Webrotate360 with 3ds Max & V-Ray


Hi Everyone :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:

I’ve just created this step-by-step tutorial taking users through the process of creating and publishing animated rendered frames of products, using 3ds Max, V-Ray and Webrotate360


Users will learn how to:

2:02 Set up the 3ds max scene

3:00 Load up the V-Ray rendering engine and set up the scene for draft renders

7:31 Create and setup a V-Ray Dome Light

8:40 Add the V-Ray Environment Exposure Control

8:55 Apply and edit the V-Ray HDRI Light

11:17 Create and Edit a Camera Animation

17:39 Create and edit a V-Ray Material

20:19 Add and Edit HDRI to the Environment

21:10 Add and edit a 3ds max LUT file in the Frame Buffer

22:37 Create and Edit a Stainless Steel Material

25:04 Set up V-Ray for High Resolution Renders

26:05 Create an Animatic Preview

26:41 Fixing Gamma Issues

27:25 Use LUT Explorer script to save the render with the LUT applied

29:36 Use Garagefarm to Render the frames

35:50 Create Photoshop actions to aquatically apply LUT files and reduce image sizes

39:20 Upload and launch your files using Webrotate360 and SpotEditor

I hope you find it useful, like and share it!