Wedding Crashers Animation Crits


Decided to finally post something I’ve been working on; always thought this scene was great and figured it would be fun to animate it.

I’m aware of a lot of things that are wrong with it, but I’d like to know what others have to say. My main concern though is that both characters die at the end and I’m having trouble fixing it. Also I’m wondering about the camera movement - is it distracting? I thought it’d be nice to add some movement since it’s a bit awkward just staring at those two as they go off.


Hi Astu11!
This is a great start!
And yes you are correct, the camera moves are a bit distracting. I suggest either having 1 camera the whole time or you could try and cut from one camera position to the next.
You should also try and give the character on the right some different arm/hand poses instead of just the W pose he holds for most of the shot.

Keep up the great work!


Thanks a lot for the suggestions! I haven’t gotten around to fixing this up yet, but I’ll get to work on it.



nice work, I think YashaP is right with the camera moves, maybe just do a slight turn around. Then I realised that the fingers are sometimes sinking into the table.


Thanks for the comments - you’re right about the fingers. While I’m in IK they’re easy to fix but when in FK the hands kind of “float” in place if you know what I mean. I switch from IK to FK for the hands about mid-way through, but I’m considering just doing it all in IK since they lean on the table so much. Any suggestions about this?


Then you could always switch to IK, when the hands are lying on the table and then switch back to FK, if you prefer using it while they are in the air. Or if you are happy with using IK the whole time, then do it :wink:


Haha, this is really fun! I like what you’ve got so far. Some things you might want to look at:

The character on camera left could use some more asymmetry with the arm gestures. That might include actually changing the right arm pose from the left, or maybe you could try changing the timing so that one arm is leading and the other following, etc.

I love when the guy on camera left does his little pizza dance- you could exaggerate that a LOT more, as it’s a part that will definitely make the audience laugh!

One more thing. When they’re singing at the end, you might add more movement in the torso. It would add more excitement and make it more believable.

Great job, keep it up!


There is a lot of energy and life in this which is great! I think its good that for most of it you are working within the poses, not throwing in loads for no reason, but my problem with it is they both are stuck in the same W pose with their arms all the way through which is kind of over used in animation, I think its a genuine thing people do in real life, but its been all used up by people before us, so it’s worth searching for something else, also it’s a symmetrical pose, which should also be avoided just for the sake of visual appeal. The only other pose in there, the point pose, is also used by both characters. I can see this is kind of a part of the story, but try to find a way to make it different but genuine. I think if you just act through this yourself and find alternate poses you like, then that will make a huge difference.

don’t stop learning.


Thanks everyone for your awesome suggestions! So I just uploaded my next pass (YouTube made it all grainy for some reason, not sure what causes that to happen). I tweaked some poses, exaggerated others, and made some other subtle changes. I think it’s finally coming along. The only thing I noticed after rendering is that the hand placement is still off - I think this is because the camera angle I used to render was different from the ones I’ve been animating with.

Please let me know your thoughts because you’ve been really helpful so far!


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