Week 1: WIP/Homework Submissions


Had a lot of fun with this! Thinking about creating an environment around a ship entering a cave temple.


Hey everyone! Sorry this is coming so late, my fiancee and I were returning from travel earlier this week, so I got a late start.

I’m still trying to figure out the learning curve of Painter, seems harder than Procreate but a bit less point-and-click heavy as PS, so I can see why it would fit in the Pro Artist’s toolbox. (How does it compare to Krita I wonder?)

In any event, here are my references and my doodles for this week’s work. I want to do a Deco/Mid Century cityscape, so I’ve got some references from the early part of the 20th century here. I’ve got a set of doors, a statue, a fireplace, and an exterior of a building. I may have bit off more than I can chew. We’ll see.

PLEASE critique my work. I’m a recent grad and have NO DIRECTION on getting into the industry, so I need some tough love.

Justin McConnell Week 1


Hey there! Here’s my week 1 submission. I’m looking to do some sort of primitive village in a natural setting; maybe a fairy house type of situation, or one involving oversized flora and fauna. Reference is a lot of primitive buildings, native art, and flora you’d find in a wet, lush environment. I’m still figuring out the Painter brushes, relying mostly on pencils so far.


Gregory Ferreira Silva, Week 1

Hi guys!

My submission was inspired by some elements of Japanese culture. Forests, temples, architecture, statues and abandoned houses combining in a mix of nature and human interaction. But nature always wins.

Thanks. ^^


I’m trying to construct an environment based on a location from a personal project of mine which has a mix of Greek, Japanese, Mayan architecture. Weaving these three cultural influences will prove a bit of a challenge.

Shonteira Askew/ Week 1


Michael Lovett / Week 1

My goal was to get inspiration from architecture that had an organic feel to them, and also incorporate a lot of technology into the environment. Im picturing some kind of futuristic outdoor mall, one that spans multiple levels of several skyscrapers, all connected by a series of bridges and tunnels.


World based on the nordic arquitecture.

Strong but forgotten.


mountain desert + steampunk


Hello everyone!

Hugo Vedes Week 1

My theme is something like Atlantis/Center of the Earth Civilization. Not very original but something i always have fun imagining but this time i’ll try put it on “paper”!
So i tried to look references from caves with water, to strange buildings, lava, sea creatures to give me diferente ideas and the feeling of environment we would have down there…

In Corel Painter i prefer to use Real H2 Drafting Pencil for my sketchs. Also gives me a wide range of line from darker to light, thick to thin. One of my favorites in the program.

I know that i wasn’t supposed to make alot of use of colors but it wanted to give it a test and trying to grab some mood in some details.

All critics are welcomed so tell me what you think and best of luck to all! Thanks

Hugo Vedes Week 1

(zoom 01) apple core/ idea concept

(zoom 02) Island/continent

(zoom 03) Lava Street Lamp

(zoom 04) Buildings

(zoom 05) Houses

(zoom 06) “Lava Sun”


Alright the website advised me to just do a mass quote reply, and that’s a better idea than what i was going to do so HERE WE GO!

@stotka I’m glad you’re doing out of your comfort zone! I’m trying to do the same. Since you’re aiming for a more whimsical feel, I suggest breaking your stuff into shapes/silhouettes so that you know they convey the feeling you want from the get-go. I think you’re getting there. Try doing bigger shapes in tones first then building on top of those, it’s a different approach that could help you solidify concepts, and also find new ideas.

@Aditya Prabhu In terms of tree to object interaction, usually what happens is the plant literally takes root in an object and becomes seamless with it, like in this image. Try thinking of how roots will interact with your pieces/environment and that could help. I’m also pretty new to Corel, and something that’s really helped me is that by Shift+Dragging a brush onto a separate palette/window, you can create like a custom window of your favorite brushes to use. Really helps me out. I also changed a bunch of hotkeys in Edit>Customize Keys to help with cutting down on work time/frustration. Hope that helps!

@POSEIdOON Really fun concepts! My one suggestion would have to be that, I know you wanted to put color in (which is fine, colors are great!) but try going back in, converting the images to grayscale, and seeing if the values aren’t too similar. You might have different colors in a piece, but if there’s no value depth, the viewer can have difficulty telling what’s going on in the piece. It’s a good practice to get into and keep in mind.


@stotka I feel like the structure with the open fish mouth can work being over water and like you can incorporate a ramp or dock to the sides to act like fins adding more to its first inspired appearance :slight_smile:

(I just figured out how to reply to your reply :sweat_smile:}


These are the references i had.

And here are the sketches i did.


Hello, here are my references and first sketches. I’ll be working on a background for one of my stories, being the place the Minotaur’s Labyrinth. Hope you like it!
Noah Alvarado - Week 01


ooh the turtle shell house is a great idea! i think you should see some wow concept art they have loads of animal part houses that are pretty inspirational!


Richard Nguyen Week 1

Hey guys! So for my concept, I am planning on having a rain forest where everything seems to be floating. I want the main focus to be a giant floating statue that is holding a tree, and have it surrounded by levitating mini islands and fish.

If you guys have any feedback or advice, I’d be happy to hear it.


Playing with the idea of having an altar of old giant trees that surround a magic skull staff. I will continue exploring.


Esriq Hidil, Week 1

Hi All,

I wanted to base my world on an old copper mine that use to have a thriving community but due to drying up resources in the mine is slowly deteriorating. Wanted it to have a steam-punk feel to it.

Feedback and suggestions appreciated.


Matthew Braccio Assignment 1
Hi everyone! Here are my references and my early sketches. I was inspired by Gothic architecture and medieval times to create my environment. My idea is to create an environment with religious significance, a sort of church or cathedral. The usage of statues is to create a feeling that the person exploring the cathedral is being judged or watched by the statues looking down at him/her. But I also want to create an eerie vibe within the building; broken down columns, shattered windows, etc; which makes the viewer question why such a place would be left unattended to. With these aspects combined, I wanted the feeling to be that the person entering the cathedral is trespassing, and anyone entering is unworthy to be standing there. I’d love to hear your thoughts or advice.


You are right! Ill try some stuff out.


Hmmm, interesting thought. Will explore more about the root interaction part. The brush selection idea is quite useful actually, thanks!