Wednesday Night Comic Creators Club 003: October 2008


Hi guys, welcome to the Wednesday Night Comic Creators Club thread.

The idea of this series of week long threads is to be an incubator for your sequential
art ideas. This mean you can post ANYTHING that will facilitate the creation of your comic. (This means ideas, scripts, Concept Art, Finished art ) for:
[li]One panel Strip [/li][li]Three to Four Panel Strips[/li][li]Comic Book [/li][li]Storyboards (NEW!)[/li][/ul]Think of it of a club within the forum for people who WANT to do comics.

[li]Every Wednesday night a new week long thread will be posted on the CGTalk Daily Sketch Forum called:[color=darkorange]Wednesday Night Comic Creators Club XXX: MONTH YEAR [/li]

This will be the CORE thread, created by the moderator, (that would be me)
[li]You can post on the core thread anything you want as long as it related a to a sequential art idea[/li][li]If yo ualready have a web comic, well SHOW IT to us…[/li][li]WIP entries should be on the artists WIP thread. This thread might be hosted on the WIP forum OR…the Member SKETCH Collection [/li][li]This is a thread to allow creators to have fun so please feel free post your Comments[/li][/ul]IF and only IF we gather enough interest we might start doing voting for:
[li]Best Writing [/li][li]Best Story [/li][li]Best Art[/li][li]Most Updates[/li][li]Most Views (IE Highest ratings: I want to keep track on who has been getting the highest number of hits on the WIP thread for the comic…more on this later[/li][/ul]Keep this in mind.
A monthly comic book has 24 pages. And in order to have enough material for a graphic novel you should need to do 6 issues of a comic.

24 * 6 = 144 pages

This is why most pros do a at least a page a day.

And please if you do comic book, do it in multiple of 2.


If you think you can’t to a full comic book, do a 3 - 4 panel
newspaper strip. 5 - 10 updates a month are more than enough in my book.
And if you are going to do a comic book, do short stories first , since they usually have
4 to 6 pages. Think Twilight Zone, Tales from the Crypt or Amazing Stories for inspiration.
Good luck



Continuing on, here’s more

Doof is sick

Doof uses numbers


good one Windmill :applause:


Doof is hilarious! I just see words, “Doof is sick” or “Doof uses numbers” and it’s already funny. I like the completeness (the gestalt) of your comic Windmill.


just a quick doodle :slight_smile:
might make a series of these, hopefully a bit more cheerful.


The prodding worked … a sample from my web comic:

Apologies for the latent outlines, it’s due to the way I save for my site.


Ah dammit, missed the last one. And I’m only able to do this one by cutting into study time. Oh well, it’s a quick next page the serious one. The story sucks, as I’m pretty much making it up, but this one’s more about the visuals. I’m probably going to go back and rewrite the whole thing…


9 hrs Illustrator+Photoshop+Wacom


RobertoOrtiz, suggested that I post some of my strips here and why not. You can find more of them in my WIP thread and on my web comic site


That is awesome work…

Welcome to the fold.

Could you tell us a bit about your workflow?

                Most certainly...
   The concept part is all about figuring our the joke and making a quick sketch of the characters and important details.
              This usually takes place in various brainstorming places like, in the shower (no sketching here) :), at a café or in a pub with friends (usually slightly drunk for the added benefits). :D
               First part here is to work out a joke, The subject usually starts out by me pick a common phrase that I like, it may have a certain ring to it and just pops up in my head if I look for it, I might have heard it on television or read it somewhere. Else I can pick a subject of choice, it could be any thing, from a potato to important political stuff. Or some interesting phenomenon, be it scientific, human behavior or some other subject that is weird or relevant to me in any way. From there I try to find really funny quirks and angles on the subject.
            Once I settled on it, I usually make a quick sketch of the joke as I store it for later use, when there's time to draw the image. Other wise I would have forgotten the joke, the staging and layout of the image.
   The sketch.. here my approach varies from time to time. I may start out straight on paper, sometimes even using my initial concept drawing as a straight base for the sketch. Or I may start the sketch on the computer.
 It's not entirely out of question to snatch photos of the internet for a rough base to help with the layout and lighting or with some objects. I make a living out of illustrations and I've learned it's important to be as fast as possible, hey.. time is money :), yet I spend to much time on some :D. "I don't mind any thing that may help speed up the process", that's a very important rule for me. I may even use 3D for staging and layout purposes if necessary.
     When I'm finished with the sketch I print it out for final inking. I do ink some images entirely on the computer tough but I prefer for the most part to do it on paper, there's some natural variations to everything analogue. Inking straight in photoshop is fine by me but usually yield cleaner yet less living lines.
     Another big factor is the speed of drawing on paper it's most certainly 2 to 3 times quicker than on the computer. It's a lot easier making steady nice strokes on paper than it is on a slippery wacom tablet. I think it's due to the over view of having the paper on the desk with the hand to eye correlation that really helps big time here. The only things that are prefereably done with photoshop are, object repositioning and drawing finer details where you can zoom inand really get controll over them.
    After I've scanned the image I may clean up the image removing some inking mistakes and enhancing the contrast of the lines.
    Here you can see some parts redrawn in the computer afterwards. I felt that neither of the girls facial expressions worked, so by redrawing their mood and adding the head one of them is holding up, they finally contributed to the image's premise.
 Trivia: The guy holding the skeleton is my little brother. He contributed to the image's idea so it's only natural that he'd be part of it then ;)
    A plain image of the color layer, I obviously don't draw it like this without the ink enabled but I thought you'd like to see it anyway.
    And here's the final image before adding the text on to the image. Because I'm Swede I make the strips in Swedish to so making the balloons a part of the image would make it more difficult, and many times I haven't even settled on the final phrases.
   Now, if you've been so patient to read through all my ramblings here's a hires version of the image for your viewing pleasure or to dissect :D

…and if you want to see more comic strips you can go to my other thread…

   Over 'n out!


Wooo, nice work Joel! Funny strips! Thanks for showing and breaking down your process, that’s cool.


very nice strip, i just personally dont like the face eypression of the main character , the teeth maybe could more fit to the very nice drawn enviroment.

just personal taste, keep it up.



It’s also great to see how you went about doing it.



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