Week 2: WIP/Homework Submissions


Ok here’s my week2 thumbnails and near-final-but-not-really lineart:


Asta Muratti, Week 2, environment sketches



Edwin Toi - Week 2

Hi everyone,

I feel like composition is one of my weakest fundaments still yet it plays such a huge role in art. There’s so many inspiring submissions again :slight_smile:

I’m still mulling over some ideas so the concept changes a bit with each thumbnail, so I haven’t settled on one thumbnail to develop further.

I’m steering towards making the huge tree part of the temple itself and making the tree a gaurdian figure in the form of a dragon. So far, number 4 is my favourite as it made the dragon tree look the most imposing.

I’d love to work on more, but I’ve run out of time.

Comments and critique are most welcome.


So I am running on incredibly short spaces of time due to end of year college submissions so I am going to upload really sketch thumbnails and hopefully I can catch up once my college year is done in a few days :slight_smile: So let me know which one looks cooler to you because I am not sure which one I am going to work on yet.

Jared O’Moore Week 2


SF world in which a gravitational-magnetic anomaly occurred. Metals in this world run away from the center of the planet, so they can fly.


Brian Lorenz Week 2
I painted my self into a corner (bottom) and redrew the image (top and middle). I did some experimenting with with clouds and fog. I think that was partially successful. Overall I am pleased with the results. I would appreciate any feedback.


The light blue on grey is hard to see. I would go with the bottom right. It has a nice rhythm to it.



Hey everyone,
Here are my Week 2 sketches :slight_smile:


Hey guys i hope you had a great week. i could only get one sketch done in painter this week. i wanted to get 5 done, i did a lot of sketches in my sketchbook but i cant show those and critique is greatly appreciated. just trying to flesh out the abandoned motel


Fernando Suarez Groen - Week 2

Thumbnail exercise for an abandoned theater setting. keeping it simple due to limited time, feedback is appreciated :slight_smile:


Hi. Here are sketches for week 2.


Thank you for the reply. I made it blue lines originally just to make abstract shapes as in the top left sketch but decided to draw all the lines in that color just for fun. Admittedly it is a bit difficult to see. I also chose the bottom right to work on for my final piece but I think I’m also going to work on the top left and the one below as well as the one directly above bottom right on the side.


Here Is my week 2 sketch and late submission because my computer just died and I don’t know whats going on.


Karlen/ Tam/ week 2

I got impatient with the thumbnails after I decided going with 3.
It’s the path that connects the heavens to earth. You can see the gate in the background.
This place is based on my story about a Rabbit that is sent to earth complete a quest. Tiger is her companion


Brianna Houser Week 2 Thumbnail HW:

Here are my week two thumbnails! I’m not very confident when it comes to making environments as they don’t come naturally to me, but it’s been fun to see what I can do while trying to design this place for my comic! I’m surprisingly proud of how these came out but I can’t decide on which to finalize. Any suggestions for which I should go with or even any ideas on what I should add, take away, or define better for the final piece would be greatly appreciated! Thank you~


Alejandra Santamaría, week 2.

Ahhh, I love environment art but I suck at doing thumbnails, its so har for me first find the composition and view I like and then doing something logical with lightning ;_; Well, here’s the “result”. I know I’m doing something bad cause I’ve been all week trying to do good thumbnails but I haven’t achieve nothing (?). Haha, btw, I love so much of the work here! You people are so inspiring! I’ll try to become better doing environments to reach the level lots of people have here <3!


Here are my submissions for week 2! I really feel like this course has already helped me immensely, I’ve always been trash at drawing environments but I actually like what I’ve come up with!!

-Chris Corleto


Late as I expected with a busy work week so I spent last night and today trying to “sketch” and (personally) this is definitely not my best sketch work. I did try the 3D base to paint on top of and it definitely felt better because I’m definitely not very good at handling perspective like I used to when I was more focused on my artwork. I did throw a 3D landscape that I hand-formed in 3DS for one of them (and to me seemed to be the most pleasing so I think I may build on that one and try to expand. Sadly, as these were slightly rushed I know I’m missing a LOT of elements that I was studying and I’m hoping this coming week will lend me some more time to go in and build the props into the scene like I’m picturing them in my head.

This is Kapila Hazelett, Week 2

P.S. I’m actually finding it difficult to sketch lately and I’m not sure what it is I’m doing wrong but everything seems to be lacking form. After thinking about it (and adding this edit) I think I wouldn’t have given up so easily on these were I able to better block out the scenes. Could definitely use some feedback and tips from the pros in here :slight_smile: