WebTv Program Production


Hi all,

I’m working on creating a web-based video program which content involves news, interviews and coverage of events. I have no experience in the planning and production of a project like this.

Does anyone know of any books or resources that can help prepare me for organizing the work needed to be done?

Anyone help would be appreciated.



As it currently stands, there are no rules or procedures to follow. You can almost make it up for your own show.

If you’re looking for what your show might feel like, or how to present the flow of information, just get your inspiration from news shows, entertainment shows, sports programs, etc. There is already a set of general “templates” you can pull from and design your own around what you’ve researched.

Other than that, the methods of production are the same - and it sounds like yours will reflect more ENG-types of production.

One bit of advice I CAN give you - keep the shows short if they’re to be aired on the web. 5-7 minutes tops for each “blurb” of coverage. Anything longer, then people start realizing they can surf somewhere else. This is a significant problem we’ve been having - our episodes are uncut, 15-20 minutes long!

There’s a different mindset when you sit down in front of a TV - you have your drink, your snack, etc., and you’re ready to sit down for 30-60 minutes (or 2 hours to watch a movie), and can hit the bathroom or refill your drink at a commercial break. With the web, the mindset is still click, click, click… Unless what you have is mind-blowing, chances are you’ll lose your audience if it’s too long for them.

If your program is longer by nature, break it up into “chapters” where each one is a different topic or coverage - that way they can pick the one they wanted to see (you’ve got 2 stories and an interview - and they only wanted to watch the interview), instead of waiting for the only one that interested them, and they 'll be more likely to watch the whole thing.

I hope this helps - and happy shooting-



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