Wedding Day


HI everyone

share our animation work of 2013

This animated flim was created by NFMAN , we used the very limited time when we got off the work last year,
we spend about one month to tkink about the whole story and wrote the script then spend two to three months to product it.
Since this work was not a commercial profit plan,so it tasted our endurance (after all we always had very few off work time)
We can successfully complete the work the most important thank for help on music copyright for “” and “Vices I Admire”.

The story is write about actor and actress sleep over the time in the wedding day, and on the way to the wedding scene they encounter numerous obstacles, however, these obstacles made they met and finally complet the wedding ceremony.
Oversleep and get lost these things are very usual to happen in our normal life
But if these things are happen in the wedding day, moreover the bride and bridegroom of which one is you, how to do it !!

This year we will continue to introduce the short story Writing if our time limit…
Thanks for viewing this short flim.
Production team :NFMAN Creative production
Music Artist:Vices I Admire


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