Week 2: WIP/Homework Submissions


I think the top left is my favorite. :slight_smile: It’s very powerful.
Second to that I agree with the bottom left. The middle left one feels very unbalanced to me and the one directly to the right of that feels kind of uninteresting.
If you choose the bottom left I might suggest widening the frame a bit more for a more panoramic view. If you did that you could also repeat more of the tower elements.


thanks Jaxilon yea I just used the one flat brush on all these, actually its probably my fav brush I use most of the time… I try to keep it simple 3-4 values ill have a different layer for fore/middle/bacground then lock the layers so i can put shadows where needed …I.try to have big confident strokes for the rocks/temples etc and more flowing sketchy strokes for the ground… had a look at your thumbs great stuff you have a lot of variety which i like… I think if you kept your values to just 3 -4 or so it would read really well… keep up the great work and keep pushing your boundaries


Does anyone know, is it going to be posted Week 2 feedback video? For those/us who couldn’t wake up at 4AM:)


They did a recap of week 1 which was view-able under lecture 1 so I’m guessing they’ll do the same for week 2!




Thanks for the feedback! So what I did for No6 was that I created a basic grid plane (with reference to my desired camera angle) and started drawing out basic shapes for all elements in the painting on top of that plane. For example, for the tree, I made a basic block-in of a cylinder in the right perspective (3 point) on top of the grid plane. On this, I started adding my details and the required twists and contours.

There’s a little imagination involved along with a clear knowledge of perspective in this, so practice drawing simple shapes from this angle. You’ll soon get the hang of it. Hope this helps :smile:


Hello! Here’s my images. Learning so much and enjoying myself!


Thanks for the comment. Will Look at Shinto markers and tree to see if it is something I will incorporate in my work.


Hi Falyne,

Thanks for the feedback ! Actualy I was going for the top left at first. But since I’m quite busy at work right now don’t know if I will have enough time to tackle a bottom-up viewpoint… So I went for a more classical shot. And I think I will totaly follow you’re advice by widening the frame !


Week 2 submission – going for a highlight of the Baltic Sea Anomaly. The bottom sketch looks most likely for a followup to me.

Thanks for offering this course, David. It’s a good challenge.

Here’s a pic of the anomaly…


Thank you for your feedback. I’ll most likely attempt #1 & 6

This next week is the challenging week for me. Getting out of line work and into forms. :slight_smile:


Hey, I’m a bit late with this, trying to catch up! In this assignment I changed a bit my thinking, I’ll be doing a garden like structure, but in the center of it its placed the door to hell… mainly inspired by Rodin.
Here are the sketches I developed. Cheers guys!

Sorry for the poor presentation, been trying to avoid my screen these days.


Hey guys! Late submission due to having a bit of a sicky-icky week. I’ve attached my thumbs and final render with rough lineart and tonal/glow stuff. C&C definitely welcome!


Week 2 - Van Eliot Santos

Hi everyone! I wasn’t feeling very well during the past few days. I hope a late submission would be fine.

For week 2, I happen to have just made a few adjustments to my week 1 piece, plus a few other camera angle explorations.


Vojin Djordjevic Week 2
a little late and its WIP…i’m gonna try finish it this week


Carlos Morales / Week 2 Assignment
Here are the initial sketches and the more detailed piece still a WIP trying to learn painter in the process. Using the initial architecture elements from week 1 but striped down.




So I redid the thumbnail with which I was planning to go forward after I saw the QA session and I noticed in my work some of the things that other students got as a critique. This time I went for a more dramatic shot (I placed the vanishing pints closer) because I think it goes better with the mood I’m trying to convey in my environment.

Even though it is already in greyscale and I followed a perspective grid as accurate as I could, it is nowhere near finished, I have all the cool aztec inspired designs I want to put on those structures, plus I’m still trying to figure out the exact shape of the bridge structure. and of the gate in the background (this will be one of the focal points).

I’m posting it here then I’ll take to an extra finished greyscale in the next assignment. Hopefully, I won’t be so late again…

Gabriela Bacila - Week 2 (the second part of the assignment, thumbnails posted somewhere way above)


Daniel R - Week 2 Homework.

Sorry for my english, using google translate.

hello, here’s my job, I’m late in a week, I ended up getting involved in the first one, sorry!

I’m developing a cyberpunk scenario, a city view with buildings.

I started this step in using gouache, because I was in a place without a computer, then I followed the instructor’s logic, but I had a hard time getting good results. I’m very limited in creation, I think my theme has been complex. But I did not give up, I sought additional information in the course of the FZDschool. Design Cinema - EP 78 - Environmental Thumbnails. A blending step is done randomly, looking for chaos. To draw as inspiration lines, colors and shape. To create ideas and refine them.

Link of the video:


Follow my steps:

1 - Traditional in gouache

2 - Digital looking to add the elements created the previous week.

3 - Using the technique seen in the FzdSchool video trying to get the forms created the previous week.

The generated images:

and the work done:

Thank you! I’ll try to finish week 3 on time. The content is wonderful, both in the course and in the work of classmates


Sand McUnicorn
Week 2
Thumbnail Compositions

Posting here, but will also do so in Week 3 to help try catching up.

Totally forgot about Thanksgiving, and unfortunately reaching the end of my animation contract so the crunch time was real.

Just a refresher, my feel was for something HP Lovecraftian, underwater, abandoned Asylum/hospital esque, and cavernous spooky.

I was able to punched out 5, although I’m not strong in terms of composition, I am leaning towards 3 for the bizarre animal like headstone and characteristics.

I2,3, and 5 has some wall textures I would really like to incorporate or work out, essentially I’m looking into giving the cavern walls a “padded room” feel with some hard rock texturing.

Pardon my draftsmenship please, I am looking forward to hearing what your thoughts are and to flesh these guys out!

thumbnailling.rif (2.7 MB)