Week 2: RebusFarm Homework Submissions


Here’s where you’ll be posting your “Week 2” WIP assignments!

Be sure to take a look around at others’ works and offer helpful feedback if you can.

Please include: First Name/ Last Name/ Week

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Hi everyone,

Here is the new homework assignment from Lecture 2:

Keep up the excellent work!


Having more fun with coloring my character. Can’t wait to mess around in substance.

Finally got the textures right, but the cloth look isn’t there yet.


textures WIP


Okay, so blocked in the materials in Substance Painter (no skin right now)

I am new to this software, so please help me with these problems-

  1. Some materials are glossier than desired (see neckpiece and gloves)
  2. There is a major texture problem (lower torso piece, just above the belt), don’t know why. Texels and normals were fine in ZBrush and Maya.
  3. Is it necessary to paint the skin in Mari? It is running into installation problems in my system.
  4. If I paint materials to the uv shells, it often leaks to the other areas in a randomized manner. Any way to fix this?

Again, I’m a bit new to this so feel free to add any critique. Will detail later.


As far as I know.

  1. You’ve to make sure that you’re working with PBR not Specular and glossy

    and also check the resolution of your document (in the viewport)

try to adjust the roughness and metallic slider. **** Be careful on the metallic things ******

  1. Maybe your document resolution is too low or you’re baking form “512” resolution

    try to upsize it.

  2. I’m still confused too maybe someone could help (us). lol

  3. In the paint tool, you’ve to make some changes in the properties tab.

    make it alignment to UV when painted in the UV shell this’ll help you a lot!
    but It’s not 100% no leaks areas or messing with your making.
    maybe It’s more 90% cleaner when you’ve to paint in the UV shell.

I think this might help you a bit. I’m newbie too and still texturing my work LOL.

Cheers !!!


Thanks for the reply, and nice tips!

As for the texture size, it is 2048. The problem might be because of my Intel HD Graphics (I could barely run Painter for 20 minutes at a stretch).

And for the above render, I hand painted the materials onto the mesh, and it was very tedious.

By leaking, I meant this :-

I just painted the main face uv, but it leaked to other islands. This happens even in UV islands of separate meshes, if I put them in the same UDIM.

(here, I just painted the top two islands, and each pair is of a different mesh)

It is easier just to paint the UV islands than to spend the whole day moving the camera around to paint that one little spot.

Thanks again, and good luck!


You can try the polygon fill tool instead of the paint brush to flood meshes with paint. Also check if there is any overlapping UVs in any of your UDIMs

Also for those wondering earlier, you dont need to use Mari for skin. I just used it to show what the workflow is. Mari is especially important for painting across UDIMs that are on the same surface. Like the body mesh in my character. Only Mari can paint across UDIM seams. I didn’t do much of that though since I was just using Mari to paint the 1001 tile only. Just to show the workflow.

I ended up exporting from Mari and finishing the skin texture in Substance Painter and filling the body skin texture with tiling procedural layers.

You can do all of it in Substance Painter as long as you dont have to paint across UDIM seams. It should be fine.


Hello I don’t understand how can I make the character it is so difficult for my, I´m still making the high


Hey! Again, great work everyone!

I had some issues with exporting the normal maps but here is a first pass of textures in Substance Painter.


here is my current WIP. Next up I will work on the skin. All done in Painter so far.

I worked on the skin. I think it looks okay


Hey everyone! Here is my WIP so far. Got all the materials all set up so just details to go, as well as the feathers. Anyway, do tell me how i can improve my project and looking forward to see all your finished projects!

(her waist is way too tiny, going to fix that!)


Hi guys,

i am starting to work on the steel of the armour, still a lot of work to do. I am planning on adding some red painting like in the concept. The pose has been a real challenge, I haven’t finished it yet…


Hi everyone! I haven’t got much time this week to work in my project, but finally I’m texturing! Still a lot of work to do!



Hey everyone here’s my WEEK2.
Almost done texturing in Substance Painter.
I’ve changed her face,body a bit and compact my UVs ( by overlapping shell ) due to a very heavy lagging in substance painter.


Testing Albedo pass for skin.

Skin Shader

Testing the shaders; rendered with marmoset toolbag
Still need more details on clothes


So, I detailed some of the stuff, finished the skin ( just the eyes are left), and converted all maps from 1k to 4k. The materials look brilliant, but my computer has died. Undoing is now an agony, and I can’t apply grunge maps because the (laptop) gpu could not handle the stress, even in viewport and when I just show a single component. So, that’s about the most I could do in my system.


hello everyone,
my name is Duarte Perdigão, and here is my week2 WIP assignment.


Daryna Soloviova Week 2.


Hi, here is my week 2 homework submission, hope you like.
still some alteration will follow ( dirt and war paint )

good luck to all and thank you for this contest.


Tamar Mebonia / Week 2

Mzeqala stage 2. Just wanted to note that I no longer can complete it in Maya and had to migrate it all to Blender. It probably will be Blender and Cycles from now on. I’ve also added parts I had removed from the initial design fearing I couldn’t make it in time.

P.S. A few words about the theme for the curious. The design is a mix of Khevsurian (from Khevsureti - a North-East region in Georgia :georgia:) traditional costume and general steam-punk style.