Week 3: WIP/Homework Submissions


If those white tents bother you you could put a fire in front of them or place a lantern inside and allow that to change the coloration . :slight_smile:

I dig what you have going on here though, nice work.


We’ve got a winner. How many decades have you been doing this?


Thanks a lot Svetlana! I’ll try what you suggested and let’s see :slight_smile:


I love this one…marvelous … the only thing if you can try to avoid that central composition, what David mentioned few times…anyways looking great, can’t wait to see your colour choice!


Happy to hear that :smile:


Beautiful piece!
Love the design :+1:

I feel like there is not enough of a tonal difference in the foreground maybe.
You can really make the character and his animal pop just by bringing their tone closer to those rocks in the foreground.


(My first thought was this was a robot being tortured and I thought, “whoa, who would do such a thing?” ) - hahahaha… :smile: . I didn´t noticed that. It really looks like a robot is tied to those pillars or something like that.

The ideas about the angle and the dune in the right bottom are great I´ll try them.

Thanks for your time in giving me the feedback. You helped me to improve my skills, by seeing what i didn´t. hahaha :smiley: .

You too, keep the good work! We´re in the right way.


Pawel/ Hordyniak/ Week 3

So last week I thought I had values pretty much established so I decided to move in with some color (When Igo too far with greyscale then I usually make crap colors later, so I start to do colors as soon as possible.). I appreciate any feedback.


Thanks for the feedback, it helped a lot :slight_smile:

I was a bit worried that it would look too enclosed, but I just rescaled to show more in the left and the motion it gave kinda pushes the eye back to the lighthouse. Also, the vanishing point of the clouds in the distance gave a really cool sense of depth.


That looks pretty awesome.

Do you use any blending technique to colorize or you paint on top of the grayscale?


seriously it a very nice piece.


Hi All, I will just add here my latest work!


Sasa Miladinovic - Week 3
Any c&c welcome.


Keith Stanley Week 3 | Value, Lighting and Rendering

This my submission for week 3 didn’t have much time this week so i did what i could with the time i had, i’m happy with the way it turned out tho. Still getting used to using corel painter and painting in grey scale but its fun.


Hurianova added a nice idea for you to consider- have the image pull back around to the main focal point, otherwise the eye just goes off the screen as it goes around the loop. if you draw it back to the focal point the viewer will continue to look around the circle.

edit i didn’t scroll down enough to see your rework. This is MUCH better and draws the eyes around more.
Nice work!


Hey all
After getting feedback, I took another pass on my values. I present for your amusement, my new final. Enjoy


weatherly tan, week 3

Heres my environment work in progress for week 3, also, a color test to go along with.


Really nice rendering! Good contrast areas as well, but I feel like there is no focal point. There isn’t a hierarchy of light values, they’re all over the place a bit. I feel like if you reserved your lightest light to a single area it would help the viewer to focus.


Hi all,
so here is what I´ve got so far. It´s not finished at all. But maybe you guys can already give me some
suggestions about what to change. So comments are more than welcome. :wink:


Looks great! Loving the shapes and lighting here. :slight_smile: