Week 2: WIP/Homework Submissions


Juan Pedro Ramos. Week 2
Thanks to all for the first week assignment feedbacks, as you can see you helped me a lot (even if it did not always replied :grinning:)

Any hints or criticism is welcome.

Now, the harder for me, value and color . I have never painted.:grimacing:



I went with this one because I wanted my painting to be more like a concept art establishing shot and while I do agree that my other compositions were more successful in terms of flow and being dynamic, I couldn’t really show as much of a full tavern design and little story elements in them, that being said I will definitely try to tweak my painting to make it more balanced and better compositely :slight_smile: especially I think you are correct about horizon line.
Thanks a lot for your feedback, it’s really nice to get some fresh eyes and thoughts :wink:


What a smart way to go about it and you did very nice job. I guess the last one is what you are going for ? Personally I also like the second one. It has a nice division of foreground and background and when I saw it, my eyes went straight to the temple. But maybe it’s due to the higher contrast.


Great job :). I’m just wondering what is the focus the tents or the rock ?


HI everyone,

I’m sending WIP.
The view on the bottom left deviated from the original idea quite a bit, but I liked the idea behind so I sketched it out anyway to see if it will work. Also forgot to mark my favourite views, but my picks are 2.,3., 6., 7. (going from left to right)

Any comments or critique is welcome.


It’s hard to take a decition. :rofl:

In my small value test, I try to put the big tents in shadow to set the focus in the middle plane. I hope that works.



very nice drawing. But I agree with @JonasQuidsinski . More so the stable seems to be off, I think it’s just tad smaller than it should. Nonetheless I also like number 6 and number 4 has a possibly nice back story. Oh, also your environment reminded me of Kingdom Come Deliverance They have quite a few shots with horses.


Well, here goes.

With my thumbnails I mostly explored different places and perspectives inside the location I’m try to create. I tried to push myself with making them by drawing all my boxes first, and in doing so creating a sort of ‘to-do’ list.

I plan on choosing one and then testing my perspective and layout with a scene setup in Blender 3D. Right now I’m just debating between #3 & #6, and maybe #9, but probably not.

I slammed into some creative block a few hours ago on #9 and am just going to ship-
Please give me any feedback or criticisms you think of! (I need them desperately) :smile:

Bre Sorenson, Week 2 WIP, Submission 1 ^


So I took about 8 or so hours to play around with this in a 3D scene, just to get a feel for things. Here’s what I ended up with; (I plan on picking one and doing a fleshed-out sketch over the weekend.)

Bre Sorenson, W2 WIP, Submission 2 ^


Hello again :stuck_out_tongue: These are my takes on the different camera angles and composition for the retro future corrupted city of Pripyat :smiley: :smiley: I never done this before so rhythm is killing me right now, I’m basically in a struggle here finding the right one cause i don’t know theory wise which one looks more correct, based on eye and feeling i may opt between #5 (‘oups, just discovered an abandoned city’) and a fancy angle like let’s say #9 or a more dynamic one like #10. Really need some feedback, i’m stuck :frowning:

Alex Baston, Week 2


@vlad-zvarun I appreciate your rough work here, very reminiscent of Meduseld in The Two Towers, but at a more insular scale, your lone inn at the edge of a vast expanse. I’d like to see a bit more of the details you have in mind for fleshing out the story and culture of the location.

@juanpedrorp I have to tell you, I think your line art is fantastic, a lot of great detail and very clean (my line art is always a mess) I don’t think you need to worry so much about painting with how much detail you have to work with, I’ll bet if you just choose a off white, a middle gray, and a dark gray to do a value on a separate layer, it would give you a lot of direction on how to light and color. I think your ideas and your work is real sharp and look forward to more.


@alexb11 Alex, you’ve done a great job of creating separations with fore, middle, and background with your sharp lines and dramatic value shifts. The compositions and foci are very clear and legible in these drawings and there is just enough detail to make me look at it deeper to see more about the world you have here.


That’s a nice way to go about doing the thumbnails. How did you decide that was the final set up you wanted to do? (Was it just multiple environment building until you found a composition you liked)?

That’s a smart way to figure out cam set up!


Hey very nice! I liked the work of the thirds in this one! (the final one)

Although I’m a big fan of the mood and view of #4 depending on color choices and day/night, it could either be a place of comfort or a place of spooks (depends which way you go about it)

Since 7 is the way to go, I am, again, huge fan of the thirds in this one. It does flow with the eyes quite nicely. Are you thinking of doing a day/night idea ? it would be a great piece to do some contrast color work (like dusk or dawn?) Can’t wait to see it!


OOOO I like the top two right With the top down and the the slightly above eye level shot.

I think the value theory is working for those two, and it works well with thirds, and even has room for some story telling/mood.

Did you pick one yet? I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing which one you were more drawn to making.


oooo I like seeing the thought process for your thumbnailing. Fantastic line work and set up. I really dig it, and the value theory would be super fun with this one for sure.

Can’t wait to see more!


I like #5 and # 6, I think its great to play with some fore, mid, and background.

With that being the case, values and mood definitely would add to these guys with the dynamic cam, with #6 i’d definitely would push the fore and mid ground more to get some depth.

Looking nice!


#2 #6 and #9 have great dynamic camera angles and would work well with light theory. They also present a story much better (i.e #9 there’s the cross atop of the cliff, real creepy depending on whose looking)

I like those 3, i think it works well with thirds, has some potential for mood and story and would be fun to play with and push the fore/mid/back grounds to give it more depth.

Can’t wait to see which one you pick!!


Really love the top right composition! seems to have a lot of story and dynamism! If you could mic that comp with bottom left’s lighting, imo it will be very powerfull


Hey! I think that the comp you chose seems a bit too unbalanced. too much weight on the left side.
I think that your most successful thumbnail is the top right one. I tells me more that this is not an imposing place, rather a very subdued Inn that travelers stumble upon when traveling through the old road. Or at least that is the story I read from it.


Hey! i like the uniqueness of the water elements being so important but your thumbnails feel too cluttered, I would think that, since you might be a bit heavy handed like me, hahaha, you could work with bigger thumbnails to use better every pixel.