Week 3: WIP/Homework Submissions


Wow! Looks really nice


Thanks a lot for the comments. Those tents are, in fact, a trouble for me. :thinking: But I don’t have time for start from scratch.:confused:

¿Maybe reframing?


What do you think? Left or right? Thanks!
I think I’ll stick with upper composition.


Jonathan Stratis, Week 3
I actually thought that you were suppose to do values last week. Although, the values still kinda look rough, so I might redo it later.


This ones my favorite. I can’t wait to see the finished result.


thanks! i really like your painting style too.:smile:


Just a little update with the feedback I received.
The scale was a little off and wasn’t helping to show the city and tell the story, so now the lighthouse is smaller and there are more things to look to in the spaces that were once empty.
Added some clouds to change the mood a bit and to get rid of that dark spot in the corner that was calling too much attention.
I also broke that curved line of the shore to make it look more man-maid.

The composition changed a bit, but I think it was for the best, what do you guys think?


Thank you so much)


Looks much better :+1:
Good job!

I feel like it would be even cooler if the clouds got some repetition.
Maybe try to create some opposing movement (to the main spiral one) by adding more clouds.

You can also twist the spiral of the shore even more and add some space at the top


Richard Nguyen-Week 3

Any feedback would be appreciated


I really liked the paintings so far. Really cool stuff. They make me want to improve my art and creativity.

This is my WIP for week 03.
My intention is creating a night scene, so i can give more focus to the towers. I´m thinking about putting some clouds over the moon and add some blur over the drill machine.

What you guys think?
Any feedback is welcome.



Hey guys!

I’m really digging how my piece is coming out. I decided on combining two of my thumbnails together to create this composition. Though I feel like there could be minor details missing that would help provide more of a story, what do you guys think?


That’s cool. I can totally look at this and imagine all kinds of things going on in that city.


My first thought was this was a robot being tortured and I thought, “whoa, who would do such a thing?” :smile:

Well first of all, I barely know what I’m talking about though so take what I say with a grain of salt.

One idea might be something David mentioned a few times about giving your horizon a “Dutch angle”. It might add some extra drama.

You could think about reducing the dune in the front right bottom corner just so you don’t have near equal shape on both sides because even though you have a lot of swooping hill shapes it does kind of all equal out in the end which leaves you with fairly horizontal piece.

I really like your drilling machine, that’s cool.

Anyway, I’m learning myself so hopefully we all get something out of this and it improves our skills.

Keep up the good work!


So the sign says “Mushroom soup ahead” right? :slight_smile:

That gate is superb.


I actually love the compostiton :slight_smile: What i meant was the shade of grey on the shadow

side (see red arrows), maybe switch those couple toned darker


I like the upper right more with people being smaller ) the framing is a bit obvious to me but I struggle from that as well :slight_smile: Maybe not to stick the tree out so far on the top? or make it more straight and add some more air above the waterfall to let it breathe a bit? Just some thoughts. Good luck with your artwork!


This is going great.
You could always put a fire pit in front of the tents :slight_smile:
That might be cheating though, LOL.


art is not mine ) this is what @juanpedrorp created ) somehow it shows that I’m replying to myself when I replied to their comment


well that’s a bummer. Thanks for the heads up, I’ll see if I can correct this or at least get it to the right person. Sorry about that. Not sure how that occurred.