Week 3: WIP/Homework Submissions


Not much since I gave up on straight drawing. I’m much better blocking things out in max. It is still nowhere near done though.



This is amazing. Strong visual impact!


Hello everybody here is my homework for Week 3


The idea of your painting is so interesting! Maybe you can add some more characters in the empty spaces to show the scale, e.g, a boat I guess?


Ginger Opal Week 3

Wasn’t able to finish this one, but here’s what I have. I bit off more than I could chew with this assignment, I should’ve picked something easier, but I’m learning a lot from this class.


I used layers


thanks for the comment, I think you have a good point in that I should seperate the foreground from the background more.
I do run into a dilemma though because I do want to keep the image high key to emphazise the heat of the desert. I also want the highest contrast at the bottom of the hole because thats where something potentially interesting could happen.
now all 3 of these ideas seem to kind of contradict each other and I have to find a balance or just decide wich one to go with.


Hello Lovely People - First Submission, and I will be working on this tomorrow.

Please let me know if you have any feedback or criticisms! :blush:

…it’s very unfinished, my apologies.

Bre Sorenson, Week 3 WIP


Here you go! I did a vanishing point from your current horizon line (in red), and the another one (in blue) from where the ground would end up vanishing. This is what threw me on your perspective. Right now your ground level (the cliff) is actually below sea level. Since the sea would be below the cliff edge I suggest bringing the water level down :slight_smile:
I also made some less significant suggestions in green.
Hope this makes sense and helps!


Thanks! Yes, that seems a good idea. I’ve put people on the bridges in the thumbnail but in this one i still didn’t…


Ilya Kriel Week 3


It should be landed, but you are also right. Could be done the way you described.

I’ll try it this week and if this is looking good, I’ll rework it. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the different eye.


Hi! I originally intended it to be a like a busy “underground city” under a big tunnel whose inhabitants are mostly poor people who thrive in their own energetic economy. Having a nearby shipyard, the place is ideal for trading goods. The place is teeming with vine-like plants due to the place being by the sea. From afar, we see a castle-like figure. I intended it to be a small city up on a hill where rich people live. I just need to communicate these thoughts through the artwork. I need to make the town look more busy and the city from afar look majestic and elegant.

I appreciate your feedback so much. Thank you and have a great day!


Experiment is the mother of true nature. :slight_smile: Try different solutions and see what works best, specially when you have an area of interest that you want to show

Keep it in the high key. The brighter the sun the darker the shadows. So you can tone down the foreground and bring it more to us. Light a little the bottom if needed to separate them, but experiment like I said. :slight_smile:

This place is huge. You can put a layer with an air and dust or sand, it will push the bottom and the distance away. You know - fog of distance.


Really nice. Much more better. Now there are no two opinions about the shape. :slight_smile:


Consider narrowing the space between the foreground and the mid-ground. The size of the figures in your mid-ground make it seem like there is a lot of empty space between your foreground and mid-ground. You could make the your mid-ground bigger.


Week 3/2 Eugeniy Ivchenkov
So guys, this is my… work. I kind of shot myself in the foot with this one.
Usually I would not post such half-baked art. but I’ve learnt so much from watching you guys, that it is only fair to share some of my mistakes with you.

So… this is what went wrong:

  • Focal point is not so well defined and lost in all the other objects.
  • Night landscape with lots and LOTS of lighting sources is hard to pull off on itself.
  • In my attempt to draw an interesting landscape I went into too much small detail.
  • Because of this “Look from afar” perspective, many of such details are too hard to define.

I believe this one is unsalvagable. Hope it will be useful to someone.

Btw if you see some other mistakes I made - do not hesitate to point at them. I’m pertty thick-skinned and there can be no improvement without criticism. =)


I think you did really great. The amount of detail is astonishing, yet it does not interfere with general perception.
It is really cool that it cathes viewer’s attention even if you look at it briefly, yet there is more to see if you want to stop by and look through all the details.


Hi! Your work looks good to me! I really don’t think you’ve made serious mistakes. I have one thought for the focal point: I think you want people to look at the giant mushroom on the mid-left? Perhaps you can try cool-warm contrast to let it stand out? Just change the tone of mushrooms in the foreground to some cool colors but keep the focal one with bright yellow. I guess that might work?


Haha! The little character on the “circle bridge” really helped me a lot understanding your scale. That’s why I thought about adding characters.