Website WIP


lemme know what u think


plz say its not horrible… or i might have to do this to it:sad:


can ya give us a link to the page on the net…

Or is it just a sketch?


right now its just a mockup of the page layout, itl be put together in director/flash in 4 weeks (itd better be or i get an f lol…) but i just want some opinions on the style of it, i think it rox but its always nice to hear a second opinion on it ;D


Somebody mention me?..


Haha. Anyway. Personally. I’d have the navigation ‘semi-circle’ flush with the left hand side for ease of navigation to visitors. Move that surrounding square so that it covers ‘top+right’ instead of ‘top+left’… and push that character window furthur over so that you are not obstructing the new position of the ‘semi-circle’.

If you actually managed to comprehend any of what I just typed you’re doing well. During the course of that I managed to confuse myself! :slight_smile:

Hope some of this is useful to you.

Its all about the end-user at the end of the day. Bar aesthetics, they need to be able to navigate the entirity of your website swiftly and easily. Though, with the sheer size of the font you’re using… if they can’t find their way around they clearly have no business using a damn computer in the first place! :smiley:


correct me if im wrong but basically what your saying is this:

basically flip everything, so that the navigation is on the left instead of the right


It has an interesting design. What is this web site for? is it Unreal themed just because you like that game or is it a Unreal site or something…

Well anyways, the design is pretty good. the only thing i dont like about it is how the edges on your curve designs around your navigation seem so pixellated.


I’ve seen worse:shrug: … But this is very bland and boring in my opinion. If you work on some of the things SketcH01 mentioned, it might help with the readablility and logical flow of the page. But it won’t help the fact that this looks like it was slopped together in Photoshop in 15 minutes. You might want to consider going through some tutorials for taking up the design aspect a notch HERE. The Interfaces/Layout section would be the first place to start. Also, I’m not liking the font/text-design over the characters. Maybe consider narrowing down your font choices to no more than 2 fonts (it’s a graphic design rule of thumb). The main thing I see is overuse of dropshadow. Sorry to be so blunt, but I value honesty before courtesy. I really do want to see something worthwhile produced here (I’m a UT fanatic)


I agree with Joe. I think you’ve put some honest hard work into it and you’ve got the work ethic, all you need is the “design” and “style” aspects. I’m not sure if this is a UT fansite, clan site, or whatever. I’m not going to write a design tutorial here, but try going on google and searching for GOOD sites with lots of traffic related to UT (and specifically what you are doing) eg. “UT clan sites”. The reason why they are maintaining high traffic is because of good design. Remember, design is how you get something to function, style is making it pleasing to the eye.


thnx, i appreciate the replies. im redesigning a few things based on what u guys mentioned


ok, thats a new mockup of the design, i think the exit button should probably be moved over more to the right just for clarification of what exactly it is :expressionless:

other then that i think its good, comments/critiques plz!

edit, i forgot to inset the buttons =|, il fix that when i get home. the drop shadows gonna be turned off and im gonna make them look more inset (i think thats the right word for it)


i am thinking it should be a darker color with a slight dinge to it…after all unreal tournament is nothing but drab secluded spaces of paranoia… so rust or mold would work for this look that you ahve…love it so far tho


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