Week 2: WIP/Homework Submissions


Sadly didn’t get as many done as I wanted to, maybe I can do a few more thumbnails tomorrow. My main trouble this time was getting from „random props and pillar designs“ to coming up with actual (fantasy) architecture, as I didn’t really know what shapes and proportions I might want to go for. That also makes it hard to know which one to take further! I think i need to explore a little more.

Johanna Rupprecht, Week 2


OMG Those are amazingly beautiful. I’d love to know your process for sketching that out. They’re fantastic and very dream invoking.


Aww @Hoppie, you sound frustrated! But for whatever it’s worth, I think you have some nice thumbnails in there! Composition can indeed be very tricky. I find it helps to focus on basic structures first, and only then introduce lighting. You could even go as far as setting a full scene up, and only later figure out the lighting. I like the big thumbnail you did, and also the second from bottom right, the angle of view is nicely dramatic!


@RogueHydra Not sure if you were talking to me, but the notification thing at the top said so :smiley: Anyway, thank you! I was struggling with process here because I had no clear idea in my head where to go with those. So for the first one i just sketched with rough lines first, and then added shadows with multiply to give it some better form. For 2-4 I actually used photos as a base (of Norse architecture and old Japanese thatched houses), just as a starting point. I put some filters on, and copy/warp stuff around, then painted on top, so not much of the structure is left - btu it helps my brain to have a starting point to paint on top, rather than staring at a blank canvas. Hope that helps!


Here is my assignment for this week, I had a lot of trouble going through thumbnails and choosing the one to develop further. I’m still not sure I’ve made the right choice. My thumbnails carry no information about the mood, the subject and the focal points, and my “developed thumbnail” looks really flat to me. Can you guys give me some feedback about what I did wrong and how I can improve? Thank you


so i could only get one comp out this week. i’m really struggling in painter it’s been a while since i’ve used it. any ways any C&C is welcome


Yup that was definitely directed at you and thanks for the tip. I definitely struggle with a blank canvas as well. I kinda liked how the 3D picture I rendered helped create a proper layout for me to fill. I guess I just need to keep practicing.


I’m right there with you!

I work in information technology… so this is re-ingauging my art side. Which I do appreciate. So many talented people here. I just hope I am able to get through the creative process. That alone will be phenominal…

I do have one thing going for me… I’m half way though my masters in art. Took a 2 year sabaticke for kids… :wink:


Hey guys, I hope I didn’t miss the deadline, its been a rough week, and this is what I could do so far, I hope it doesn’t look so terrible. Any feedback is appreciated… I’ll refine more these sketches


I like how you do these. I think I could move myself in this direction of composition since I’m struggling with the cartoon type line drawings. I just can’t seem to leave the lines alone and want to get rid of them but this style might be something I can lean towards. I think I like your first one best as I can imagine what it would be like to actually stand there. #4 is also good for the same reasons.

Man, I’ve got to stop zoning out when I’m doing these because I start going WAY to much into it.


Hello again everyone, here is my thumbnails and two different drawings of two thumbnails I did. Not use to painter and doing digital stuff. Let me know what you all think. Everyone stuff is looking good right now.
Looking forward to the next two weeks and seeing everyones final piece. Keep it up everyone.


Im a 43 years old software developer, also re in-gauging my art side. :smiley:
programing not make me happy :disappointed_relieved:


Ginger Opal, Week 2

So this is a baroque-ish city-scape on a mountainside. The first idea there is looking up at the palace from the city wall. Decided I want to look out over the city instead. There’s a canyon in the distance with a “mighty” bridge joining the city to the rest of the continent, but otherwise couldn’t decide on an obvious focal point. I’m leaning toward the horizontal design, but also kind of liking the one with the balcony and drapery. Thoughts and pointers are super welcome. :slight_smile:


I know I’m epic late, so I may not be in time for guidance. I got waylaid by a terrible flu and this is what I could get through today (Life apparently guns for me anytime I try to improve myself).

Again, I’m choosing an environment I saw in one of my dreams. In said dream, I was drowning at sea, but could see a tower of some sort in the distance. So I was trying to showcase an approach from the sea in some of these.


Adam Shepherd, week 2 - due to time restrictions I had a very rough line drawing on one of the thumbnails



Here are my submissions for week 02.

I think the dunes dunes looks messy, the flow is not good.
If any of you guys have any feedback i´ll apreciate a lot.

Thanks. :smiley:


Dont give up… keep posting what your doing. You wont find a better crowd to get direction and feed back than this one.

If you like post here send me a link and I’ll do my best to give you helpful feedback. :slight_smile: stay positive… you got this… :wink:


Hi all,

Hope everyone’s doing well for week 2 . For my week 2 composition (#1~3), I tried to focus on the main subject, which is the chest with growing flower. As for # 4 and 5 I shifted focus on building of a town. Not sure which direction i want to go yet.


I actually wanted to add small bits of storytelling like scratch/drag marks on the ground, and some blood on the rock to show struggle was going on before, and some feather trail to guide someone went inside.

I actually redo my prop design ideas, since I wasn’t satisfied so it resulted to not being able to grayscale it. Although I admit having to figure out there are many things I don’t know like perspective, anatomy, creature design, and etc. But I had to give visuals to put my thoughts down without letting doubt on my knowledge get in the way.


Guess I better post something although I don’t know what I was thinking when I thought I’d have time for this! lol I don’t know how David does it actually.

Most of what I did was research. The VERY early sketch shows a 1 point perspective of the inside of what I hope at the end will be a destroyed church. It’s a little dark, (but that’s me) but I’d love to have a few skeletons in the seats still with their Sunday best on, and the minister’s skeleton slumped over the centre table at the front holding a gun with a bullet hole in the side of his head. His neck piece removed, sitting on top of a bible that has been ripped in half and stacked haphazardly.

The whole premise is the complete end of life on Earth.

The whole reason I wanted to take this class is because I was always fine with polygons, but give me a tablet or a pencil and I’m S.O.L. lol

Edit: I’d love to know how to remove “Seneca Student” since I haven’t been one in over a decade… :slight_smile:

Also, I apologize if my idea offends anyone’s beliefs. That was never my intent.