Week 1: WIP/Homework Submissions


First off I don’t think your English is bad at all, so never apologize for it :slight_smile: I myself speak multiple languages and its difficult to learn a new language I think you doing it well :smiley:

Second im a student and I am still learning so I have limited feedback to give but, I feel like your linework and detail in the simple sketches you have drawn are so awesome :slight_smile: you highlight so much in your work thanks for sharing :slight_smile: lots of information. lighting is clear, the shapes highlight, your idea there, is a flow to your story.

I personally cannot wait to see more :smiley:


Thanks :grinning:


still working on things more, this is my wip right now.

this now includes the concept art I used with it, as you can see used more imagination with this one then others below, hoping to add more creativity and coherence soon.

Update: have added some more pieces. sorry i feel i am moving so slowly.

these are as can be seen from the concepts very similar to the concepts. Unlike the original building which i used a lot more imagination to build. i have been reading up on ancient civilization and been trying to get to a place where I feel I can understand them and how they formed and worked…
I am thinking of making a city. I think one that is split between the peasants and the palace and I feel I want magick and god to be a huge aspect of it. But still figuring it out… ohh soo slowly… But been working at it. Not giving up yet.

i will love any feedback, will try to leave feedback for others as well. Thank you.


I can definatly feel where you are taking this piece…

Are you thinking of making it something inside a city , out in the countryside, or on the shore line ?

I am just curious as looking at your references make me want to see the ocean in or referenced in it :).

Just an opinion though i cant wait to see where you take this.


I think its going to be good . You seem to have a clean idea in which to follow through to fruition.

What kind of camera angle were you thinking about using ? Worm eye , eagle eye, straight on ?

How much of the angled rock do you plan on incorporating into the image?

I am just curious :)…

Thank you for sharing!


Cant wait to see your reference pieces :slight_smile:


@carlosmorales not sure which one you’re referring to, but the top is a mask, bottom left a sculpture carved out of bamboo, and the bottom right is like a hammock :slight_smile:

@DavidHarrington Yay!! Thank you!


@Dvici. I am asking miself the same

I’m not sure yet :roll_eyes: I’m thinking in a straight on, with a settlement at first plane and the base of the rock, and put another, further away in mid plane, that let me show the rock scale. Perhaps a couple more in the background :grin:. But I’m not sure to be able to handle the perspective. :thinking:


Luke Fornari - Week 1

These sketches emulate the kind of subject matter I want to have in my final environment, of which the shape and form of squares and cubes is ever prevalent.

For context, this environment will be a small part of the overall world I’m building for a university project, one where fantasy meets science fiction, where a vast, ominous, glorious Cube fell from the stars, bringing with it otherworldly powers, and arose a sinister, devout Cult that follow and spread The Cube’s dark agenda.

This is also the first time I’ve used Corel Painter, a little daunting at first and almost made me want to quit and go back to Photoshop! but I persevered and learned the basics well enough to produce the first task, and had a blast experimenting with features that weren’t on Photoshop.

Feedback and suggestions are very much appreciated!


Looks great! One rock formation this reminded me of is the Wave Rock in Australia, may give you more inspiration.


This idea reminded of something that may be of interest to you, it could be worthwhile (if you haven’t done so already), research the Roman Empire’s history and influence in the UK, particularly Scotland where it’s said is the origin of the Celts. Back in the days of the Roman Empire, Scotland was known as Caledonia, and I’m sure the Romans would have had some influence on Celtic art and design. Could give you a real world example of your idea and how you can evolve it from there.

Hope this helps, and looking forward to seeing more of your work!


All plausable ideas … i guess what is the most important thing you want to display? The tilted rock or the settlement?

I think that will truly shape your desired outcome.


I really like seeing you work through this idea.

The characters you place in it really help give it scale . I am really loving the tree out of all of it so far with the sculptured rocks or crystals in the back ground.

Your steps remind me of the bahamut trial in ff14.

Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:


Awesome find!!!


(I will just update my original post so I won’t lost the progress)

Hi, this is my first time doing environment, what I can say is, it sure twisting my brain to come up with good idea especially the resource is very limit. here I try to explore my culture before year 1511 an not much that I can find but I try to start from small.

Update:This is my second part, this is the main gate that welcoming everybody to the city

Update: Here is the third part from here I explore how the local market looks like back then

Update: Here is the Fourth part, this time I try to explre the well part. not much that I can come up with.


Juan Aguilar - Week 1
Here is my 1st progress of the week, Just some basic line art. Still struggling with perspective though

EDIT: Got some time to look fro more references and add to my first sketches, my idea is starting to take form with the church-


Jennifer Heseltine Week 1

I was inspired by the rocks in the top waterfall image and thought it would be cool if they were faces. I thought if they looked like they were drowning or gasping for breath that would interesting. Then I started imaging an ancient civilisation living beneath the waterfall. A culture that either worships or shapeshifts into the panther. I like the idea of big sculpted cats sitting beneath the falls and a hidden doorway. I would like to focus on lighting and composition and I want to use low light which is why I decided to create a fire pit. I want to use lighting to highlight areas of interest and lead the eye. Ideally my faces will look more rocklike and textured. I will need to watch a lot of tutorials this weekend on how the use the different tools in Corel to get better texture. Also I would like to put a panther somewhere in the image, perhaps about to enter under the falls.


I think it’s a great idea. It’ll start looking more fantastic when you add the props, the fabric or lanterns or whatever storytelling elements you add to the ropes and around the tents.


Week 1 - Scholar Temple

Tried making a temple for scholars with some minor lore as well.


That’s a nice start, @aquaarmor! I particularly like the celenite tree.
Maybe you could start exploring some other mineral / crystal shapes as well, to steer away a bit from the “typical” fantasy-crystal shape we see in every videogame?