I took this website: (my own design) and began to rebuild it in flash I can’t seem to make a preloader work though. Comments and Criticism?


the menus are a little dark for me but the colors and layout look great


Make 2 scenes, 1 is the preloader, 1 is the main stuff.

if (_framesloaded>=_totalframes) {
gotoAndPlay(“Scene 1”, 1);
} else {

Your site may have potential but the connection here at my job is a JOKE! I’ll see it when I go home.


Try to click some buttons when appearing (ex: Contests) before they reach the final position and the group of buttons doesn’t go back and everything overlaps.

I prefer flash sites not scalable. And with a button to turn off/on the sound. But that’s me

It looks nice, but I like best the graphic bar you used before we enter your old html site.
The white lines and the horizontal direction works well. I think you could base your new design concept on that.


I totally agree with demarts, you should control your own scaling just as you control the colors, and you should put that on/off music option. It is considerate to the person browsing since they might have their own music playing and overlapping music is so annoying that they just might close your website. I do like the music though!

Also, I would make it so that you could go more directly from an Article in Music, to an Article in Fashion, without having to go to the Main Menu again, to chose Articles, and then Fashion.

I likes it so far, Good Job.


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