Week 1: WIP/Homework Submissions


Jonathan Munro, Week 1

I don’t ever do environments so just doing a pretty basic idea here. Going for a secluded cottage with a dragon theme. Thinking it’s an ex dragon rider that’s enjoying his retirement.

I tried to get a few interesting references and did a few sketches. The house seems stiff and I still want to explore shape design a bit more.


Cheers! I’ll definitely keep that mind moving forward, I did fall prey to the typical crystal structure and shape we see so often, guess that why it’s so common cause it’s aesthetically pleasing and easily recognizable.


Karol Grzelak / Week 1

Hello, this is first try of fantasy medival castle. I like to castle on top of mountains trying to make monumental feeling. I will try to make some contrast structure betwen abstract form of castle and enviroments. Mostly focusing on architecture, im lookig for some details in future. Looking for advices and feedback.


Cheers! Ah yes I’ve just recently came across the Bismuth crystal and really love it’s square structure, may very well start incorporating this subject matter in the future tasks.

For my university project (which I’m gonna have the environment made in this challenge be a part of it), I’ve indeed made concept art for the Cultists that worship The Cube, and they do have features you’ve brought up, and appear like monstrous, inhuman, metal crystal beings. I’ll most likely post them in the future on my CGSociety Portfolio.


Looking forward to that :slight_smile:


I had thought about a pod idea but never fully went down explored down it. I had not thought of LotR approach, this is a great idea that i will look into thank you XD


Yeah I was thinking of doing the inside later on when I have picked a final design.

I would just like to say I love your building designs, reminds me of Howl’s moving castle, are you planning on doing an inside sketch for your final design ?


Brandon Schapekahm / Week 1

It has been a long time since I drew on a tablet, and even longer since I’ve used Painter, but it started coming back and Painter has some cool stuff in it. I look forward to exploring it a bit more in the coming weeks with everyone.

I’m trying some sci-fi stuff which I also have never done, so this will be exciting for me. The idea is to mix existing/near future space craft design with new environments that we may inhabit at some point. I really like the design you see in some of the SpaceX stuff, and I also like the almost submarine like construction of past space vessels.

I have always loved the mechanical landscape designs seen in the game Destiny, and when someone mentioned bismuth above, I must assume that’s where the inspiration came from. Thank you for that! I tried to incorporate that into some kind of elevated metropolis column.


Those power lines really say a lot about the state of civilization to me before it all crumbled. Very cool concept.

Thank you for posting that mineral. It was a real inspiration for me.


Edwin Toi - Week 1

Hi Everyone,

I feel like I gathered too much reference, my mind wanted to go in a lot of different directions. I kept things really loose as I wanted to focus on the bigger shapes. Being mostly Chinese, I wanted to capture some of what I felt as a young child watching lion dances - they really freaked me out and seemed otherworldly.

I had a lot of ideas, none of which are set in stone. Basically, I wanted to portray an ancient temple taken over by nature. I also had an idea to make the trees take on the form of a Chinese dragon, but not make it super obvious - it still needs a lot of work, but I took some inspiration from the How to Train your Dragon where they made Berk Island look like the craggy rocks were dragons.

There’s so many great concepts coming from everybody. Any critique or comments are welcome :slight_smile:


Theodor Günther | Week 1

Hi everyone,

I’m planning / trying to do something with a dark, gloomy atmosphere.
I think that it could be difficult to get the right lightning for a beginner like me, but I’ll give my best =)
The reference pictures are not really dark and gloomy, but I thought as inspiration for the different objects it’s maybe better to see more details.

My idea was an old, rotten tree house which is home of a knight who comes home to die after he was wounded in war.

Any hints or critique are welcome =)


Hi everyone,

I posted last sunday my researches but I can’t find it now,. I post it again, I hope it won’t be twice !
I started to work on an hanging village in the trees and need to add some details, some lights for a stranger mood.


Hi peeps, this is my reference sheet. I didn’t had much time to explore. but I wanted to understand a little bit about the textures and structures. I want to do a hiden garden! Cheers!


Got it, sorry about that, Sand! :slight_smile:


Hello all! sorry this is so late and still not as far as i’d like. i want to try and keep up with the class so i will post this for now and put in some extra work this week. I’m going for a study area of an old (possibly haunted?) mansion.


Thank you :grinning:


Wow…that’s a great research you have there…really dig deep into the patterns and all the details.


Hello Aril Mendez Here. The idea came about where two unlikely cultures collide and a matriarchy erupts. Egypt is suddenly taken down by the powerful empire that is china that is run by the empress and all her female warriors. The empress falls in love with the Pharaoh of the land and in her image her culture is added to all Egyptian architecture and women were deemed valued and the Chinese zodiacs were displayed as their new guardians.


When will there be a replay of the webinar? It was at 4am in Europe and I couldnt make it.


I’m a bit late, but here’s my week 1 assignment. I decided to continue working on one of my personal projects, this time developing another section of the story. On this one, the main characters, both Norse children, after wandering the huge forest near their village, reach a clearing, and find out that in this place rests some ruins of an ancient village. In the upper part of the clearing, there’s a huge tree, guardian of Gungnir, Odin’s spear!