Week 3: WIP/Homework Submissions


@Arief This is cool! I like the separation of foreground, middle, and background elements. Maybe your foreground elements could be a bit darker to separate them from the mid ground. Also i think your tilted “dutch angle” might be a little too extreme, maybe even it out just a little more


@hurianova this composition is really cool, nice job using the rule of thirds to break up the composition


@evilantman this is looking neat, I am somewhat confused by the scale. I think the little door in the big tree in the distance is larger than the little doors in the foreground elements. maybe try to resolve the scale you are searching for here. Is the door in the distance a Huge door? or are the doors in the foreground tiny doors? the compsotion is looking cool, if the tree in the distance is the focal point maybe bring it into one of the golden third areas.


The doors were meant to be really small compared to the tree house, I might try to add little creatures for the houses to make it more clear. I will try moving the tree around, was also planning to try and have lighting that is directed towards the door to make it more a focal point .

Thanks for the feed back !


Juan Pedro Ramos, Week 3

I also upload some failed attempts and stages of my final value render. :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope I can add some people before sunday.

Any critiques are welcome


Hi, thanks a lot for your feedback ! I’ll change it later .


HI, I am very very new to painter so I don’t really know what I am using half of time, if I am being honest :slight_smile: I know that I mostly use Artists’ oil and Chalk,pastels, crayons for these cool textures ( I just scroll through them until I find some cool ones) and some airbrushes.


Hi, thanks a lot for your help ! It actually does help me :slight_smile:


David Vicich Week3 -Line and Values

Good week to all and to all a happy thanksgiving or holiday!

I am attaching my WIP for #6 that I chose to try to take to finish. I am in the process of working the lines to clean up the drawing and hope to have something good by the end of the week. It always amazes me how long it takes to hash out this step. I know its necessary and will work my way through it feel free to give critique as I work I am always open to new ideas.

I will endeavor to put the same effort into feedback that I have in the previous two weeks. As i can not wait to see what everyone is doing and where they are taking their pieces. !


thank you for the feedback, I’ll try to ix it.


Omg that looks amazing. I’m definitely seeing that I need a lot more basic skill practice to get the results I’m envisioning in my head. It’s so weird knowing I’m capable of this quality but not digitally. So more practice with my tablet is definitely needed. Everything I’ve done reminds me of my juvenile years when learning to draw.

I’m definitely motivated by yours and everyone else’s works here to keep practicing.


So I think this is it for me this week. I did more with the blue light and added some rubble with one of the crystalline guardians being destroyed. Now I’m wondering if I should have or if I now need to add more rubble elsewhere. I hope to be able to have internet access this upcoming week so I can stay current on the lesson. I know this week wasn’t about color but because I know what my week is going to be like I figured I may as well try. Happy painting!!
[Version 1.4]

Another update. Hopefully I’m not inserting the images backwards since I’m putting the latest one on the top.
I know we haven’t really started into color but I’m out of town all next week and don’t know when I will be able to listen to the next lesson or work on this so I’ve put my coloration on separate layers in case I’m doing it all wrong.

I’m wondering if I may have made my foreground adventurer to crisp? I remember the instructor talking about how much your eye really focuses on. I could tone her down or soften her if that is a good idea.

Happy to hear anything that will help me get better at this.

[version 1.3]

Updated to show more light coming from the center and added an adventurer climbing to the top with one of the tools designed in week 1. It seems like adding the light kind of deadens the main focus but perhaps when I colorize it and add a more lightning-ish effect it will work?

[version 1.2]

So this is where I’m at so far. I ended up using the half of the thumbnail as mentioned and extended it to get a better layout. I hope to get down to some serious lighting on Friday at some point. The light should be coming from the center of the main focus. Unfortunately scheduling issues next week are going to be really tough for me so I’m trying to get as much done now as I can.

[version 1.0]


Nice job on the rocks!


Thank you. I find than, when you get the hang of, digital is easier than natural media. :+1:


Thank you.


Good job. Perhaps the building could be greater?


Thank you!


Heres my final black and white and some color schemes.


This looks GREAT!


Wow! This is amazing :slight_smile: The only thing that catches my eye are those really white tents in the foreground. I believe with intense lighting like this (judging on the shadow on the wall) the parts facing away from the sun will be a bit darker relative to the front part. Something more like you have in thumbnail 2. This is minor I guess, really awesome image, can’t wait to see the color.