WE WANT YOU! Looking for MATTE ARTISTS For the next FXWARS


The topic will be “The BIG FREEZE”. Just think of the movie “The Day After Tommorrow” and you get the idea…

If you are interested, just reply.



Sounds like fun! I think I would like to get involved.


Thanks Megan…


I’ve wanted to do more matte paintings. I’m in!


Cool! I’m interested.


Whew! Wish I had time! Sounds like fun sigh



Well the official thread goes up in about a week.
You guys are VERY fast, so I don’t see a problem in doing this fairly quickly.

The idea will be to do MATTE PAINTINGS of frozen environments.
It can be either a digital manipulation of a static plate (a photo)
a traveling matte (more on that latter) or a completely imaginary environment.

The idea is to convey a cold atmosphere in what is for a big chunk of our audience the middle of summer.



This would be so cool. I’d like to take part of this but I’m a n00b in mattepainting.


I’d like to take this opportunity to post my finished entry. Please view it here:


Sorry, I couldn’t resist. :smiley:


Ok I know as a moderatior I have to set an example…

Having said that…

HOLY CRAP! Capn_Panic!



Roberto, don’t hurt yourself!



Capn_Panic thanks for posting a link to your inspiring work.

Ok people who else is interested?



Roberto, you ask us a question like that after viewing Capn_Panic’s work? Are you KIDDING?

Capn_Panic - we all bow down in AWE to your superior skills! :thumbsup: :bounce: :eek: :applause: :buttrock:


There is no need for all that silliness. As with pretty much all film work, the end result is hardly ever the result of one persons skills. Many people work on every shot. For the big freeze stuff in DAT there were multiple matte painters, multiple TDs, multiple compositors, and many levels of supervision. Add together all those people working together for months and you get good work :slight_smile:

No need to make idols of people :stuck_out_tongue:


(Cleaning my knees)

No problem, and I would like to welcome you to our little corner of Cgtalk.

And we invite you to participate in our daily sketches. They are a lot of fun.



OK, I wanted to say…

Holy cow Batman!

[size=2]thanks for saving me from saying that :smiley:

Gah! Roberto has more cool ideas than I have time… I wish I could say I’ll definately give this a go :sad:.


id like to give it a go… im totally fascinated by icy scenes…

this would be my first matte painting… is the challenge open to everyone? has theer already been a n ‘icy scene’ dsf topic… link if so


Ohh but this is an ambitious thing I am planning.

The idea is for you guys to work with a team.



have a fair amount of photoshop experience so more than up for the challenge, thanks.:slight_smile:


Well wanna join?

Post here

THE BIG FREEZE SIGNUP LIST: Post here those who are looking for partners/teams

PS For the first time I want to form a team…Interested? Drop me a PM.