Week 1: RebusFarm WIP / Homework Submissions


Finally finished all the blocking out, most sculpting and the uv mapping. the amount of uv mapping i had to do was unreal, but i managed it after all, despite it not being mathematically even among all the islands, i think i did a decent job! there are still a few details missing but this is the bulk of my character! please do not hesitate to give me feedback on any aspect of my character!


Krystian Przybylski Week1

Hello Everyone. Decided to go with my own concept. It’s just a base, still need to make some decisions about his wear :slight_smile: I wasn’t have much time this week but for sure will catch up soon. So many great charracters here well done guys!


Hi everyone! I decided to do Revy from Black Lagoon.
This is the base mesh for the character. Still fixing some kinks in the topology and haven’t got to sculpting yet!


Nice job!
One thing I noticed, your stitches are very inconsistent on your leather parts (very detailed small stitches on top vs large blurry stitches on skirt). It is also ideal to have some indents under the stitching, like it is usually done with leather in real life.
Do you have any specific concept you are working of?
P.S. amount of UVs is very impressive :slight_smile:


oh wow! didn’t even consider consistency on the sizes of the stiches! Thanks for the heads up! i’ll go back to sculpting them today! I’m not entirely sure what you mean by the indents, but i’ll go back to gathering refs. and my only concept was a drawing i had laying around of a character on a fancy dress/outfit that ressembled a bird.


I was talking about the “groove” stitching goes into.

If you look at this picture carefully, you will see that only central part of the stitch is somewhat above the leather, the rest is “indented” into leather itself. If it is machine stitching, it’s usually caused by machine foot and needle pressure, if it is handsewn, small strip of leather is removed in advance to make stitch “fall in place” better.

It’s a mistake I see a lot of people making, their stitches look like they are just glued on top of leather, which is why I personally have my custom brushes or just do the stitching in Painter.


great! guess i’ll have to change up the alphas i’m using. anyway thanks for the feedback!


Thank you!, Good luck to you too :slight_smile:


Well, I have been making very subtle changes to my character. UV unwrap complete. I am not a pro, so feel free to point out my mistakes.

Waiting eagerly for Lecture 2!


Daryna Soloviova, Week 1

I use my own not-so-detailed concept art. Sticked with the cloth produced by Blender simulation because I hope to use it later in the animation.


Update: realy happy that I finally got into Maya and managed to make more efficient UVs instead of the old ones.


Hey guys
here is my work!
Concept by Alexis Rives
Still finishing the clothes and accessories


This is My Current Blocking. I Think I Still have some proportions to consider, made some observations in red. What do you guys think? Would love to hear your feedback! :smiley:


My entry for the first week I´m to slow this is my own concept and my first block out
can anybody help me to progress :frowning:



Hello everyone, my name is Duarte Perdigão
I’m starting late, but I hope you can still consider my late entry, as the duration of the workshop has been extended.
I had an idea for a posh gangster, and I started fairly realistic…
but I wasn’t happy with it.
I started to go in a more stylized shape, and ended up going to the cartoon side.

hope to hear back from you


Almost done with the modeling and posing :slight_smile:


hey men can u help me? how did u made a clean silhouette?


I’m not sure if you’re talking about me, Octavio; but if you are:
Honestely, I just kept nudging until I was somewhat satisfied with what I got.

Initially I determined the volumes that had to exist, like muscles and clothing props, and then my job was to fit those existing details on the silhouette the best I could, without losing those volumes.

I think that stylised characters are a lot like graphic design - you must communicate meaning and intents with less information on shapes, formes and volumes almost all the time, so if you keep that in mind, it might help you as it does for me :slight_smile:

Best of luck, would love to see you model!


Hi everyone,

My work is based on wang dada´s concept "skater girl!
here is a WIP of my model, Im still working on Uvs, I will keep you posted on next steps.

all feedback are appreciate thanks!


Hi, here is my last update, where I added the Uvs ,
all feedback is appreciated


Wow the step by step of Naresh Kumar is awesome, it looks easy to do but I don’t think it is haha. Anyway it looks cool, I feel here are posibilities to learn new skills :slight_smile: