Week 2: WIP/Homework Submissions


Hey there!

Nice to see Ginsenia taking some form! This sky looks cool. This is a good perspective for giving a feel of not only the village but also the surrounding atmosphere and nature. Which for your story may be good choice.

Something to consider going into more details is to vary your direction of pathways and where the door to the home is. If its a village maybe make them all facing toward one another, unless the viewer is in the center of the village and is surrounded by houses like this typically the houses wouldn’t all face the same direction.

Hope this helps!


I watched this one yesterday, very handy


Hi all,

Here are my thumbnails and my sketch for my concept. Feedback is welcome and appreciated


Hi, I just learned that there’s a perspective tool in Painter. Maybe you can use this as a reference.


Thanks a lot! Looks interesting. Just I think for now, I have to learn perceptive first, really not sure.


Hi everyone! Here are my thumbnail sketches and sketch for the final - I went with a composition that showed the whole room looking in from the doorway, because I wanted to focus on the story. I ended up liking the more dynamic compositions more than I thought I would, though. I wasn’t sure how much detail to put in to the larger sketch, since it’s still very much a work in progress. Thanks for any feedback/critiques!!


I don’t mind at all, thank you for taking the time to provide such detailed guidance. I will have to let this sink in since I’ve got other obligations through the weekend. Hopefully, I can squeeze some time to redo some of these or at least adjust the values and attempt addressing the centralization issues.

I do agree about the darker tones. Before I posted I was comparing it to what the Instructor had done and noticed. I hadn’t realized it drowned out the drawing. For some reason I find it easier to start dark and paint in the lighter areas.
Thanks again!


@Miguelixx Thanks a lot for the response! I also think the most important thing at the end is just to model. In my case, my intention about learning 3D modelling is just to have a good base to do the concept (and save time doing the perspective and more), so I though to select a software wich “matches” the most with most of the companies.

I’m trying to enter in videogame industry and after doing some art test I think I’m not selected because of my lack of experience and 3D software (of course I also have to improve my general level a lot). So your information is very valious, thanks again.

@Dragana Jagoridovski This is stunning o_O! But gosh, is in Blender! I’ve been dealing with this software a lot of time, I don’t know, I even have such a huge problems just with the interface… That’s why I’m trying with another software ahaha… I know the advantage of Blender is that is free and the plugins … And as I see in this video, very good plugins.


Jonathan Stratis, Week 1
This step was a lot harder than I thought it would be, especially trying to come up with appealing angles. I choose an landscape view cause I thought it would be the most appealing for the subject matter.

I’ve only done a basic rough draft, adding in basic shapes so far; mostly because I wanted to get some feedback before the final line work.

The biggest thing I’m wondering about is the scale of everything, but mostly the city. I’m not sure if the city’s scale is lining with everything in the composition
Edit: I just noticed that for the full sized image I was ignoring perspective, causing the scale of everything to look off.
Edit: I fixed the perspective
Edit: I changed the composition a bit, but it’s starting to feel a bit bland. I’m not sure if it’s the composition or the concept at this point. Hopefully, I can fix it after work when I have a fresh pair of eyes.


This is what I’ve done so far. I would appreciate feedback.


I really like the bottom right composition. There seems to be a strong directionality and its got enough contrast between the forground and middle to make it interesting. Enough small medium and large shapes.

Having said that I also really enjoy the effort you are putting into your story for it.

Keep up the good work and exploration.


Awesome studies …

I can see that 3, 4 and 7 have loads of potential. They have the strongest compositions and its easy to explore alternative iterations.

Some feed back i have for you on #7 as it seems to be the one your sold on the most.

  1. How big is the door ?
  2. How tall is the person?
    3 How tall is the horse?

Youve got some good perspective lines. Dont forget to use your relational objects to get size where you want it to be. For instance:

If the door is 6 ft tall and the person is 5ft 9 inches you can use the top and bottom of the door to project a cube to the location of the horse and person to get an idea of its relational value to the door. This technique can be used on just about anything. It will help in the construction of your compositions with less distortion and increase your accuracy.

One more thing… I would explore the back ground a little bit more it is a little empty and flat… It wouldnt require alot to make it a little more integrated. Maybe add some elevations above the HZ line.

None the less good work cant wait to see what happens with it.


Good afternoon,

So your number 1 i think is the strongest of your pieces. The others seem to have off kilter vanishing points and horizen lines.

In perspective and composition there needs to be a good balance not just in ojects in a scene but in foreground middle ground and background. #4 and 5 vanishing point should have put us higher in the sky . I would have put the horizon about mid page as opposed to that high in the sky.

WIth that said your number 1’s horizen line is closer to where I would think it belongs. Constructed buildings are the best source of accuracy as it delineates where the vanishing point will be.

I would suggest creating another layer and paint your horizon line for each composition. THen on the same layer as your HZ line do some perspective lines and see where they lead up to. Dont be afraid to do some studies on perspecitve using just a box. You would be amazed at how much you can learn as it relates to your idea.

Good job keep up the compositions… Cant wait to see what comes next.



I wanted to ask you what is the main element you want to share with the viewers?

Is it the opening cave?
Is it the pillar in the middle of the platform?

The reason I ask , is knowing what you want to add emphasis to helps hone in on the supporting elements. If you go back to the video in this weeks lecture hes got a temple which is the primary focus. In addition to that he adds a story element the character and some trees to really give context and story. But the focus is never lost or taken away from the temple as a goal.

I agree the birds eye view is quite nice and the flow is proportional but this calls into one of those “symetrical” composition" too equal on both parts.

I would recommend you decide on what your focus is and re-engage that. Your sencond picture on the left has alot of good potential as well as the second one on the right. Right out the door! :slight_smile: . Dont be afraid to explore those more .

One caveat - I recommend you stay away from iconic composition ( primary object is dead center ). Cut your composition canvas using a new layer and paint in 3 horizontal and 3 vertical lines so it creates 9 spaces of equal value. Also feel free to make it so that your sides are less equal. 8 by 11 isnt a bad start though7 by 11 portrait or landscape can get you started.

I hope this helps… your doing great work and I cant wait to see where you take it next.



Thank you for the story and hard work your putting into these.

I am enjoying seeing where your trying to go with your compositions.

Too me your strongest works are the two on the right. They seem to be constructed well and dynamic enough to engage the viewers like us. One thing i would do is add some spave on either of them and create a more rectangular composition. 7 x 11 portrait or landscape. it just gives you some wiggle room to work with .

You will also if you look up ratios used in the video game and entertainment industries a more wide lense look. It just lends itself to a more balanced composition using the rule of thirds.

But back to your two onthe right … I think they would benifit from a 7 x 11 portait it will just add more to the composition by introducing more tension between the foreground, middle ground and background.

Again thank you for sharing … cant wait to see where you take this next.



thank you. Yeah you’re right with the heavy hand. I actually descaled all my thumbnails to have more space (I ran out of space after 4 :smiley: ) but it does feel cluttered.



I love where you are going with this… I really am enjoying seeing you iterate through your compositions and where you landed.

Its got everything in my mind to be successful!

One thing to work with to help you with value 1 2 3 read… or the 5 value system… Take some references and block in each object using the 1 2 3 light medium dark values. Do you know where your light is coming from ?

Say it was comming from the top left of your composition. THat means anything facing the light will be the brightest.
THe tent to the left would have its opening a dark value and the the side facing us may have a medium tone if that helps.

I cant wait to see where you take this next :slight_smile: … I hope the instructor is willing to do a paint over for you to help give you a better idea. :slight_smile:



I really like where you were going with the top right composition. Its got a certain level of tension created by the waves and a decent balance and flow.

Were you thinking on adding any additional elements to it?

I think one of my instructors said this best. …

" There are no final pieces, just pieces we decide have gone far enough for us to be happy with them!"

The exploration and remaking of art is part of the process and never be afraid to let go of an idea for soemthing you like better. Just practice and decide on when its best to be happy with it … :slight_smile: .



Lots of good design work happening here. I know you are debating on which you like the best…but i really like 3, 5 , and 4.

I like them cause they seem to be the strongest.

on # 3 i would put the tree slightly to the right a bit and maybe indicate a path that leads from it to the left. Which will create a dynamic flow through the piece as opposed to directly center. THere is nothing wrong with directly center though :slight_smile: .

#4 I would either send the right tree back furthur into the back ground or bring the left tree closer. It will make the shot a little more dynamic. It can also create a good contrast in shapes to aid the eye in the flow of the piece.

#5 has a good birds eye view on it … but I am not certain what you want to focus on in specific. Part of the you are deciding still. Do you want to portray the woman on #9 or just focus on the enviromental piece :?: Its a tough one but doable. I can see you working through your story and deciding what you want in your work.

#9 If you wanted to really show the woman on a balcony… youve got a good start. Maybe extend the canvas for it to the left by another half the origional. Cut out half of it on the right of the woman and construct what belongs in that space. If i have time and you want I can do a draw over to help illustrate if my description doesn thelp.

Still… good work I cant wait to see where you take this.


Thank you. I has started to work with values on pc and I find it easier than pencil or charcoal. You can go from dark to light and from light to dark endless :smile: . When I was younger I did some photo retouching and it is helping me more than I expected.

I have to work it a lot but I think I’ll get something out.