Week 3: WIP/Homework Submissions


Week 3/2 Eugeniy Ivchenkov
So guys, this is my… work. I kind of shot myself in the foot with this one.
Usually I would not post such half-baked art. but I’ve learnt so much from watching you guys, that it is only fair to share some of my mistakes with you.

So… this is what went wrong:

  • Focal point is not so well defined and lost in all the other objects.
  • Night landscape with lots and LOTS of lighting sources is hard to pull off on itself.
  • In my attempt to draw an interesting landscape I went into too much small detail.
  • Because of this “Look from afar” perspective, many of such details are too hard to define.

I believe this one is unsalvagable. Hope it will be useful to someone.

Btw if you see some other mistakes I made - do not hesitate to point at them. I’m pertty thick-skinned and there can be no improvement without criticism. =)


I think you did really great. The amount of detail is astonishing, yet it does not interfere with general perception.
It is really cool that it cathes viewer’s attention even if you look at it briefly, yet there is more to see if you want to stop by and look through all the details.


Hi! Your work looks good to me! I really don’t think you’ve made serious mistakes. I have one thought for the focal point: I think you want people to look at the giant mushroom on the mid-left? Perhaps you can try cool-warm contrast to let it stand out? Just change the tone of mushrooms in the foreground to some cool colors but keep the focal one with bright yellow. I guess that might work?


Haha! The little character on the “circle bridge” really helped me a lot understanding your scale. That’s why I thought about adding characters.


Thanks, Yes you were right, it wasn´t clear at all before. Now it´s better. But I´m thinking about making these metal pieces somehow smaller, I´m not that happy with them at the moment.


Wow, super awesome! Thank you so much for you help, I really appreciate it! I will see if I can add this to my final piece, again thanks a lot!


Hi guys, I’m late again, I will be pushing this to the grayscale tomorrow. Hope you’re all doing well. Cheers !


Hi everyone,

I am so late, but here it is. I was trying to add more elements to the composition this time. The principal idea is a Prision of Gods, so it has to be a massive place with powerfull elements to contain powerfull prisioners. I putted some obelisks around the volcano, conected with electrical energy to the head of the entrance. The volcano is floating inside a massive hole, and it get closer to the border when is necesary. I am still want to incorporate more elements. I apreciate the critics.
You are doing awesome guys!



Thank you! I hope I can accomplish the same thing with color!


Thanks for the encouragement! Your idea seems good. I’ll definitely give colouring a try. Although I believe it still won’t come out as I expected, it may actually help a lot.

Btw my work came out very cartoonish because I decided to experiment with my techniques on par with the new software. Experimenting is quite useful on itself, even with botched results, it is still woth the experience. It may be a bit wierd, but I usually draw on a very dark background with 6 layers (one for each purpose like cravices, accents, highlights etc) which I never merge. I do most of the colouring on the lowest layer right in the process (Week 1 assignment was made like that). Although it is mostly useful for sketching, it gives the final picture an entirely different aesthetic.

How about you guys? Does anyone have some wierd techniques or methods of organizing your drawing process? After all, we have this rare opportunity to share different approaches and try/compare different techniques of each other.


Does anyone know where will be posted the webinar from week 3? Thanks


Hi there. Here https://forums.cgsociety.org/t/lecture-3-value-lighting-and-rendering-video/2047461 but they seem to have some tehnical dificulties uploading it so i guess we should be patient :smiley: Have a good one :kiss:


Thanks you for your help :slight_smile: you 2 :brain:


Alexander Kämpe, Week 3

Really had a hard time to find my creative motivation last week, so I finished today instead. Some parts feel a bit stressed (the vines on the ruins for example, thankfully made on a separate layer). Changed perspective on the stairs based on David’s feedback which made the overall impression more accurate. Not sure about the steps to the “gateway” though, might just remove it.


Hmm, interesting… Gone Home seem to me closer to what I am thinking of. :slight_smile: Thank you.


You’re welcome! And… I need to learn techniques too! My process is super disorganized… I usually got too many layers due to lack of skill :frowning:


Yeah I am still getting the hang of this digital stuff. I did watch a few tutorials recently from some artists that actually recommend practicing using just 1 layer and using exclusively just the brush (don’t erase). If you want to clear a bit up, paint the color of the canvas over it instead. I’m probably going to try this technique more when I get some free time. My line-art has looked like crap this whole time and I’ve not been satisfied with how it was looking so I’m going to be starting all over and probably going to try to keep it all one layer. I think if I do use another layer I’ll end up merging it down as soon as I can. I’m definitely going to be taking a few extra weeks to work on this.

I do really like how David only really used the other layer for the glow-bit so he can be quick and then mask out what he needed to.


Whep, after repairing Painter 2019 twice, then re-installing it (after uninstalling it first), here’s my homework for week 3.


Hi everyone,
Trying to catch up!

Here is my week 03 Submission based on one of my thumbnails from week 2.

Just a recap. The concept is about an industrialised ant colony.

I tried to work on the story / composition and value.
Still looks a bit rough in terms of line quality but I am trying to get it better
Surely having a lot of fun though