Week 1: WIP/Homework Submissions


Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I agree, perhaps the top right sketch has a more abstract and quiet look to it. As for the brushes , I’ve just used the simple flat brush for the colors and 2B pencil for the drawing.


I’m facing the same issues in regards to reference.
One thing I tried to do is break the reference into different parts. What are the shapes that repeat? And the colors? Can I put the details of this object into another?
It’s good to use the shape language in the silhouette too. If you find a cool design, extrapolate it to see how much you can change without losing the original feeling.
But overall, you’re doing a really great work.


I mean about fantasy.:relaxed:(bad english, sorry). Nice idea, i think about. thanks a lot.


Connor Fischer, Week 1

I had fun thinking of something engaging but manageable to break down in time constraints.

I’m thinking I want a lush magical courtyard, I want my form language to repeat pentagons as they’re symbolically a magical shape, I feel I can definitely improve what I have now moving towards final. I still want to explore shots as well as how the courtyard connects to the rest of the structure.

Getting these sketches out definitely helped me pick a motif to stick with and now I can explore within that. Let me know if any of you have references you feel like I should put my attention towards or design feedback.


That’s actually a cool idea! For trees that are majorly surrounded by water, why don’t you look up mangrove forests? The trees there are almost always surrounded by water which creates poor oxygen content and hence, their roots are always above water. You can use their shape designs to come with an interesting story about the culture itself. You could combine this with the giant sequioa shape to create some great houses. :smile:





Really cool stuff.
It reminded me of Tomb Raider, they have a lot of these Maya environments.


Lucas Salvador, Week 1

My idea is of a port city in a setting where the Industrial Revolution carried on and technology is mostly based on steam.
I did some sketches of how various things would be in this place, just to have a feel of the location.

I’m also thinking of a less depressing and polluted place than those we normally associate with industrial, like with yellow trees in the morning or something like that.


great designs


No, not at all. It is OK. It could be interesting apply, making people to think about the usage.

If you allow me to suggest something, I don’t want to change your mind. You could make one tent triangle really bigger, covering an area, connected higher to the rock, making a bigger dome or shelter, under which the people could live in group. Some sort of tribal cohabitation. And then place the smaller tents under.


thank you :slight_smile:


Week 1 - Van Eliot Santos

Good day!

I’m trying to create some sort of “underground” city. The city is inside a tunnel made of bricks. Its busy streets are filled with shops and cafes. The city, consisting mostly of brick walls, is mainly inspired by Mediterranean towns and some of the buildings are inspired by medieval/Danish/Tudor architecture.

The geography is inspired by Mediterranean islands. Being a place close to the sea, the place is teeming with weird plants and aquatic vines. At the tunnel entrance, the sea’s docks can be seen from a distance. A mountain can also be seen from afar. Atop the mountain is a majestic ruins of a castle inspired by Greek architecture (mainly columns).

It’s my first time using Corel Painter and also my first time using a Wacom Intuos graphic tablet. I am more used to working on the iPad. It took me days to get used to a non-screen tablet so this homework is a totally new learning experience for me.


Brian Lorenz Week 1
I’m looking at making garden park. Many large gardens started out as private retreats for important figures and there may be some narrative opportunities there. I looking at focusing in stone lanterns as an influence for buildings.

I 'm basing my environment primarily off of Japanese/Chinese gardens.


Hello! here is the submission for week 1
Theme :

  • Ancient forest
  • Lost Temple
  • The link between worlds


Alessandro Febbraro Week 1


Alejandra Santamaría: Week 1.

I wanted to experiment with a more cartoonish style, wich is not my speciality. I chose a dark, dead and cursed environment, cause always wanted to do something like this (and have an excuse to do something near to the gothic style, haha!).

Every feedback is very welcome x)


I seriously love what you did there - especially the fox


@Dvici I’m assuming the top sketch is a wall sconce. so it would make sense for the soot stains to get on the gargoyles or the wall it’s hanging on. Even if the priests/priestesses are really fussy about cleaning. They could also use some dimension to them. The line work is very nice.

For the second sketch I’m confused by what looks like a giant toppled column. The rest of the building doesn’t show any indications of wear and tear.


Here are my first sketches, one based on the celtic architecture and the other any (bavaria, trier etc). I’ll keep on doing more next week and focus on the imagination side! Still not sure wich one to pick!
Awesome works I see there :open_mouth: inspiration <3


Hey man, this architecture looks futuristic…that’s my first impression… also these monuments are out of this planet, so there’s an idea :wink: there’s a plenty of room to play with these…good luck!


Shatayja Cooper week 1.
so i am currently modeling this in maya 2018. i am modeling where my OCs live. i have been wanting to do a sort of isolated alone scene. i want this to be dirty and gross and dilapidated. very rock bottom. my character is at a crossroads and he has to decide where to go .


Hi all! Man =, it’s been a looooooong time since I drew anything! Let alone using a tablet! This was the most fun artistically that I’ve had in a long time! So much fun and so great to see so many great ideas!