Week 3: WIP/Homework Submissions


Here’s where you’ll be posting your Week 3 WIP assignments! Be sure to take a look around at others’ works and offer helpful feedback if you can.

Please include: First Name/ Last Name/ Week

Don’t forget to watch the lecture video for Week 3 on Value, Lighting and Rendering here - make sure you’re logged in in order to view the video.


Hey guys, here is my finalized value painting focusing on finalizing forms and separating foreground, middle-ground and background values:

David Harrington, Week 3


Lucas Salvador - Week 3

I was already pretty happy with my sketch so it was fast to finish it.
Also did some iterations with the colors to have a idea of how the final one will look like. Not many variations because I had the mood kinda set in my head. I think I’m going with the 6th one, I really liked the mix of nature with the hazardous-like green sky.

What do you guys think?


Michael Callahan
Week 3


Luke Fornari - Week 3

It was great to see my tasks the last two weeks featured on the webinar, and from them I’ve taken the feedback to heart, in this weeks task attempting to work that feedback into the near final value painting.

In the value sketch from last week, much of the subject matter was centred, and I was suggested to shift some of the elements up and to the right, to make the composition lean more towards the rule of thirds, which I’ve attempted to do here. (When I was done with it, I soon realized how similar in shape and perspective it is to David Harrington’s piece! haha.)

As always, more feedback is appreciated!


Vlad Zvarun / Week 3

Hi, I am going for this cold early moody/foggy morning light and I am thinking of some Autumn-ish, maybe early winter colours.

I wasn’t really accurate with very little details, I’ll focus more on those in my final painting. It was also quite tricky to do a very foggy background for b/w paiting without just making it all look messy so I will probably try to experiment with it when I do colour piece.

Any critiques and thoughts are very welcomed ) I received a lot of great feedback for my composition sketches and it was really helpful :slight_smile: thanks again to everyone :smile:


What brush you are using for this one?


@vlad-zvarun cool! i think your shadow from the horse and walking path are too close in value, at first i thought the path was the shadow


@lucassalvador Really cool stuff man! There is a lot of empty space over on the right hand side of your image, maybe an opportunity for some cool ships or rock out there :slight_smile:


@aquaarmor really cool stuff. I like how you moved the focal point over into the rule of thirds area, very neat. There’s a lot of contrast around your foreground character, maybe just a bit of depth fog behind the character might soften that transition a bit


Arief Rosli Week 03



Thanks, gonna try that :slight_smile:


Nadia Hurianova - Week 3

Any critiques are appreciated :leopard:


First draft on Week 3
Still trying to figure out the perspective
Dragana Jagoridovski, Week 3
Any critiques are more than welcome! Thanks


maybe I should add here my latest work on this stage


Thanks for the suggestion! Now that you mention it, I may have made the contrast for the foreground character too high, will indeed throw in that depth fog in the final piece.


This is it for now
Dragana Jagoridovski Week 3


If you really want to nail rendering a foggy background, a very simple yet effective way to do so is to draw silhouettes of shapes and forms, like these examples I found:

The fog makes it so subject matter like hills, trees or buildings are obscured of most if not all their detail, but an audience can still tell what it is because of the shape of the silhouette.

Hope this helps!


Hi! Thank you for your post. It just reminds me of a video game called “Limbo”. Here are some screenshots I found online. I think these are also good examples of value and fog.


Hey all,

Heres what I`m calling my finished value work. Feedback is welcome. Happy painting everyone!


First draft.