Week 1: WIP/Homework Submissions


My name is Yvette Hernandez, and this is my week 1 assignment.

I have a story in mind of a city of corrupted rich corporations that don’t care about the world, so they heavily pollute it to the state it is in now. So normal people live in the wastelands and take shelter in rubble (like the makeshift house out of a broken piece of high way. I also had this idea to make them work with other corrupted people like cartels so they would be driving flying vehicles. I did rough thumbnails of what I was going for. The green river is supposed to be where they dump their chemicals and stuff and ensures no one from the outside can get in. Feedback is much appreciated! :smile:

I will say I’m new to painter and it was hard for me to find the right brush to shade with. But that glow tool is the best!


@Mariv Your sketches are really nice! I love the details and the lights you put in! Is there a boat under the house? it is kind of hard to tell. But other than that everything looks great! :smiley:


@MCallahan I’m really digging that tree temple concept. I can imagine that if you decide to put it in a desert the people use it as a sacred place as there’s not a lot of big trees in the desert :slight_smile:


@Dvici Hello! I really like where you are going with your environment :slight_smile: I think its pretty solid. Although I think you can play around with the designs of the cat bats (? I’m not sure what they are: sweat_smile:) more. They look a little too similar to the reference. But overall I think it still looks fantastic! Can’t wait to see the progression!


Great entries everyone! Cool ideas!
Since my portfolio is mostly realistic stuff, I decided to go in a direction I’m not comfortable with. Something more whimsical. I’m looking to do some kind of wizards house in the magical forest. Merging animal shapes and themes with the cottage. Dont exactly know what direction this is going in, but I have a few ideas that I would like to try out.


I really like that red blue stone…are you going for the sifi?


Hello guys here is my photo reference and sketches for week-1 research & study.
I am doing a piece from my personal projects.
I have explored many designs, because I really wanted it to look very authentic and still have this Indian/Asian feel, as the warrior in the story is related with that time and place.

There is a small brief for my concept.
It is Interior environment
An Introduction shot of the character, who is a warrior.
Very ancient Architecture, made of woods, rocks or both.
Looks of the architecture, props, cloths should be grounded towards an ancient Indian/Asian look.
Simple and Epic .

Critics and feedback are welcome. love to here from you guys .


Some WIP Pics that I did to figure out the environment props. I was considering a fountain that the wounded warriors and monks would sit around to take in the whole atmosphere and feel of the place. Also figuring out the tree-object interaction in the environment as that is sort of thing that is interesting me at the moment. Corel Painter is also quite new to me, so need to explore the tools and workflow further. Suggestions and critique are welcome!


Loved it! The perspective is cool, and the result of the references ideas is awesome. I think you just need more intensity in lights, maybe a bit more contrast, but the rest… oh gosh, hope to design so good one day xD


Vesse Veering | week 1


My idea was to create a culture borrowing from egyptian and budhist cultures. Monolithic structures with some oriental embelishments.

Here are my reference and sketches and some more detailed versions.

Any feedback is appreciated.


Hi there SandraD.

I know how you feel, I just started working in the industry and I am the slowest artist in the department.
It is really frustrating sometimes but I try to keep in mind that the guys working with me have many years of experience and they are fast not because they draw fast, but because in each stroke they put all the knowledge they’ve acquired in those years, so the best thing to do is just to take your time and focus in what you’re learning and not in how much time you’re taking.
Sometimes I also fall into the trap of researching too much and drawing too little. It’s cool to have a really cohesive idea but don’t forget to put a lot of time into the actual drawing. :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,

here’s my version of homework. My idea was to create culture living in trees which are surrounded by water. I took inspiration from sequioa trees and from different tree houses I found on the internet. Also I found couple amazing nature photographs and took inspiration from them as well (here’s the link: Photos if anyone wants to take a look)

I’m also trying out Corel for the first time so bear with the sketch :smiley:

Anyway I will appreciate any feedback.


Really cool idea :slight_smile:

A blocky mineral that is very unique and I don’t see many art related to it (which is a shame), is bismuth.
Also, don’t know if it’s your intention, but it would be cool to see a crystal monster, like a guardian or something like that.



really nice idea and the art is great. To me the top right fountain gives the most sense of serenity and quietness. Although I’m not sure if that is what you are going for. And also really nice work with the shadows in the bottom right sketch. The sketch on the left seems bit flat compared to the other two.
Btw what kind of brush are you using ? I’m new to Corel as well.


Hi there Juan.

I believe in this first phase you should think more about the concept and exploration, let the perspective more to the final piece, and if you have difficulties with it is always good to put down some guidelines :slight_smile:



very nice work. I agree with greyrgoose about the contast on the top dragon head. What is your idea, behind this environment ?


Cool idea, it reminded me of Bloodborne’s Lecture Building, maybe you can use as a reference.



nice idea, combining two belief systems into one. Celtics have very specific symbolism so it would be great to have it engraved on the horse or victory arc, that you have sketched.


You mean the art ? It looks fantastic. Very clear and cool concept. Have you thought about hanging something directly onto the cliff as well ?


Hi there Alex.
I picked Industrial Revolution as a theme, so I’m having similar problems hehehe
The way I see, you could do it in several ways:
-Photobashing: just look for a good image and try to fit it in the drawing
-Shadow: put your areas of high level of detail in the shadow, so you can make simples shapes to imply the details.
-High contrast and distance: you can imply details by making a really cool silhouette against the light (like when you look at a cathedral with the sun behind it, for instance).

Hope it helps.