it. :slight_smile:

BTW, I hope I’m not yet late for the submission. Any feedback and comments are always welcome. Many thanks!

MJ Pajaron, Week 3


Juan Pedro Ramos. Week 3

Finally I added a few figures and tried to fix some issues. (Thanks to all for the feedback to my previous upload).

Still struggle with the foreground tents. They break the fore-mid-back rule but … I really like them


Jack Warwick week 3

C&C welcome !


Hi Denisa,

I really like your idea, only thing I suggest would be:
Your front element is “kissing the edge”. It´s not clear if you want to see the hole object or if you want to cut a bit off. I hope that make any sense to you.
But nice work!


I have to work on this a bit more as some elements aren’t finalized and might re-upload before Sunday evening but pretty much this is what I’ve got and I’d like to hear what you think.

I’m not gonna go too much into detail because it’s ultimately up to the viewer to say whether I got my story across and to what extent but I’m going for playful and ominous at the same time.

Thanks in advance for any critique or suggestion :slight_smile:



I’m really enjoying your piece great work. In your last one you also had lines on the surface of the cube, which I thought was really cool and would be nice to see them even here. Also I think the figures on the bottom right are bit too dark.



great work. I like how you fixed the size proportions and its coming out very nicely.


I do like the separation of value as its very clear to see what and where everything is.
I would match the elements such as the tree and the foreground to water in terms of level of polish. Also, its a bit confusing that the door in the tree is so much bigger than the closer up doors in the mushrooms even though its much further away. Are two different sized species living within this one image? If so, you may want to sprinkle some of them around so the viewer would know who might live there.
Otherwise, I’d say take the foreground and make the houses 2 or 3 times bigger so the doors look bigger than that of the tree.



really nice work. I would only suggest to pop up the contrast between the bg forest and the building. The building seems to be the close to the same value and the back almost dissapears within the forest. Othervise I really like the streams of light that you made. :slight_smile:


I had issues with finding those brushes as well. I never have found the exact brushes he’s used except for the glow brush. I’ve been using the Real 6b soft pencil, Digital airbrush 2, Course Smear Blender Jitter 2, and barely anything else. I tried hunting for some of those brushes but I think he’s got a different year loaded. There are so many brushes and not a ton of time to experiment so I just went with what felt decent to me.

I tried some of the fine point pens but didn’t care for them and I never did find the exact match to the one he uses. I think I did find the pinch brush at some point but I lost it again. You’d think they would have a search feature in the brushes. :frowning:

As far as critiques go I can only give my 2 cents for exactly what that’s worth :slight_smile:
I am not sure which way your waves are going and so they tend to look more like mountains. If you do a search for “stormy ocean waves” you might get some ideas. I think if you had some white mist whipping off the top and worked on the shape of the waves to give them a look like they are building into a peak about to roll it could help. You might also consider instituting a “dutch angle” to your horizon. He talked about those in the lecture and that could add more drama. Hope it helps.


Very nice. You only keep improving upon the previous piece. Are you planning on painting people as well ? (lol just notices your comment so don’t mind the question)
Also I’m bit confused as to where is the light coming from. The front tents have bit different shadows than the rest.


Nice work with the perspective :slight_smile: I think it could be interesting if you would bring the building just a little bit lower. So that the center of the building is in the golden rule of thirds.


I’m glad I’m not the only one struggling with finding those brushes and thanks for the tip as to which ones are you using.

Also thank you for your feedback :slight_smile: and two cents are better then none :wink: .I’ll look it up hopefully I can adjust my painting before the critique.

BTW if you do find the pinch brush or any of the distortion brushes he’s been using again, would you message me as to where they are ? I would really appreciate it.



nice job. I think the adventurer is great as it gives sense of scale although I had to really close up to see that he’s climbing upward (my understanding). But then the perspective would be off and also the depth of space. Othervise I really dig the coloring :slight_smile:

Just an inspiration