Week 2: WIP/Homework Submissions


ok, here we go. I added two more.
What do you guys think?


Thank you! I tried all the brushes, they all seemed to wither taper or were too strong. Perhaps it’s just a matter of getting used to it :slight_smile:


Hello (again :grin:) Lovely People,

I’m looking for feedback about these two camera angles. I’m already biased, but I’d like to hear feedback based on them. They’re both Blender 3D, and it took me a few hours to whip them up. Figured it’d help get my idea across a little better.

Thanks! :blush:


Hey everyone,

Here are the sketches that Ive been able to produce thus far. I like the idea of the landscapes being overgrown by enormous fungi, and all the organic shapes that come from that subject matter.

I’m not entirely sure which one Im going to go with, though the top left and bottom right images speak to me the most, as they have the most organic shapes among them. Tough also, the top right thumbnail could potentially be lots of fun to paint (imagine a small village built into the walls of a spiralling cave).

What do you guys think? Which do you think has the best composition and would be the most visually interesting?


Weslley Matheus : Week 2

My final submission for the second week!


It was really diffcult for me to understand greyscale and lightning, I was really afraid of doing(I thought I was going to kill the painting lmao xD) but I am practicing and understanding more, please any advices


Liked a lot, your line is very original!


Nice! like the lighting.


Hi everyone!

I am going for a tree city idea where the trees themselves are grown and guided to become homes and what not., so very organic. I really struggled trying out different angles and perspectives, but I did have a lot of fun doing it. What can you guys recommend? And which ones are your favorites?

Liz Hill week 2


Hi all! This is my week 2 WIP. I’m trying to express an idea of a budgie discovering a hidden culture in an old forest. There is a long vine leading to a sacred bird tree (pic 1), surrounded by giant status. I’ve spent several hours creating thumbnails but still don’t know which one to choose (maybe 3 or 5?)… so I would appreciate any feedback, thanks!


You’re welcome! Actually I need to learn perspective too… BTW your fountain looks great!


Wow we have similar ideas! I’m drawing huge vines in the forest and I also got problems finding different angles. The biggest issue for me is that it’s hard to express the size of the forest when I try to focus on the details of my story.


You and me both than :slight_smile: Thank you for the comment!


still so much to do and figure out. Also I designed/am designing houses and a temple and a few props and haven’t figured out how to put them all in one image.
just downloaded Corel Painter and will have to do a lot of practice digital painting cause I am not great at digital painting.

top left is a church. top right, showing poor people, and then surrounding and above impressive buildings. bottom left, trying to incorporate the regular buildings on the sides, and then the temple. bottom right. ok this is weird, i don’t know what i was doing here, but the thing on the right shaped somewhat like a cog but those are doors and ladders leading to each door.


Thank you! :slight_smile:


Thank you very much :slight_smile:


Thank you :slight_smile:

Well I use mostly square brush and control opacity manually :slight_smile:
Maby this will help - most of this stuff will work for painter too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eaH_WlD_rP4


Hi! I love the concept, however the shades look a bit the same to me, try maybe useing not transparent brush for thumbs - like just flat grey, white and black to make sure nothing on the light is the same shade as something in the shadow. Really like your composition! Good luck with that



Hey all, may get a chance to add/change some more tonight but i wanted to post an update. It’s surprising how much my idea has changed after receiving feedback and doing other sketches. Though I have the same underlying idea, some of my content has changed as a result. even now I’m feeling torn between the cave containing powerful minerals/crystals vs it being guarded by something, though the idea that this is supposed to be magical/ancient is still ruling the story.

Feedback welcome!


Hi, you’ve got some really dynamic compositions in here. Out of all, I like 4, 5 and 6 due to the way the vine leads my eye towards a single element in the comp, i.e the bird tree. One thing I would suggest you to do is separate your fore, mid and background using only 3 values. It’ll help you read the all elements in a clear manner, give focus to elements which require attention and will also give a sense of depth. Great stuff :smiley:


Hello , continuing on last week’s themes (ancient forest,lost temple,link between worlds) here is my submission for week 2.
Struggled a bit with this and I still haven’t settled on a particular idea although i feel like I found 2 compositions that might have some potential.

Alessandro Febbraro week 2