Week 1: WIP/Homework Submissions


For my topic i chose a futuristic Viking Metropolis. In this timeline , it wasnt Columbus who brought America on the map but the Vikings who were actually there first. In this tineline, The vikings build a soceity with the natives and kept the other cultures away from them. Now it is the year 2050 where Viking influences the modern technology in Signs, Art and Lanterns( Concept art)

Nick Theunis Week 1


Hey everyone!
Here is my quick assignment. Planning on doing Asian architecture inspired piece, but in a more brutal / spiky way :slight_smile:
Getting back to Painter is fun too, it’s just adjusting to hotkeys / brushes takes some time :slight_smile:


Going for an opera house entrance.

Fernando Suarez Groen: Week 1


Aleksandra Spieczynska Week 1

I did three separate works for different places, but decided to stick to this one:

I had few other places in mind but I realized that they leave little to creativity - they are already pre-made structures/buildings that I cannot really change without affecting the lore behind them, such as rhombus-shaped city which leaves me with very weird perspective in all drawings! This place though had a lot of lore but not much about it’s design, so I figured out it’s worth a shot!

This is home of a seer/prophet/witch, and the entrance to one of the otherworlds. Hidden deep in the tropical rainforests, most of the structures are made of the magical Emberwood, including driftwood of that tree. Everything is made by hand over the years.


Sora Des Week 1.


Thank you. Yeah, Mucha is a huge emblem of this style. It cannot goes without him :smiley:

The dragonfly wings are just a test for now. My idea was different, but there are many jewels and ornaments in that style with dragonflies, that I thought it could be interesting to put them on a statue, making it well fitting the style.


Hello , I hope I’m not too late !
Good job everyone, I’ve seen some really cool concepts , it’s very inspiring to see all the works posted there !

For my concept, I had the idea of a fountain abandonned in the forest. Some sculpted trees would be around the fountain keeping an eye on it.
I thought some tree sculptures could be fountains.
I would also like to ass a pavillon

Laurine Fleurynck : week 1


Liam Thomas - week 1

A late upload but I’ve been ill the last week.
I don’t really know what to go for, but I know that city drawing isn’t a hotspot for me, thus I’m going to try a French city.


Maria Gorbacheva, week 1


Hi (again) Lovely People!

I can’t tell you how awesome it is seeing all the different styles of concept art everyone has, and getting to see the work that we’re all in the middle of - its just fantastic :smile:

I spent a solid day learning more about Corel and playing with it in grey-scale. Maybe I’m getting better, but I thought I’d just share the progression I’d made in shading my tree…bark. …hm.

I know it isn’t much, but here you go!
Please let me know if you have any suggestions and/or constructive critisms :blush: I’d love to grow (more) into the process of digital painting!


I didn’t have much time this week because I had to finish up some work. But here is what I started, I intend to work on them some more.
I did some on the reference painting on one of the refs.

Adam Shepherd - week 1 (w.i.p.)


Hello everyone! It’s fun seeing how different all our concepts are, I saw some really fun and inspiring one!

I tried to work on a cursed church, inspired from a legend of my hometown: it is said a church has been cursed and ended up in the bottom of a lake. The legend says we sometimes hear the church’s bell ring at night sometimes. So I looked into romane churches and how bells could be displayed, since i felt it was an important part of the environment.

I’ve looked into some gargoyles to bring the curse side and thought maybe I could put some easter eggs in the stained glass that told the story of the curse.
So yeah. Still looking into it, If you have any advice they’re more than welcome!

Magalie Bou Abboud - Week1


Hi everyone,
My Name is Noel, I am a bit late, but I hope just in time.

Noel Breijo - WEEK 1


Thanks for sharing these! When I was looking for reference images on Tuesday I was mostly looking for textiles that fit inside of perceived images like these, I think I was making the whole process too hard on myself.

Thinking about it now after you brought up LOtR (and thinking about back when I played LOtR Online) I realize I didn’t give myself enough time to just imagine and lose myself before starting with the concept art. …oops :blush:


Jonas Quidsinski - Week 1


Hello Everyone.
I am a bit late to the party,
I see some great submissions already.
I used to visit a lot of ancient temples during my high school holidays. so my idea is based something on those memories. I imagine a colossal temple of the mighty Shiva high up in the mountains, hidden under a massive cave of glow worms. And this is my submission for week 1. I am mostly using the reference from temples I have been to and also few from Japanese and chinese temples. Hope I am not too late.
I will try to keep up to the schedule for next week


Natalie Rumak, Week 1
My inspiration was wooden sculptures in forests, mossy gardens and old cottage homes. I really liked some sculptures that I found that took found pieces of wood and arranged them into circles, or what looks like a tree growing horizontally through a forest. I think I want to create an environment that has a combination of sculpted pieces or man-made structures being connected to natural growth


Karlen Tam Week 1

A stairway that connects the heavens to earth. Just drawing different possibilities of elements of the place


Chinese inspiration.
Tainikeni Lopez/ Week one.


Jennifer Aisbitt: Week One.

My submission is based on Celtic artifacts and architecture meets overgrown forest. I want to try and make a Celtic Druid’s temple/hideout, rich with magic and history. I tried to merge some of the references to create semi unique but recognizable assets that could fit the environment. I had a lot of fun doing it, especially playing around with colours and the basics of Coral painter. :slight_smile: