Week 1: WIP/Homework Submissions


Alexander Kämpe, Week 1

A little late although quite satisfied so far. Going with a fantasy theme based in a forest glen. Magical energy that activates mystically infused objects in a key-like fashion. Thinking about the having a gateway / portal as mentioned before.

Really liked what happened with the statue head, will probably be a major feature in the final version.


That’s wicked!


Thanks man! I hope I can create a nice composition to portray this part of the story.


Nice explorations and idea!


Evelyn Morse, Week 1
Oh dear, I’ve been sick so I didn’t get this done in time, but better late than never!

I’m aiming for a friendly, nostalgic, old forest setting full of forgotten things. I think a lot of my reference work last week was just me trying to figure out the feeling of everything


@eaMarian I really like how your line art is so focused on form that it leaves you a lot of room to develop detail and light later. You visualize the core shape of what you want very well. I think that is a great skill.

Thanks for the heads-up @Lyraina It makes it a bit cumbersome to share thoughts, so sorry for spamming the group.


I think you’ve got a great concept here @derjeger There are enough similar elements to Celts and the Pagan era Romans to allow that to blend nicely, and I can see how your vision of scale can allow many elements in Celtic art styles room to be larger than is usually seen. I love the idea of the knotwork detail being more fully realized on that horse monument and the sides of an arch.

@Arief I really find your set of studies to be very expansive and well referenced and thought out. I think youor piece will have a great amount of detail for this diligence and I can’t wait to see what your rough layouts for week 2 look like.


Rachel Finley, week 1 submission
Like a few people I’ve been sick and am late to submit.
My idea is to do a village for fairies or “little people” (like borrowers maybe) set deep in a twisted forest.
I did mine in separate files since I’m used o zooming into my drawings while keeping my reference the same size. (I can combine files into one if this makes viewing easier)
I did another sketch bouncing my previous sketches against each other and realized everything feels a little disjointed and it’s hard to really tell that the houses are actually tiny and that the trees are not just huge.


Scott Payne, Week 1 submission.
I might be too late ? If I’m allowed I will try to catch up or keep following along in the shadows .

Scott Payne Week 1



my new tablet is coming in soon. this one I have right now isn’t very good :slight_smile:


Daniel R. - First Week

Hello, following my study, I think of making a futuristic city composition, but I have no idea of the focus of the illustration, whether it will be something far or near. Thank you!



I beg pardon for being late and hope I am allowed to enter and catch up with the rest.

I decided to experiment and make something that is off my usual set of themes. The idea is to create an environment that would be a visualization of recollection of a game or movie character. A scene that character explores as if having a nostalgic reminiscence of a moment in his life.

Yet it is pretty vague idea but I hope to shape it up soon. Also I look forward to explore Painter a bit deeper as it always appealed to me but I am still reluctant to invest in it having old good PS at hand.

Pavel Goloviy, Week 1.


Hello everyone,
I’m glad to see your work ! Here my submission for week 1 :

I imagined a mysterious forest with magics where brave adventurous can find ancient ruins

Stephanie D - Week 01


Nadia Hurianova. Week 1

Better late than never)

I took inspiration from ancient Chinese architecture and decor.
Mixed it with natural shapes of waves and trees.


I know this is a late post but I decided to redo week 1 after seeing the first webinar. I’m a bit behind at this point but I’ll catch up after the webinar tonight!


Concept Art.rif (894.4 KB)

Hello, sorry for the very late submission but I was able to figure out the problem for why the computer was not accepting my submission.


Okay ignore the last post uploaded wrong file, here is the actual assignment.


Hi everyone!

I am sorry for the really late submission but I just started the workshop due to lack of time!
Anyway better late than never! Hope I can catch up!

So here is my take on the first assignment.
I wanted to explore the idea of an industrialised ant colony. Still lots to think about but its a start :smiley:



Meghan Tankersley, Week 1 submission

These are my Week 1 sketches.
They’re not complete, and I know it’s week 4, but it’s the most I’ve been able to manage.
I’ll continue to flesh out some more ideas, however, I wanted to have something submitted by the final seminar.

I wanted to go with a desert theme, specifically an oasis, for my environment. This lead my research to the Nile River then to a lot of Egyptian architecture and imagery.