Week 1: WIP/Homework Submissions


Boua Thor: Week 1

All right, here are my reference pictures and study sketches. This concept is a lot more challenging than I thought :sweat_smile:


Asta Muratti, Week 1

Environment sketch based on native American style


Aw thanks! That idea of the light was really awesome and inspiring! I have to think more about that but actually my first idea was to create a kind of nightly space with some dramatic light point. :slight_smile:
Thank you for taking your time to reply!


Elena Montijo - Week 1
Hi guys!! So glad to be taking this course since I want to learn more about environmental designs.

My idea is to create a town or place where these small alien like creatures live in. Most of them just jump or fly so I want it to be sort of organic, floating islands or a tall city that connects with floating rocks or bridges. I also like the idea of ancient cultures like taino indian, which are much more minimalistic than mayan.

My struggle besides gathering a ton of references which I narrowed down a bit, is that I really like a lot of the rock formations and I can’t make up my mind on which way to go. I feel some sketches are too organic and others too realistic. Several of the characters aren’t that friendly so I was thinking of making some parts of the city more in tone with uneven crumbling rocks while the friendly guys live in smoother organic shapes above? Hopefully I’ll come up with a happy medium in the process.
Any feedback is welcome! Thanks!


That is a great reference picture, thanks! :slight_smile:


Sounds great… thanks for the link :slight_smile: by the way… i haven’t really go that deep into planning. i think i’ll figure something out when i start sketching and building composition. for now i just want to focus on learning the process and techniques, but some background story is always a plus :slight_smile:


Marie-Andree Laferriere - Week 1

Hey everyone!

All the art on here is looking super bomb!! Keep it coming because it is sooo inspiring for me!

I really love mixing magic/fantasy with a Medieval/Edwardian style and am currently trying out some ideas on a personal project that I’m working on, so I have been using this assignment to try and experiment a little! I appreciate any constructive criticism and am excited to hear what you all think!

Thanks so much!



Egor Afonin - The Week 1 Assignment

I’m planning to create a shrine of a tribe of mountain dwarves.
Those are of some primitive kind, closer to traditional dwarves from Scandinavian mythology. Thus as a reference I’ve picked some Scandinavian rune stones, as well as some megaliths and a view of a valley in the Alpes - the shrine will be situated in a safe, secluded little valley between the peaks. I wanted to create a pretty archaic feel, so i haven’t drawn any statues, just simple ancient runestones and rocks. Maybe the shrine salso serves as a some kind of a meeting place for various dwarven clans.


HI there!

Imanol Molinuevo, Week 1

Here are some props for a Gothic/Obscure environment. Hope you like them!


Some amazing work being posted in this thread! Can’t wait to see how it all develops over the coming weeks!

Here’s my effort for week 1. Good timing with @Aphego just above me, both going for the Skara Brae and standing stones, but both taking it in different directions :smiley:


Very nice sketches. I especially like the flow of it. I saw you took inspiration from Alfons Mucha, really great reference, btw. Also I think the way you used dragonfly wings is quite original and could be incorporated even more into your designs.


Nice work. Personally I enjoyed most the one, which is second from the bottom right. It seems to fit your description the most and it is not too organic neither too realistic. Although I’m not sure what is the bottom part. Is it some mechanism that keeps it floating ? Does it even need mechanism or does it float on its own ?


Totaly agree with LucasSalvador. You could get more inspiration from Mass effect or even Andromeda


Hey everyone! Hopefully, it’s not too late to submit my first assignment. Took way longer than I estimated, and things only got more complicated by the fact that this was the first time I tried corel painter and it was hard :frowning:

So I’m going with pretty much with the same temples/ruins/ancient architecture that I saw at most of you here. I love those intricate design patterns and the feeling these kind of environments evoke. And I hope it’s ok to include some characters too because I have a particular scene in mind that I’d like to illustrate; I’m thinking of showing a mass of people, viewed from afar, performing a sacrificial ritual in a temple in this world I’m imagining.

Gabriela Bacila - Week 1


I’m really impressed with the submissions people have posted so far! Quite quick fill for the first assignment from me tho. Had an idea of a frozen city next to a sea, with muted and maybe a bit melancholic color palette. The idea needs some refining as I’m not sure if I want any fantastical elements included or not. At the moment I’m leaning for a more realistic or from-this-world approach but we’ll see.
Taika Suomela, Week 1


Hi Dencik, thanks for the feedback! I like that one as well for the same reasons. Islands should float on their own but was exploring the mechanical parts or pipes for some of them to either connect with others or relocate within the area. Also as part of their infrastructure needs in more sophisticated ‘buildings’ but still keeping the organic feel.


Hi guys, here’s my rough sketch of ideas. I’m extremely rusty, haven’t drawn in years, I hope I can keep up with all you guys, I’m seeing incredible work that you’ve uploaded (so exciting), I’ll try my best to practice very hard to get used to the software and my hand more loose… Anyway, my idea is to dark lonely and decayed village surrounding a Gothic creepy castle that withholds unknown mysteries… I’ll keep practicing and cooking up some ideas. Any feedback is welcome, I want to learn more and improve myself.


Hi Everyone! Lawrence Simpson / Week 1

So many incredible and inspirational concepts posted!

I wanted to do something along the lines of a world and story based on “Moon is a Harsh Mistress,” but where it was once a beautiful and lush world, instead of a moon being stripped of it’s core resources.



Hi! Here you have my homeworks from this week :

Ruth São Pedro, Week 1.