Week 1: RebusFarm WIP / Homework Submissions


Great work everyone!!
I used my own concept art (which obv needs more detail) to create the 3D character. It took me time to sculpt then retopologize. The tutorial/workflow actually is much more efficient than how i would normally create characters. Thanks Omar!


Hey Thanks! I used the preset model in Zbrush, now bringing it back into Maya for retopo.
Your progress is coming along nice, look forward to yours too!


Just like many others, I’m lamenting my lack of speed, but decided to submit a couple WIP images anyway.

P.S. The hair is only a placeholder object, to get the headgear right later.


hi everyone, thank you omar-h for this course and this contest.

I share with you my wip of Week 1, i decided to work with my own concept it will be a ogre//ork creature… for the next step i’m going to fix his clothes and accesories…and after i’m going to sculpt his hair and accentuate his primitive side.

Thank you and hope you like…Don’t hesitate to advise me or other.


Hi people!!! First of all, Thanks to Omar for this course!

I’m making a 3D version of Lara Croft, based on the concept art by Cameron Mark (https://www.instagram.com/cameronmarkart/)

I’m still fighting with her guns, I’m pretty new doing hard surface and I’m trying to do my best with them :stuck_out_tongue: And yep, her hands are still waiting for the guns to be posed correctly :laughing:

You all guys are doing a great job! Keep working!!!


Hi Guys, Thanks for this opportunity to let us participate in this.
So, I chose this Character made by Guille Rancel.

I’m not used to Starting from scratch in Zbrush, I use it more for surfacing, So I started in Maya, with blocking, and my next step is going to Zbrush to Fix Proportions And the pose. I’m a little behind, but I will catch up this week :slight_smile:


Hi everyone, looks like we’ve already got a good variety of characters in the mix for this course – nice start to all thus far. I’m excited to see how everyone’s work progresses throughout the next few weeks/videos.

I’ve decided to work on my own concept combining portions of Mary Shelley’s novel & the classic Universal Pictures film of “Frankenstein” while making the Doctor’s Monstrous Creation. There’s huge interesting discrepancies between the two – particularly in terms of the creature, the timeline, how the creature started out/adapted to his environment, plus his capacity to learn from his experiences & understand the world which he’s been placed in.

So for this, I’m combining physical aspects from the two with an interest towards exploring the humanity & child-like aspects with a very strong man-made creature/character, as well as, the resulting appearance of living for two years in the wild just after he was “born”.

There’s still plenty more which I need to add to work with his story line, but at least the main components are starting to take place! Tons of work yet to do…colors are there right now to make sure that my layering of everything is making sense together.

Here’s some progress of the main bust portion & some shots of what his body sculpt looks like. Knowing me, I’ll continuously work til the end to fix & adjust his body, detail his scars, add his other environmental/human incident wounds & such…same goes for all of the other smaller bits & pieces which are still to come…that’ll end up being a gradual progression of retopology/UVs & such, but, oh well, I knew there was no way I’d be “done” with sculpting by now :slight_smile:

Once I had my concept in mind, got my base mesh worked out, I then mocked in the eventual pose that he’ll be in to see if my general proportions would strike the right mood once I progressed the character – he’ll be waterside, taking inspiration from one of his most famous film scenes (but, mixed with the other side of the story from the novel). Since I’m playing around with “Who’s the Monster?” & “Who created Who?”, I decided to plot down some key descriptions & character thoughts from the Dr. & His Creation along with that.

And then, for anyone who’s made it to the end of this post, here’s some of the reference images that I’m also drawing inspiration from. Be forewarned, don’t enlarge the image if you get squeamish – a bunch of those small images are old medical paintings & such!

Thanks for looking!


Hi! I’ve added more details in this character with Zbrush and doing some UVs.
I’ll be doing more optimization before Week 2 begins.


Some progress on my Mzeqala (that’s my character’s name fyi). Once again, the “hair” is only there for me to know what I’m doing. I wish I’d managed to rig and pose her too, but sadly no time (yet). With the next upload, I guess.


Cool concept :slight_smile: Good luck!


Finally finished all the blocking out, most sculpting and the uv mapping. the amount of uv mapping i had to do was unreal, but i managed it after all, despite it not being mathematically even among all the islands, i think i did a decent job! there are still a few details missing but this is the bulk of my character! please do not hesitate to give me feedback on any aspect of my character!


Krystian Przybylski Week1

Hello Everyone. Decided to go with my own concept. It’s just a base, still need to make some decisions about his wear :slight_smile: I wasn’t have much time this week but for sure will catch up soon. So many great charracters here well done guys!


Hi everyone! I decided to do Revy from Black Lagoon.
This is the base mesh for the character. Still fixing some kinks in the topology and haven’t got to sculpting yet!


Nice job!
One thing I noticed, your stitches are very inconsistent on your leather parts (very detailed small stitches on top vs large blurry stitches on skirt). It is also ideal to have some indents under the stitching, like it is usually done with leather in real life.
Do you have any specific concept you are working of?
P.S. amount of UVs is very impressive :slight_smile:


oh wow! didn’t even consider consistency on the sizes of the stiches! Thanks for the heads up! i’ll go back to sculpting them today! I’m not entirely sure what you mean by the indents, but i’ll go back to gathering refs. and my only concept was a drawing i had laying around of a character on a fancy dress/outfit that ressembled a bird.


I was talking about the “groove” stitching goes into.

If you look at this picture carefully, you will see that only central part of the stitch is somewhat above the leather, the rest is “indented” into leather itself. If it is machine stitching, it’s usually caused by machine foot and needle pressure, if it is handsewn, small strip of leather is removed in advance to make stitch “fall in place” better.

It’s a mistake I see a lot of people making, their stitches look like they are just glued on top of leather, which is why I personally have my custom brushes or just do the stitching in Painter.


great! guess i’ll have to change up the alphas i’m using. anyway thanks for the feedback!


Thank you!, Good luck to you too :slight_smile:


Well, I have been making very subtle changes to my character. UV unwrap complete. I am not a pro, so feel free to point out my mistakes.

Waiting eagerly for Lecture 2!


Daryna Soloviova, Week 1

Working in Blender, because I thought that learning new software and creating a character would be too much. I think later I will try to make more efficient UVs in Maya.
I use my own not-so-detailed concept art. Sticked with the cloth produced by Blender simulation because I hope to use it later in the animation.