Week 1: WIP/Homework Submissions


Hi everyone,
Here are my first sketches for an environnement design “into the trees”. I’m about to add some lights, some details to make a stranger mood.
Thanks for this great challenge !


Ilya Kriel, Week 1
Broken elven throne room.


Cool idea Michael, maybe you can get some inspiration from the Citadel in Mass Effect


Hi, here is my submission for the 1st week.
My idea is to have a gate scene, entrance of a big city that existed a long time ago, far far away :slight_smile: . They believe in a snake god that protect their city.

Of course feedback is very welcome !!

Logesh Shankar, week 1


Svetlana Bulycheva, week 1.
This assignment was very fun and difficult for me. Somehow I never thought of creating an environment from props sketches instead of composition search. It makes so much sense.
I’ve struggled to find the feel I was trying to have and also making assets cohesive. Kept all the stuff I did but I would definitely not use everything. Critiques and comments are warmly welcome.


Thanks @greyrgoose! I’m going to check the values.
Now that i see i also think i focused too much on colors in a too early stage…


Like @greyrgoose suggested i’ve put the colors aside and checked my values and i do see some problems… mainly with my Lava.
Its complicated because lava as a wide range of values from very dark to Bright light!


Looks super cool to me. Love the idea and your sketches :slight_smile: Looking forward for the next week’s progress


Hello, Sasa Miladinovic , Homework for Week 1


Love the mood and those lighting glimpses and… well, everything! Looks awesome


Paula Garcia, Week 1

Hey guys! Here is my reference images and sketches for week 1. I wanted to create a magical, dark, haunted atmosphere. My idea is recreate an abandoned temple, or a kind of small church, that was the perfect scenario for a demoniac guild to practice their rituals.

Feedback is very welcome! :slight_smile:


So I overestimated my free time but I managed to lock down my mood aesthetics and theme I feel like I’m going to go with. Would have loved to lock down the shape language by now but I think I will have to do that during a later stage. Hope you like and C & C’s are welcome. You could never be too harsh.


I’m sure someone else asked :). But your temple to scholars…

Is there a dirty involved?

Are you thinking roman,greek, etc… for references and styles?

When I see your ideas I think of the original clash of the titans:). I love where you are going with this!

Fir the following iterations Dont be afraid to tackle the interior construction a little more for perspective accuracy. Work in basic shapes till you have the perspective or camera shot how you like it. It could be as simple as working the floor or ground in :).


Not much to say but well done.

As you mentioned you locked in your mood and aesthetics quit well.

Too be honest you have a clean read on all of your shapes at the moment. And your composition is quite strong. Your next leap I think will be where some solid cc will fall in line.

Love the culture your building here keep up the good work.


So here’s my concept for the course. I wasn’t sure what to do so I collected a bunch of references and see what comes out of it.
I kept on going back to the dragon motifs with dwarves in my mind, yet all in forest dwelling! So I thought why not?!

Thus, I’ve got a forest dwelling dragon worshiping dwarven village or outpost, something… :smiley:


Great work on what I think is an altar or fire pit. :slight_smile:
Woukd you consider a dungeon or cellar as opposed to a temple or church. You could leverage a hole in the ceiling and enclosed space to really pop out the occult theme. Enclosed spaces reflect light more than open ones do… only reason I ask.

Of course that may not be an issue as long as your not working off of candle light. Just some food for thought.

Keep up the good work!


Hello! Dundee

Great first start…

I like how your making these references into something you can call your own. Something I would like to suggest is working in full shapes as opposed to just line… to help you construct your ideas.


Or use silhouette before adding detail to get the overall idea down first.

Just an idea… if you would like I could get more references for you. ;).


Okay, here goes.

I want to create a coastal city with a busy and bustling port.
My main inspiration was something like a Caribbean style island city, that is thriving on commerce and large fleet. Huge amounts of gold and valuable commodities change hands here every day and the city is prosperous, rich and well defended.

Most of these details came in the process of sketching :smiley:


I am loving your drawings


Vitaly Zaytsev. Week 1
Here are some of my sketches and references of Scandinavian architectures and props