Week 1: WIP/Homework Submissions


Here’s where you’ll be posting your Week 1 WIP assignments! Be sure to take a look around at others’ works and offer helpful feedback if you can.

Please include: First Name/ Last Name/ Week

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Hey guys, here is my photo reference and study sketches for the week 1 research and study section:

David Harrington, Week 1

Feel free to share individual images as well.


World based on Nature and early or primitive architecture.

Simple world where those who live there focus on day to day survival with in the nature of their environment.

Michael Callahan : Week 1




Jonathan Stratis, Week 1

I wanted make a world based around scavengers using wrecks and salvage to make a society; but I felt like that idea was done before, so I made it underwater.

Although, I found myself adding more and more ideas and themes to the concept as I looked for references. I felt like I had to limit the concepts because I felt as though the world would become too cluttered and convoluted. Is it a good idea to limit yourself like that?


re ClockworkLegacy—Another side of this may be to consider that you are exploring multiple options. Maybe as you begin to sketch the environment next week you realize you dont like option A prop/person, and choose option B instead, and you would already have sketch concepts for option B available for reference :slight_smile:


David Vicich WEEK1 -

I am going to start working on a scene containing a Temple on the top of a cliff . This temple can be seen from the outskirts of a city below it. Time of day dusk as it would provide enough light to illuminate the temple atop the cliff and i can envelope the surrounding city structures in some cool blues to give it contrast.

I am going to post in stages for this week. Starting off with references to make sure i can access them from different systems.

I will work out some sketches when i get back to my residence as I am traveling on the road today.


I like where you are going with this :)! Keep up the good shape language practice.

I have some questions if you do not mind me asking them.

Is your mound based on anything like the mayans or aztecs?

It might be worth looking into central ameria, africa, or south american references for some good references.


Is your environment going to be in a forest? a desert? in some flat or rolling plains ?

I ask this question as it may help to narrow down the place your temple will reside. That way you can hone in on geographical references as opposed to a broad search for images.

From what I see though it seems you favor a more desert scene with scattered cropping of trees. Is this accurate ?


This is probably the most dangerous part of looking for references. The fact you limited yourself really will play a huge role in your design approach to your elements. If you dont limit yourself you may not be able to narrow your idea down.

I asked MCallahan a question since the cohesion of elements seemed to come from all sorts of references. I proposed looking into narrowing down the environmental conditions that his temple would exist in .

Just narrowing it down will help especially when it comes to finding elements that are believable to fit into the scene. Which in turn will bring a piece a certain level of believably.

I would like to pose a similar question to you … but more honed in. The term “WORLD” is too broad for the piece you are working on. :slight_smile:

So take the elements you have so far and decide on the environment they will live in. It looks like most of your references contain water elements.



SDince you mentioned scavaging… i put a few images in here: Bioshock , Divergent, Waterworld, and Maze runner. Hope this helps get the juices going… :slight_smile:


Great Reference!


Marian Aquilizan Week 1

a lot of inspiration from cultures that use bamboo and towns that evolve and grow organically.


My submission is based on Chinese Han Dynasty architecture, sculpture and other parts of china landscape which I want to integrate later on. Kind of fused elements from the sculptures the design forms and with the architecture and the horse.


Like those bamboo structures! What is the shape you did a Bamboo lamp?


Diggin it!




Hey Guys! My submission is this idea i got when looking at reference. I was thinking about creating an environment were two culture unified their beliefs and became stronger. I picked Roman and Celtic cultures.

My idea is to combine the Mysticism and Magic of the Celctic Culture with the beauty and Architecture of the Romans.

(Sorry if i double posted, i think i messed up the first time when adding the image)


Really love this idea! and awesome shaping for the horse :slight_smile: looks really epic !


Juan Pedro Ramos Ponce. Week 1

First at all, apologise for my english. :slight_smile:

I’m thinking in some kind of tribal settlement at the foot of that weird tilted rocks .

I let some room for a couple of rope and fabric props.

Maybe not fantastic enought? What do you think, guys.


Thanks! David


It’s pretty cool idea.