Week 1: WIP/Homework Submissions


I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with this. Such a fun idea!


@GingerOpal, Very cool! Your horse is so well done, looking forward to seeing more!


Liz Hill, Week 1 Assignment.

Going for a forest-based city/society.


Brianna Houser - Week 1 Assignment:

Hiya, for this I am very interested in an environment that combines the architecture of Japan and Rome/Greece, I’m not very good with environmental stuff although I really want to be. Hence why I’m here. Wanted to make more but was too busy and corel kept crashing on me…

However, I want to use this course to help me flush out the world for my comic.


Thanks! Actually I’m nervous, never done this before. I’ll try :joy:


I had to go 2 pages… because of the amount of mash up things I want to do haha…

Aiming to do a bit of a HP Lovecraft vibe, yet, its’ essentially mariana trench + abandoned asylum, with characteristics of ocean animals.

Sand McUnicorn Week 1 References.

Unfortunately… I have yet to learn corel so I’m having some… learning curves with it. Will get better second round!


I was sick to get anything uploaded earlier. gah winter.



for this first week I wanted to make some sketches based on references of oriental culture. the idea is to be able to generate “new” pieces based on the images but I would like to try a combination of cultures, or periods of time

comments are welcome, and apologize my english

David Ibáñez - Week 1


Yen! I’m a big fan of the 2nd top left sketch. Those details look great. Can’t wait to see more!


Nice line work!! These guys look great, and I’m looking forward to seeing you flesh them out more!


Thank you Sandy! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Sand is my actual name, please and thank you :slight_smile: (it’s just weird when i see sandy)


Hi, im a bit lately but im here, theres my sketchs and my references, i want to do something like sn entrance of a castle in a volcano planet with 2 kinda type of statues, the first’s a pair of dragons in the first view, and behind a space templar, both are warding the door for the entrance to a castle



Yeah… I already have a basic background for the place… and I am really excited to be doing it :smiley: I’m trying to decide if I have to do the village where some of my characters are from or if I want to do it at the border where the bigger cities start to begin (they’re more of like a normal stone houses… It’ll be small underdeveloped villages meet
huge medieval village… It’s hard… I keep going back and forth…


So, hi! I’ve spent awhile researching references and history and thinking about on what kind of world I’d like to share with you all.

The Brazilian indigenous culture isn’t very well known around the world, there are many brazilian tribes that still exist and try to preserve their culture. Taking inspiration on their ocas, works with wood and clay pottery, their way of living and musical, folklore, patterns, I came up with some ideas and sketches.

They might not have great architectural feats like the mayans, but they are rich in music, painting and pottery traditions nad I was thinking on how I could bring this power into enviroment design, so I sketched some musical instruments.

The blue color would represent the power of Tupã, the guarani God of lightning. The urns are based on Marajoara sculpture.

My main idea behind this was in a future where their culture came together in a place without the interference of the conquerors that arrived in their land back in 1500, in a fantasy setting, a big tree near a waterfall, the houses on the tree bark, down to the tree’s roots a port for fishing and trading, with a floating market.
A pacifist, self sustainable society that lives with music and respects the environment.

All C&C are welcome.

Week 2: WIP/Homework Submissions

Kalie Lyle, week 1


James O’Shea - Week 1

Here’s some sketches inspired from lava, coral reefs as well as the Ubud Monkey Forest in Bali(Indonesia). Playing around with form and designs incorporating the Ankylosaurus dinosaur as an ancient god the ancient people worshiped… We’ll see how it goes this week! C+C welcome. Thanks in advance


José Mauro Pinto | Week 1

Hope i’m still on time (rough week with both kids sick and feverish…).
I’m thinking of a scenery of a medieval castle with a kind of mystic background forest. Didn’t quite figure it out yet, but my image is a gathering of pictures i like and think they can relate to. I’ll try to add some more sketches as these one’s are way too few.

Thank you!


Cheers! Those are some interesting ideas I shall keep in mind.


Cheers for the comments! I do love the look of those steps from FF14.