Week 3: WIP/Homework Submissions


What a homework!! I’m still struggling with composition and greyscale, but in that one I tried to do my best in other things to surpass this, please any feedback, good work everyone !!

Weslley Matheus Week 3


Week 3 - Adam Shepherd

This is what I’ve got for this week.


Uaau so clean, how did you make so they don’t cross through each other(the brush’s) ?


A bit rough. But this week I had a small amount of time.


Pavel Goloviy, Week 3.


Hello Guys, here is my h.w.:slight_smile: was pretty tough with the tablet:(((( but better then it was in the beginning, hope to improve it til the next lesson!


Reworked the perspective a bit to fit more detail. It’s still work in progress (had to fight with the tablet some more) and the house is basically just blocked with minor detail, I’ll be adding the actual details soon - I was focusing on the waterfall more,

There’s gonna be a lot of foliage but I’m not sure if adding it at this stage is good idea or should I wait for color + overpaint to make it well balanced.


In my opinion, I think it would be better to see, the whole object, make´s it somehow more present.


Fernando Suarez Groen - Week 3

Final value painting for my abandoned theater setting. Feedback appreciated.


Hi all,
So here is what I´ve done for week 3.
Changed some things after your critics. Thanks again!


Karlen Tam Week 3
It probably would have been gone better if I made cleaner lineart! :confounded:



Thank you very much for your inputs!

I agree with both of you, so that’s a tough call, I do like #5 the stairway down makes the creepy vibes work better, and #3 has more of the creepy atmosphere ambiance.

I’ll have to figure out something really quick I suppose, since everyone has pushed forward already. Thanks again!


The perspective/cam is my favorite for this one. Can’t wait to see it colored!


Really digging the paths! Line art will clean itself up one you polish it! <3 it!


A bit devil may cry gone home mix, I really like the digitize feel.

Looking forward to seeing color! Nice work


Here is my image for this week. Everyones environments are looking amazing. Good job everyone, looking forward to seeing everyones final piece. Keep up the awesome work.


Here’s my value painting work in progress! I changed the perspective from my sketch last week to make it a more dynamic image. I didn’t have enough time to fully paint it in (holiday weekend combined with being a digital painting beginner) but would be happy for any of your feedback/critiques/insight as I work on completing it over the next few days!


I this can’t really be called progress, its what I could manage to do this week, I apologies


Oye this week got away from me, I realized I needed an actual building to work with. So I took the thumbnail parts I liked from week 1 and modeled them into a building I liked.
While I managed to get an outline and the beginnings of an environment, I didn’t have time for anything else.



Hey Everyone, I am loving all the environments :smiley: Here is my weeks im still working on it, I feel that I have gone a bit too dark!