Week 3: WIP/Homework Submissions


Hi all! This is my submission for week 3. I struggled a lot with this step… lighting is so hard! Still WIP but this is what I got so far. Looking for critiques! Thanks!

Updated version:

Christina Bai, Week 3


I like the design on the building in the foreground.

Think about texture of objects in the foreground. It seems like the viewpoint is of someone standing on the roof. In that case you should have some level of surface detail like roof tiles, areas where grime has built up, and weathering.


Hi all. Here is my week-3 assingment
Anirban Sen

As always, feedback is appreciated!

few corrections



Hi: D I chose this sketch from the task of the previous week to perform.
Something is happening in there :open_mouth:


Hello there!
I tried as much as I could to get the foggy/polluted city that i wanted :slight_smile: I think maybe to obtain a more horror feeling i’m gonna break some stuff next :smiley: I would love some feedback! :slight_smile: :kiss:

Alex Baston - Week 3


Aditya Prabhu - Week 3

Here’s the comp that I picked out from the thumbnails that were done last week. I had a difficult time getting the values right in this one, especially when it came to set the atmospheric perspective for the giant fountain in the background. I also added a glow stone with a symbol in the foreground which could perhaps act as a checkpoint. Suggestions and critiques are welcome :smile:


Asta Muratti, Week 3
environment/landscape sketch based on Native American style


Here are my pieces. I really struggle with value painting. I understand how to do individual shapes and forms, but when they bunch up I really get bogged down. I could do shape by shape but that would take too long. What do you think?



this is very cool. I like how you combined the two pieces together and the values are great.

In your last thumbnail you have one of the bg buildings more slim and resembling the main building, which I think could be better rather than the big building. It looks as though there are bigger buildings than your main focus but its just a tiny detail.


Alessandro Febbraro
week 3


Hi all

This is the one that I picked from my thumbs to work on. Values are still a bit off, but hopefully next week I ll be able to adjust them accordingly.

Natalie Pavlidou Week 3


Updated image with the feedbacks.

The horizon line angle gave more movement to the scene. I also changed the values to make it looks more like night and added some spike form structures to give more feel of danger and to make the flow go towards the tower.

Thanks for the help. :smiley:

Any comments are welcome.


Hey everyone :slight_smile:
Here is my Week 3 assignment. Still super rough.


Hey guys! Here is my value painting of my evil environment :slight_smile: I think I can work a little bit more the background and the sky, so this coming week I’ll check it over.
Feedback is appreciated!

Paula Garcia, Week 3


Struggling to make this read properly, and to find a good (not boring) balance between mid- and foreground. But there’s no learning without struggle, so I suppose it’s a good thing!

Feedback appreciated :slight_smile:

Johanna Rupprecht | Week 3


Week 3 - Van Eliot Santos

I think my work still seems to lack something. It appears to have lots of things going on but there’s no unique story to be fleshed out.


Very cool piece @angelicosphosphoro!
Loved your values and the design. I’m a big fan of art noveau.
(one of my favorite artists is Alphonse Mucha)


Loving it! I really like that you went with this perspective too, makes the image more ominous to have it be the dominating figure.


What is your current goal for this piece? Perhaps it would be best to start with what you want to tell, then you can paint in that direction if you feel the story is lacking.



I like it! The trees and branch on the left draw your eyes to the right, where you focal point is. Story wise i do wonder what the purpose of the statue is? is this a marker for a destination, or a special totem that has something hidden in it?