Week 2: WIP/Homework Submissions


Vladislav Andonov - Week 2

Hello everybody,

The week is at its end and I’m still struggling with my designs and composition thumbnails, since when I started, I hadn’t a clear idea of what it is going to be. I only know, that I want some Art Nouveau designs or the same style of language.

What I have are mainly generic thumbnails of camera angles.




and thanks exspecially for taking the time to give so many critiques! very cool!


It does… I wasn’t really thinking about the direction of where they were facing when I was working on it I think was just to focused on getting something done… I’m thinking about just giving up on posting stuff and just continue working on things without showing them… Thank you so much for the feedback… I really appreciate it, and I saw your work up there for week 2 and it looks great… I didn’t get to see your week 1 but from what I see here, The Second picture on the top is giving me a kind of mystical godly feeling… Like walking in there you’ll meet someone otherworldly and beautiful possibly someone angelic? … I can’t think of words right now to describe what I’m thinking… I also like the 3rd picture down… I like the angle…


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Hi everyone, thank you so much for spending your time to give me some valuable feedback, I have tried to change my composition to fix some of the issues you’ve pointed out. My new piece is very quick sketch but hopefully you can tell where I am going with it :slight_smile: This is a combination of 4 and 7 from mt thumbnails. I think I still managed to keep my main elements : tavern design, establishing shot, story telling elements, isolated-ish field and at the same time I find this composition to be much more balanced and atmospheric. I also got a better foreground-middleground-background structure.

Thanks again and feel free to critique me :slight_smile:



SO #3,6,8 are your strongest pieces i think compositionally. Each of these have a clean read…

What do you want to portray? I think # 3 has the strongest composition and story. You really could take it to completion with just some additive construction. Its good moddy and dynamism… :slight_smile:

If i had a choice myself number 8 would be a close second as I like the outline and dichotomy of elements in the composition. Honestly #8 and #3 would just need some texturing and some refinement but you really cold take them through to fruition.

Cant wait to see what you decide to do and where you go with this. Good work!


Hello there,

Great construction work !

4 5 and 7 all have strong potential.

I think that 4 and 7 are the strongest still leaning toward 4 as it has a definitive concept or flow.

SOmething to be wary of when working on spaces is the flow of the eye through the piece. 1 2 3 all seem very center specific. WIth elemets that tend to overwhelm the path through the piece . My primary example is in number 2 What I take to be a piece of frame work disrupts the composition unless you want the viewer to focus on that as opposed to the walk way.

You could always thke that frame work element and move it to the right kind of make it frame in your desired shot.

Again #4 is pretty solid.// :slight_smile:

I look forward to where you are going with this. Dont hesitate to let me know if you had more questions.

Good work !


Youve got a solid creation right here :).

I think outof most here that have posted you have a clearly defined piece with solid concept and a solid shot.

My opinion is not overly complicate with adding the character since its already so strong, . But dont be afraid to explore the option you may find it more engaging. As is it is already engaging…

Thank you for sharing cant wait to see what you decide.



I think your doing just fine.

Since you asked a little more about perspective.

Establishing your HZ or horizen line is the start of your perspective as it indicates where your VP or vanishing point will be. Once you have your VP you can construct almost anyhting based on what perspective your going after 1 point 2 point or 3 point.

Ive uploaded 2 examples from scott robertson where he demonstratoes how to establish circles in perspective using a grid and squares. Hes is definalty a good resource for just getting started and some more advanced perspective practicves.

Aside form that good work cant wait to see where you go next.


it doesnt suck :slight_smile: !

It looks like you had some fun with it which is super important in the creative process.

Feel free to explore some ideas without all of the detail. Bring it back to brass taxes and just work in basic shapes cubes , spheres, lines, pyramids. etc…

You might find a composition that works better than this one if you liked.

Good work and dont be afraid to make happy accidents… post more WIP .:slight_smile:



Great work through your ideas !!!

I dont hav etoo much to add to what your doing already. Except I would lay down some perspective lines and vanishing points on a seperate layer.

Your two shelves on the wall we should see the bottom of them as opposed to the top of them . And the bench in the foreground seems to be a tad off in perspective.

I would revisit if you get a chance and see what happens keep everything in sperate layers so you can easily adjust /correct as necessary.

Cant wait to see where you go with this… again good work!


@JonasQuidsinski Fantastic job using 3d for your thumbnails! Being a well rounded artist like this will definitely give you a distinct advantage in the game and film art industries!


If you would label your submissions it would help us give you feed back more easily. I favor the top right sketch. It makes me think of a memorial or shrine of some kind.


@juanpedrorp This is looking so cool, very excited to see where this goes!


Hello …

Good exploration here… dont be afraid to keep your origional posted so we can do a comparative feedback :). History is something to expand on not take away unless your in painter /photbrush… :)… bad joke.

I think you really would benifit from looking up landscapes a little bit more to get the idea of camera angles and perspective.

Create a new layer and work out your perspective. Dont worry about value right now… get a solid composition in line work or flush it out with solid shapes. Once youve got your composition and shapes in place its only another step to work values in.

You said "bland " I would look at the treatment of the ground. WHen you do a referenc elook up you find there are alot of mising textures that would exist in your piece. If you have to go ahead and photbash pieces to gether. Its a valid approach to concept just as much as using a 3d program now adays.

Just some ideas…

good work cant wait to see where you go next.


I like this alot more … :slight_smile: Great improvement !

keep it up still time to keep going!! :slight_smile: “onward and upward tobey!” :slight_smile:


Hi Dvici,

thanks a lot for your feedback. Much appreciated.
I´m just about to paint more thumbnails as I’ve some more ideas. Just to see what´s possible…
I will def. consider your advice about the flow of the eye.
And if I struggle with the new one, i´ll take #4.:wink:

Thanks again for your feedback



thx for the input. I’m still experimenting. As of the elements I was just thinking about adding the housing to it. I’ll think about the elements more. It’s still WIP but I’ve been working on the water one a bit more.

I was also experimenting with the brushes as well that’s why it’s got all the coloring.


Here’s my thumbnails for week 2 and a basic block in on my value painting.



Well thank you… I’m sort of starting all over again is what it feels like in the art world… It’s been a couple years… I’m trying to jump back in anyway I can… I’m starting to feel a little defeated by it lol… Everyone’s work is just so great! I joined the classes as a learning experience for myself… Thank you for the tips… I’m going to try it! I think doing that would make things look so much better


Greg Bugtong, Week 2 (1 of 2)

Greg Bugtong, Week 2 (2 of 2)