Wednesday Night Comic Creators Club 002: October 2008


Hi guys, welcome to the Wednesday Night Comic Creators Club thread.

The idea of this series of week long threads is to be an incubator for your sequential
art ideas. This mean you can post ANYTHING that will facilitate the creation of your comic. (This means ideas, scripts, Concept Art, Finished art ) for:
[li]One panel Strip [/li][li]Three to Four Panel Strips[/li][li]Comic Book [/li][li]Storyboards (NEW!)[/li][/ul]Think of it of a club within the forum for people who WANT to do comics.

[li]Every Wednesday night a new week long thread will be posted on the CGTalk Daily Sketch Forum called:[color=darkorange]Wednesday Night Comic Creators Club XXX: MONTH YEAR [/li]

This will be the CORE thread, created by the moderator, (that would be me)
[li]You can post on the core thread anything you want as long as it related a to a sequential art idea[/li][li]If yo ualready have a web comic, well SHOW IT to us…[/li][li]WIP entries should be on the artists WIP thread. This thread might be hosted on the WIP forum OR…the Member SKETCH Collection [/li][li]This is a thread to allow creators to have fun so please feel free post your Comments[/li][/ul]IF and only IF we gather enough interest we might start doing voting for:
[li]Best Writing [/li][li]Best Story [/li][li]Best Art[/li][li]Most Updates[/li][li]Most Views (IE Highest ratings: I want to keep track on who has been getting the highest number of hits on the WIP thread for the comic…more on this later[/li][/ul]Keep this in mind.
A monthly comic book has 24 pages. And in order to have enough material for a graphic novel you should need to do 6 issues of a comic.

24 * 6 = 144 pages

This is why most pros do a at least a page a day.

And please if you do comic book, do it in multiple of 2.


If you think you can’t to a full comic book, do a 3 - 4 panel
newspaper strip. 5 - 10 updates a month are more than enough in my book.
And if you are going to do a comic book, do short stories first , since they usually have
4 to 6 pages. Think Twilight Zone, Tales from the Crypt or Amazing Stories for inspiration.
Good luck



Well I guess I am first…

I am working on trying a new methods for my comic book art.
I am trying to use illustrator to ink this image I did:
I will use the methos I learn from this experiment fora comic book I am working on.


And this might be of interest to some:
Digital INK tutorial (final)


Doof downloads

A minimalist comic I’m currently experimenting with. I wonder if the meaning is still clear


Here’s another…

Doof in KFC land


Haha, those are great Windmill! They remind me of the comics over at Double Fine.


Cool looking sketch Roberto!

@Windmill: I’m slow… I don’t get what’s going on with Doof-Downloads. Is he just downloading to download… for the fun of downloading? ? Cool looking character!


Livetrace in Illustrator is awesome. I don’t use it (I’m still using Illustrator CS1), but I used Adobe Streamline (a stand-alone app of what Livetrace is now) all time when it was current. I need to upgrade…


You know…you have a skills as as storyteller. Something that quite rare.
You should do more of these.


@mitchelhunt: Thanks, I’ve been inspired mostly by the minimalist comics like white ninja.

No you’re not slow, you pretty much got it :slight_smile: . I like you’re comic’s manic style by the way.

@Roberto: Thanks, Your sketch reminds me of the work of Yoji Shinkawa for some reason.

I’ve done a bit of comic stuff using a painterly kind of style, though I’ve recently been doing alot of experiments with inking as well. I don’t have a scanner so I tend to sketch/ink digitally (So far i’ve done it manually). I do think sketching on paper gives more control and more natural looking lines though (I’m hoping its possible to match it digitally with practice). Something I’ve noticed whilst inking and I’ve begun to try and fix, is varying the weights on my lines more, I had thick lines that clashed with adjacent highlights. The problem can be seen in another GCJ page I did, Link, Link.


THANKS! :slight_smile:

In before the end!
I cheated… basically used all the art form my last one (I had NO TIME to do more… and it still took me 7 hours!). I spent the whole week brainstorming. I couldn’t come up with anything, until yesterday. Hope it’s at least remotely funny.


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