Week 1: WIP/Homework Submissions


Hello everyone, I’m not so good at drawing or doing things digitally. This is my first time trying to use Corel Paint. For my environment I was thinking of something kind of along the lines of an apocalyptic scene or survival scene. I’m hope to refine it and make it better as the weeks go on and to get a better with using this software. Its great seeing all that everyone has posted already. Look forward to seeing more and everyones final piece.


Something about an alien tomb :confused:


The original idea was to create a cloud temple or temple in high mountain. I like Romanesque architecture or early Gothic. But thinking about the temple on the rocks, I remembered Georgian architecture and decided to study it in more detail. It is gorgeous! I wanted to depict a temple that once belonged to the forces of light, but left for unclear reasons. Was it overwhelmed by the forces of evil, or is there a powerful artifact sealed waiting for his hero? I wonder!!


Some really cool homework submissions so far!

@ElenaMontijo I really love the shapes of your designs, very interesting!

I had trouble coming up with shapes and visuals that reflect cramped, confined and gloomy spaces.
I thought about making things more narrow for cramped spaces and making the windows smaller of the housing unit to add to the gloom. Any other recommendations how I can express these ideas visually is very much appreciated!


Hello everyone! This is my submission for the first week, I was inspired by Egyptian architecture. I accept criticisms and suggestions. :slight_smile:



David Fernandez, Week 1

I wanted to make a post apocalyptic world, so far in the future that the environment looks almost alien. It called for a lot of blending of hard machine shapes and organic ones provided by nature. Im a huge fan of the shapes that fungus can take, so I decided to draw a lot of inspiration from that. Ive accumulated tons of reference photos but wouldn’t be able to fit all the images on one canvas!

I think my scene will revolve around a highly advanced machine being discovered by the inhabitants of this post apocalyptic word.


Nice ideas and concepts guys. :smiley:

This is my submission for week 01.
The concept is based on a desert culture that focus on resource gathering, machines and eletricity to survive. The idea is to use machines as scene components/props as if they were abondoned, but still work and can be dangerous.

Any feedbacks are welcome.


Davey Baker, Week 1


Ginger Opal, Week 1

This is for my fantasy genre IP. I’m pretty comfortable drawing organic scenes and ruins, so I’m going to use this class to push myself to paint a pristine city. I’m working on the capital of a ridiculously wealthy country, which is in its baroque-ish era. I’ll focus on the palace and official buildings.

I think I got carried away with building references, but they were all so pretty and I need all the help I can get designing buildings.


I do admit having trouble from transitioning observation painting to creating props by using mix of references. I felt like my initial intention was a bit overambitious and need to lower the scale level. I wanted to do a cathedral, but I struggled on classical/extreme realism while mixing different references together.

I was leaning more towards a tone of: fear/judgement/exiled/unwelcomed/being watched/it’s like being a prey to before being attacked by the predator.


Felipe Paz week 1

i use references of Chinese culture, and i try to do an altar where the ancestors are honored, and the drake are the guardian


Hi all, here is my week 1 homework, I drew this with a mouse so its a little rough, but I hope to refine it as we go!


For my environment I chose to create a sunken city re-emerged after ocean’s dried up and nature starts to take over, giving life to the dead city again. Partly inspired by Port Royal in Jamaica, I’m not sure if I want to incorporate the pirate theme yet… still need to explore the idea further.


Thank so much Yvette! It wasn’t a boat, it was more of a general idea of how I want to be the volumes placed in a kind of valley with a creek where the villagers wont touch the ground, but wow! With your comment I’ll might add one to the mix !! :hugs:


oh ok cool! You’re welcome :)!


Hello guys
For my Homework I make something like a abandoned ritual stone, Im still try to figured how to do some works in Corel is for me the first time Im using Corel, I like it but will take time to lear how to improve my workflow…


Josh Matic. Week 1

Hi. For my environment, I’m planning to draw a rotunda with some sort of magical tree in the middle.


Aww! Thank you! Lighting, well all light in gerenal is super hard for me, but you are right! It needs more contrast :smiley: I’ll take it in considertion (BTW… your gallery is super dope!)


Christina Bai _ Week 1

Hello! I want to create something about birds, so my idea is “the discovery of a hidden budgie culture”. It is located in a mysterious magical forest, but it’s cute and colorful.


Yen Shu Liao // Week 1 - Reference and Sketch

I gathered reference first, then came up with the final idea of what to do, but I don’t know how to make it all work. Looking at the reference I have and the sketches I made, it’s impossible to tell what kind of story I’m trying to tell. I’m starting to think I have to steer away from the animal busts, as much fun as they are, or no one will recognize my brief. Or I have to change my idea.

I’m trying to depict a caravanserai as a vendor stop, not a main town, for players in a fantasy RPG.