Week 2: WIP/Homework Submissions


Thank you so much for your feedback! Agreed, I definitely need to take a look at perspective, I didn’t add in any kind of lines or vanishing points when moving from the thumbnail to the bigger image. I’ll go back and add that in and see how it changes it.

Thanks again!!


I’m still narrowing down comp ideas, but you are right. I could label them at least. :slight_smile:


Jack Warwick Week 2

Hey everyone. For my composition I really like a sort of zigzag pattern as the I gain more depth which can be seen in drawing 3. I was not really sure what story I wanted to tell so i focused more on just the flow. I liked the idea of shower little hows much like ones I did in week 1 . Then going up to a bigger home that is the tree house. The tree house design is still up in the air however i am liking the zigzag flow.

Anyone else have any thoughts ?


Yen Shu Liao - Week 2 assignment

I’m not sure what my main building look like yet, so I tried out guard post tower, entire caravanserai, and with number 10, random light house in a spiky place. Because if camels are ‘ship of the desert’… caravan… desert…trade…silk road… it all made sense in my head at the time. :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess to emphasis this is a town zone where players can trade and etc it’ll need to be an interior shot but all that detail eludes my mind even more!


I like that idea and story for this tree temple, and I think it’ll build that story even more to have more visual indicator of this tree being religious, kind of like how Shinto religion sometimes adorn certain trees with special ropes or seal script etc. Cool idea!


I think 6 and 7 are the most interesting because of the view angle. You can see more in 2, but a front and center view like that kind of feel less interesting.


I vote 6 because the foreground element is much more interesting and informative. Also the rest of the image show more clearly what the complex looks like and give us a better idea what its function might be.


I agree with you on the zigzag flow :smiley: As for the story and the house design, I think it’s okay that they’re still in the works. Those details can be sketched out along the way. There are many possibilities for this tree house to be - witch’s residence, hunter’s rest where they store dead animals high up away from scavengers, a child’s prized fortress, an entrepreneurial evolved squirrel, a scientific observation station… etc etc.


They tend to look too busy, but once you get to the value group stage you can group them in bigger groups, and the image won’t look so busy anymore, just well-populated :slight_smile: I like 6 and 11 a lot for the rolling hill and the establishing shot. I think 6 especially will benefit from value grouping later on.


I like the top right corner, and middle right left for their clear read. The magical floating pillar pieces looks pretty cool. Numbering the thumbnails would help too. :slight_smile:


Here are my thumbnails. So I went with the idea of a dwarven society living deep in the forest and they worship the powerful dragon.
I wasn’t sure what exactly to capture in my piece. So I tried different approaches. I wasn’t too crazy about a holy place idea. But I wasn’t sure what else to depict, so did a few with a city back in the distance.

I’d appreciate any thoughts or ideas on what to focus on.


Aditya Prabhu- Week 2

Some WIP thumbnail explorations of my secret mystic school design. Since it is esoteric in nature, I tried my best to maintain a sense of fascination in my comps. I used values and a mix of straights and curves to balance my composition and give a certain flow, depth and rhythm. I aim to do more but for now, I seem to like #1, #5, #4 and #7. I also may combine the elements found in these comps in order to maintain structure as well as to convey the overarching story element.


#1 is great, I would stick with that


#4 and #10 are my favorites


i love #1 and #5 :smiley: they are both fantastic, they transpose me in a fantasy realm, i’ there with the ‘traveller’ exploring :smiley: great work!


My favorites are #4 #5 and #7 but i oscillate between #4 and #5 since it’s more of deep into the forest feeling. #4 i feel is a bit more dramatic because of it’s rhythm and verticality but #5 also gets me, i can explore more of their society, dunno, i can’t wait to see which one you choose :smiley: :kiss:


Thanks a lot for the examples and for the comment!
I have his book, just didn’t get there yet…so many things to learn :slight_smile:


Here’s my final for the week 2
Dragana Jagoridovski Week 2


I like the idea, but you need to play it out more. Just think of all the cool possibilities that can happen. First off I think the scale is wrong. Second I dont think anyone would make “Normal” buildings on the side of a carrier. So I played around with the scale and added something that would resemble slums/favelas (Take a look at reference). I imagine the people would cut and bend the steel of the ship to use as a roof and then build under.

This is a super rough and quick paintover I did.

Hope it helps.


#7 looking good