Week 2: WIP/Homework Submissions


Thanks heaps! Doing the linework is one of my favourite things other than color of course!


Thanks for the link, I’ve been using Photoshop for 14yrs for painting so I know what to do there, but the brushes in Painter feel a bit alien to me. I can’t seem to get the textures or the smooth lines I want :slight_smile: So I was wondering if anyone has picked a brush I missed out on or something.

I tried to look up some custom brushes online, but for some reason it kept showing me PS brushes :confused: I need to do a more thorough search.


Lucas Salvador - Week 2

This week’s assignment was very fun and challenging. The tip about trying an interesting flow instead of focusing on the subject helped a lot and the most dynamic ones were actually the ones I liked the most.
I picked the 3rd one because of the curve of the bay calling attention to the lighthouse. Initially, I was thinking of showing more the city, but the design I want for the city is the same used in the lighthouse, so I guess I can convey the design of the entire place by detailing the main structure and letting the viewer fill the gaps. I hope it makes sense hehehe.
I think I ended up rendering it way too much because I wanted to see how it would look already (I will probably have to paint on top of most of it for the color later on but it was fun regardless).

Also, people are doing really great, can’t wait to see everyone’s final results :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,

Denisa Urbanova Week 2 submission.

Some of you may have seen my thumbnails before but I’m uploading them again to have a complete submission.

And here are my two details.

I was bit experimenting with colors. They are not set in stone so any suggestions are welcome. :slight_smile:



my favourites are 4 and 7. In # 7 I like that you can see “watching” over the city. In number 4 the dragon doesn’t seem that defined but it’s just a small thumbnail. However #4 has better flow.


Very cool. It seems finished to me :slight_smile: . You’re very skilled with painter and the black and white theme creates nice atmosphere. It reminds me of Shutter Island movie.


Alex Clark - Week 2


Move the shark a little bit up and left to make some overlap with the fin and the carrier + unstick the nose away from the edge of the comp. Next add 2 -3 more sharks that go closer to the carrier so that it shows scale. Right now this shark can be a normal one or a Mega shark that’s half the size of the carrier.


Juan Aguilar - Week 2
I’m really struggling with this one. Cant’ convey clear ideas so quickly with few brushstrokes. Still i managed to draw some ideas i liked today. I’m not sure though which to cleanup in line art :confused:
Personally, i like the birds eye veiew form the gargoyle (yes it’s a gargoyle don’t judge me :stuck_out_tongue: ) but it feel too empty.


Thanks :slight_smile:
That looks like a good movie but hopefully with colors it will get less dark themathically.


Here is my set of thumbs. Trying out different locations and themes. Have a few favorites. What do you think?


Your composition turned out great!


Hey guys, I have been working on this for some time, chopping and changing a lot. I finally came down to an image and angle I really enjoyed. Honestly tree’s are such a pain for me to draw XD who would have thought ? I cant wait for the next webinar! Everyone’s work is Fantastic :smiley: keep it up guys ! Great inspiration!!!


Luke Fornari - Week 2

The general composition I intend to have for my environment is to convey the sheer magnitude and otherworldliness of The Cube, and is the main subject matter. The other major subject matter is the fanatical, devoutness displayed by The Cult of Perfection who worship The Cube, and throughout the thumbnails, I explored them from being organized in worship, to inhuman desperation and violence.

I also experimented with both pure line-work and line-work + greyscale, ultimately favoring pure line-work up to the point of the chosen thumbnail to give a basic grayscale render, and from it, I found a new brush that’ll hopefully serve my needs later on.

I look forward to any feedback!


I also highly recommend for those who don’t know about it, Lazy Nezumi, a tool to assist in illustration and other illustrative functions, using this tool practically made me want to illustrate more!



Gorbacheva Maria, week 2


Stefano Grande week 2,
I tried to draw the same element from different angles, and analyze it geometrically; I think I must to clear my lines and shadows in the next attemps


Annabelle Lord-Paré, Week 2

Doing structures and environment is not my strenght at all! xD But I can say that I am proud of my tumbnails even if I think I could’ve put more details on it. This is an ice temple that is surrounded by snowy mountains. If you guys have any tips and advices you can give me , I’ll gladly take them ! :slight_smile:


Hello gals and guys. Here are my thumbnail compositions. Feel free to give feedback.
Sasa Miladinovic Week 2


@SandMcUnicorn @alexanderkampe @Splider Thanks a lot


Thank you for the feedback!