Week 2: WIP/Homework Submissions


Greg Bugtong, Week 2 addition (1 of 2)

Greg Bugtong, Week 2 addition (2 of 2)


Thank you so much! I’ll refine both 5 and 6 and develop one of them into my final image.


Hi everyone!
well… uff I like the last result because in the number one I really don´t know what I will do but… in the last I have an idea what History I can show.!


Hey guys,
So these were my top 5 favorites, and I ended up going with number 5. I’m still not very good at perspective so some part are off in that aspect, and I did add a few basic tones just so that its a little easier to read. But for my idea, I wanted something that was very dramatic yet somewhat serene, so I tried to combine dramatic shapes with stable one. If any of you guys have any advice, I would love to hear it.


Hello again! This is my finished thumbnails for week 2. My idea is “a budgie discovering hidden culture in the forest”. "Still looking for feedback. Thank you guys!

Christina Bai, Week 2



Justin McConnell Week 2

I decided to go with this view out a large window onto my urban locale. I’ve got a lot of thought towards what Blade Runner, Gotham City, Dark City kind of vibe with the early 20th century deco, blending into modernist look. Bleak, 1984-esque.


David Vicich Week2

Just like everyone else I am working on the continuation of the last weeks assignment.

What i tried to do this week was explore the composition from different angles to find the most engaging view. Each time I did so i would lose some detail and or I wouldnt have enough.

A few things I did add to this week was a complete map of the temple along with pillar locations and entrances /exits.

#1 is one of my origionals along with #2. I reworked #2 a bit to add a little more tension and give me more freedom to add details. The origional had it so far away you really would have been able to see the temple for all its worth.

I really like number 6 as it was the last one i was working on. I think it has alot of good potential .

my second favorite is number 3 as it has a good balance between fore , mid, and background.

#4 got some extra lovin only cause it was one of those see what I could do if i sunk some extra time into it. The ground elements turned out decent but the temple lacked the solidity the other compositions were showing.

Aside from that the I look forward to any critiques…


super je, sviđa mi se upotreba grida
those are great, I like the rule of thirds presented
2, 5, 7 and 8 :slight_smile:


Anirban Sen Week-2

thumbnail compositions

feedback and critiques are welcome…


Ilya Kriel, week 2 (This was the hardest part for me so far.)


Jennifer Heseltine Week Two

So composition was really hard and after redoing a heap of these thumbnails I decided on my final piece. I have changed the designs a bit to be more cohesive. I have just started working with grey scale.



nice sketches. I enjoy #5 the most, the surroundings give your building nice contrast. Also I would encourage you to try different perspectives. In all your thumbnails you have almost the same view, only rotated left or right or near to far distance. Look at @David Harrington he’s creating bunch of different views and angles.


Sounds interesting. What color scheme are you thinking of ?


Thank you for the input. :slight_smile: I decided to sketch out #6 and #3.


Thanks. I kinda want that perspective. Doing too low and the house is too big and you dont see it fully. Too high and it gets too small. I want to do some storytelling with the surroundings and this camera is too me the best mix. I also want to make the scene look like some person is there and discovering the building.


Lately, I’m very inspired by No Man’s Sky color pallets. They look sort of alienish but are still pleasing and not too outlandish, so I was thinking of this uncommon colors, like pushing the trees almost to red and the ocean to green for a complementary scheme.



nice work. Great idea to showcase even the map of the temple, it gives a better understanding of what you are trying to show.

I like #1, #4 and #6.
#1 really showaces the temple in all its glory and size, which isn’t portrayed as clearly in the other 2.
#4 has a nice flow but, which gives your piece steady and calm look. On the other hand the temple is bit squandered by the size of the mountains.
#6 has a a nice story to it and the angle is also interesting.


Hmm I’ve only seen couple minutes of gameplay but that sounds interesting. Can’t wait to see how you incorporate it into your image. :slight_smile:



very cool thumbnails. I really like the dynamism of your images. I think #6 is very intesting, especially the way the small birdie is oversized by the big one. Also #7 has a mysterious look to it.


Rachel Finley, week 2
Just found where the week 2 video was today so I’m playing catch up.
I tried to get as much variety out of my sketches as I could. Composition is one of my week points and doing these gave me major anxiety, but I did my best

I’m currently undecided on which one to go with. I think 2, 3, 5, and 7 are my favorites because they show both of the living levels (ground and upper trees).