Week 2: WIP/Homework Submissions


Hi everyone,

I didn’t have much time to do all that I spected, but this is what I done.
My first idea, looking the references at the first week, was to make a temple, based on the egyptian culture.
But when I started with the sketches, another idea crossed my mind, so I start thinking about a prision for gods.
Now, for this compositions I decided to make the prision inside a volcano, with one entrance and a long dark tunnel going into it. I tryed to make views from outside and inside, and the idea is that the gods are immobilized with chains, also reforced with magic symbols, on floating rocks. On every god there is a river of lava pouring on their bodies.
I want to improve my results when I have more time. I really like the potencial of the concept of a prision for gods, because I has to be something epic and colossal.
I see great ideas here, i can not wait to see what is next.

Noel Breijo - Week 2


If you want to convey scale add people/carriage/wagon/animals. Usually scale is noticeable if you 2 things that are extreme different sizes. I’m trying to figure out if the land behind the pyramid is water or desert.

If it’s water you can play around with the idea of boats sailing/canoeing.
If it’s land then you can play around with smaller scale buildings/old ruins/etc


Hi there, here is my submission for week 2. I keep exploring the gate scene with snake motive (specialy cobreas and nagas - the 7 headed cobra)

I’m not sure yet on wich of the thumbnail I’lll choose, but i like the one in the left bottom corner…

Feedback are more than needed on this one :wink:

Thx !


Hi mythfolklore,
the blue color around the volcano supose to be sky, I need to spend more time on this, the perspectives are not great. and the blue color is confusing… I appreciate the critics.


Hey all,

These are all looking so nice! I’m excited for the webinar tonight. Encouraged by everyone’s progress so far, and to see such variance in work and skill!


Rachel Finley, week 2
Posting my thumbnails again so everything is in one post. :slight_smile:
I ended up going with number 2



James O’Shea - Week 2

Awesome sketches everyone! @David Harrington Here are my sketches for week 2 on figuring out the composition and design of this scene. Let me know what you think. I’ll provide the ref w/ sketches from last week for context. C&C welcome :slight_smile:


Hi all, Here is part 1 of week two homework, I’ve done 4 thumbnail sketches from different points of view. I’ve found my subject matter doesn’t have simple definitive shapes like the temple used in the examples so it was difficult to make it stand out in the sketches. I’m getting better at using the mouse for the artwork. My subject is a doomsday prepper fort in the forest / cliffs environment. Truth is I am not really that happy with any of them to make them into a full size sketch, I’m going to keep working on a few more and hopefully get something better.


I think #6 best illustrates your idea. It has more storytelling elements in it and I like the rhythm of the lines. I would move the little budgie a little more left of the center, though. Great thumbnails!


week 2. pushing the perspective. A lot of work to do here.
So many amazing stuff in this thread…


Thank you for your advice! Now I’m 100% sure that I’ll choose #6 for my final image. It seems to be a little evenly divided to me. Will try to improve the flow :sweat_smile:


Hello, here is my Homework For week 2
A hidden temple on the montains


I think the top left is my favorite. :slight_smile: It’s very powerful.
Second to that I agree with the bottom left. The middle left one feels very unbalanced to me and the one directly to the right of that feels kind of uninteresting.
If you choose the bottom left I might suggest widening the frame a bit more for a more panoramic view. If you did that you could also repeat more of the tower elements.


thanks Jaxilon yea I just used the one flat brush on all these, actually its probably my fav brush I use most of the time… I try to keep it simple 3-4 values ill have a different layer for fore/middle/bacground then lock the layers so i can put shadows where needed …I.try to have big confident strokes for the rocks/temples etc and more flowing sketchy strokes for the ground… had a look at your thumbs great stuff you have a lot of variety which i like… I think if you kept your values to just 3 -4 or so it would read really well… keep up the great work and keep pushing your boundaries


Does anyone know, is it going to be posted Week 2 feedback video? For those/us who couldn’t wake up at 4AM:)


They did a recap of week 1 which was view-able under lecture 1 so I’m guessing they’ll do the same for week 2!




Thanks for the feedback! So what I did for No6 was that I created a basic grid plane (with reference to my desired camera angle) and started drawing out basic shapes for all elements in the painting on top of that plane. For example, for the tree, I made a basic block-in of a cylinder in the right perspective (3 point) on top of the grid plane. On this, I started adding my details and the required twists and contours.

There’s a little imagination involved along with a clear knowledge of perspective in this, so practice drawing simple shapes from this angle. You’ll soon get the hang of it. Hope this helps :smile:


Hello! Here’s my images. Learning so much and enjoying myself!